Chapter 128 – Smashing a Mercedes on the Streets

“Hubby, what happened?” At this moment, Chen Weier and Zhao Yanyan also got down from the car, but since the two of them were sitting at the back chatting, they didn’t notice that the person driving the Mercedes was the fish tank.

“Chen Weier!” The fish tank suddenly said while pointing at Chen Weier, who was wrapping herself around my arm intimately.

“Yu Gang?” Chen Weier also noticed then, so the person in front was the Yu Gang that she nearly sold herself to.

“Heh! ****, I had thought you were so ******* pure, you’re just a ****,” Yu Gang looked at Chen Weier who was leaning on me in despise. “However your taste is too bad, you just managed to hook one that drives Jetta! If you agreed with me then, you would be sitting on this Mercedes right now!”

“You… Yu Gang! You’re too much! He’s my boyfriend!” Chen Weier quickly explained.

“Boyfriend? Then who’s the **** on the other side? Don’t tell he it’s his jiejie or meimei!” Yu Gang pointed at Zhao Yanyan who was on my other side.

Zhao Yanyan also frowned after hearing Yu Gang’s insults. I couldn’t stand it anymore, did he treat me as non-existent? He continuously insult both of my wives, if I could still let you be then I’m crazy.

I said coldly to Yu Gang, “If you admit it was all crap that you said to my two wives, I can consider giving you another chance!”

“Haha! Crap? It looks to me that you’re crapping! Brat, you should look at your own capabilities before saying that to me, and see whether you have the right or not! Don’t think that you’re something just because you have a car, compared to me, there’s way too much difference!” Yu Gang let out a crazed laughter.

Way too much different? That’s right, way too much difference. I think no matter how hard you work, you will not be able to earn enough money compared to the amount of money I earned from that one Shuguang input method.

“How much is your Mercedes?” I asked.

“Nine hundred and eighty thousand!” Yu Gang said proudly/

That’s it, I took out a large spanner from the trunk, and rushed over. Yu Gang freaked, and thought that I was going to beat him up, he immediately ran to the side and shouted, “Ai—— What are you doing? Don’t act rashly, it’s illegal to hit people!”

“Hehe…” I laughed coldly, and thought in my heart, aren’t you going to pretend with me? Let’s see who’s richer today!

I took a deep breath, and let myself go into the superpower mode. Every time I used the superpower, not only did my speed increase a lot, the strength also became several times what it originally was as well.

I used an extremely fast speed to throw the beat the spanner against the Mercedes, and with a “dang” sound, the back lights were smashed into smithereens. Following that, the trunk, back car window, car door, were all smashed one after another. ****, I was wondering why so many people liked to trash cars in my previous life, so destruction is so fun.

Due to my actions being extremely fast, before the fish tank even realized, his Mercedes was pretty much turned into a pile of metal, even the engine was broken. Of course, there was somewhere that wasn’t touched, and that’s the oil tank. I wasn’t dumb enough to burn myself yet.

Yu Gang stared at me with his mouth wide open, and all of a sudden he forgot what he was going to say. The coquettish girl beside him also looked at the Mercedes that have turned into a pile of useless metal dumbly.

“You—— What are you doing! Stop!” Only then did the fish tank react, so his car was trashed.

I threw the spanner on the side, and stopped my superpower. The Mercedes already lacked any value in repairing it. I think if you wanted to repair it, the repair fees would definitely be higher than buying a new one.

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“You-You trashed my car…” Yu Gang immediately started sweating, this Mercedes wasn’t his. Now that it’s smashed like this, what was he going to do! The brat seems so poor as well, even if he called the police to arrest him, the brat wouldn’t be able to compensate for the car!

“Yes, I trashed it! Because it was blocking in front my car!” I said expressionlessly.

But Chen Weier, who stood behind me, watched me with a face of excitement, I could be sure already that this chick definitely had violent tendencies.

“Do you know how much this car costs? Nine hundred and eighty thousand!” Yu Gang smacked his head and shouted.

“About it… can… I trash it a bit?” Chen Weier said to me with a bright red face.

This chick really is special, she definitely has the potential to be trained for SM in the future. I handed the banner to Chen Weier, and said to her, “I’m sorry, I got too excited just now, and trashed the entire thing. Just play with what’s left.”

“**** you! You ****!” Yu Gang roared, and pushed Chen Weier back, and swore. “**** it’s because of you, my car!”

Chen Weier nearly rolled over on the floor, the spanner fell onto the ground. You dared to push my wife? You don’t want to live you do? Originally I didn’t want to kill you, but it’s not up to him now.

“Get up, follow me. Let’s deal with the problem of the car first,” I said coldly to the fish tank.

The fish tank walked numbly beside me, and we arrived at the Construction Bank underneath the Department Store-dasha. Due to my VIP card, I didn’t need to queue up and directly arrived at the VIP lounge, I handed the card over to the bank clerk. “Withdraw a million!” I said.

I took over the large bag of money, and threw it directly to the fish tank and said, “Nine hundred and eighty thousand is the price of your car, buy a new one yourself. The remaining twenty thousand is your medical bill, but it might not be enough, pay the rest by yourself!”

The fish tank already went dumb looking at the pile of money in front of him. He was just getting worried about the car getting trashed, but now he was laughing like an idiot. That Mercedes have been driven for five years already, it would only sell for six-seven hundred thousand max. Now that he thinks about it, he did make a profit. It’s just that, what medical bills? The fish tank asked idiotically, “What is medical bills?”

“You’ll know later,” I swore in my heart, don’t think that you’re fine after getting the money for the car, I haven’t dealt with you about you pushing my wife. I found the chance to call Guo Qing when we went to the bank, and coincidentally, this brat was eating nearby with a bunch of his subordinates, therefore I just ordered him to do it.

I told Chen Weier and Zhao Yanyan’s hands and left the bank directly without saying anything extra. The fish tank was still smiling like an idiot there, the coquettish girl’s eyes were already glowing, and kept on starting at my face, she shouted like an anthomaniac, “Too cool, throwing up a million just to trash a Mercedes!”

I think if I don’t leave soon, then the coquettish girl would definitely not let go of me!

Ten minutes later, a lecherous man that looked like a fish tank got beaten up by a group of black clothed people, his limbs were all broken, and the hand that was used to push people had comminuted fracture.

The cash all fell onto the ground, but no one dared to go and pick it up. The guards of the shopping mall and the bank stood on the side, and didn’t dare to stop anyone. When this group of people left after beating up the person, someone in the crowd finally took out their phone and dialed 110.

All that’s left was a girl clad in sexy clothes standing next to a blood gourd, with her eyes wide opened, clearly already freaked out.

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