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Chapter 129 – Slandering News

“That felt too great!” I wrapped my left arm around Weier, and held Zhao Yanyan with my right.

“Don’t you just feel great? Trashing nine hundred and eighty thousand in one go!” Zhao Yanyan mocked.

“Hai! Isn’t it just nine hundred and eighty thousand? Your hubby lacks everything except money!” What I said was the truth, the dividends from Microsoft were billed into my bank account again this month. Shuguang also turned into a money printing machine under Zhao Junsheng’s leadership, continuously buying new production lines and enlarging their production, the money in the bank account just kept on increasing.

“Nine hundred and eighty thousand? Ai, it does feel great, but this money was spent too much!” Weier also sighed.

“Then you still wanted to trash as well?” I tapped Weier’s head and said.

“I… I… I also wanted to try after seeing you trash so enthusiastically!” Weier said embrassedly.

“Aiya, you two are perfect for each other! I have to stay away from you two, all of you have violent tendencies! Or else the two of you might trash me together another day!” Zhao Yanyan looked at Weier and I sideways, and hid to the side.

“Yanyan-meimei, you say I…” Weier actually started to speak coquettishly…

“Weier, who did you learn to speak like that from!” I kept sweating!

“From the jiejie beside Yu Gang just now! I felt like her way of speaking was quite fun,” Weier said.


Just when I wanted into the shopping street with the two girls, Zhao Yanyan’s phone rang. I found it really weird, no one knows Zhao Yanyan’s number except me and a few others, who would call her?

Zhao Yanyan was also very confused, and shook her head to me, he picked up the phone. However without saying much, she handed the phone to me.

“Hey…” I received it with questions, I really didn’t get it, who would call Zhao Yanyan to find me.

“Hey, I’m Zhao Junsheng!” Zhao Junsheng’s voice sounded out from the phone, “Why didn’t you turn on your phone, I started calling you from the morning, but it was shut down the entire time! You’re making me too anxious, I could only get to you through Weier without any other choice!”

Turned off? I smiled wryly, and immediately understood the reason. When Chen Weier and I fell onto that island the previous day, in order to start a fire, I used the mobile phone’s battery as the fuse. Although I brought back the mobile phone when we came back, but it had no battery, thus I through it causally on the tea table in Zhao Yanyan’s home and decided to go to the telecommunication bureau to get a battery.

“What is it? Uncle Zhao,” I asked weirdly. Logically speaking, since Shuguang Corporation has already been put onto the right track, Zhao Junsheng managed everything within the corporation, and it didn’t really need me. Shuguang Corporation’s soft and hardware development team should also have ability to develop things by themselves after getting some core information and related technical data from me, and I didn’t need to worry about it.

“There’s a small problem!” Zhao Junsheng waited a bit and said. “Did you read today’s newspaper?”

“Newspaper?” I mumbled. After reborn, I still kept the habit of checking news on the internet from my previous life, I barely cared about reading newspapers. Even though the Internet has not been popularized, I still didn’t develop the habit of reading newspapers. What’s more was that the important things that have happened these years are all imprinted in my memory, the news on newspapers were all old news to me.

“I normally don’t read newspapers,” I said to Zhao Junsheng.

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“See if there’s any newspaper stand nearby, and buy a Songjiang Morning Post. There is an article slandering our corporation on it! From this morning to now, I have received countless calls from various media, some even came in person, all of them requesting us start a press conference, and give them logical explanations for this! All of them have been rejected by me temporarily!” Zhao Junsheng said anxiously.

I waved my hand, and notified Yanyan and Weier to go shopping first. The two chicks walked towards the female clothe stores hand in hand, ignoring me. I turned around, I remember that there was a newspaper stand where I parked just now. I walked quickly over there.

The parking slot was in complete chaos, a few traffic police surrounded the fish tank’s pile of “scrap metal”, and were using a tow truck to tow it away. I took a glance, and didn’t care much about it. I directly went to the newspaper stand at the entrance of the parking lot.

“A Songjiang Morning Post!” I handed over three mao and said.

“Little fellow, you’re so lucky! This is the last one! Today something big happened with our Songjiang city’s Shuguang corporation! The newspapers are selling really quick,” the old man selling the newspaper handed me a newspaper and said.

I twitched my eyebrows, how long has it been, and the entire city is already talking about it! What big thing happened with Shuguang Corporation?!

I received the newspaper, and impatiently flipped it open. Just at the front page of the newspaper a very large black heading stood out – Shuguang Input Method: Original or Copied?

My first thought was the slandering of a competitor! This Shugaung Input method was personally developed by me, although a few advantages of future input methods were fused into it by me, but in 1995, these input methods definitely have not appeared yet, a lot of the developers were actually still in school! Therefore, I was very clear about whether Shuguang input method was original, this was blatant slander!

My gaze swept down the text on the newspaper, at the start I had the attitude of placing myself outside of the situation to watch a show, and didn’t care much about this sort of rumor. You have to know that after the year 2000, as the Internet popularized, this sort of news without evidence were everywhere, there wasn’t even a lack of ones saying that the living was dead.

However, when I reached the middle of it, I couldn’t help but get worried! Even I nearly thought Shuguang Input Method was indeed copied from someone else! I couldn’t help but admit, the person writing this article was definitely good at psychological warfare! He wrote three thousand something characters, at the start was just talking about things more or less unrelated, then later on he was talking about facts, logic, and examples that all pointed their spear heads towards Shuguang Input Method! He also indirectly pointed out that although Shuguang Input Method was a product of the country, we shouldn’t treat trash as jade and be jealous of others! Although the patent laws were not fully established within the country, but this sort of rip off has already shamed the entire race’s face, and should not be toleranted by the society, morality and logic!

Basically anyone would get heated up after reading this! It completely made Shuguang Corporation as liar that has committed multiple crimes and should be killed by everyone! I think anyone with a bit of blood thirst would stand up and ask for justice.

I couldn’t help but admit that this that even I, someone that has been reborn, could not write such an amazing attack. And it was because of this, that I immediately realized the severity of the issue. Although one should not be scared of their shadow being slanted when you’re standing straight, this was a world with a mob mentality, the side effects of rumors were too huge!

If this continues, not long later, even if Shuguang didn’t copy, in the hearts of the public, the copying was still done.


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