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Chapter 7 – Dark Wolf

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

「……Nn, Haaah……」

After all the tension was released, I couldn’t help but sit down.

My arm was still hurting, but it’s fortunate that my bones were not broken. After I killed the goblin, I could feel a surge of power entering my body. Was that experience points? Now that I think about it, my body felt lighter than how it used to be. It’s also probably because of the level up.

「Wait, more than that……」

I remembered about the puppy that with its legs broken by the goblin. I didn’t really fight the goblin to save it, but in a way, it was also related.

From now on, I should not do such insignificant actions, and knowing that this world is real means that I only have one life. Although I know that the goblin wasn’t likely a strong monster, I should have at least appraised it first before jumping out to fight.

My reason was that I wanted to fight, and that if I ran away, I might have continued doing so whenever I encounter something. That’s why I sold a fight without even thinking about what I should do first.

But it’s still a life that I’ve saved, and I wouldn’t really like for it to day after I did all of that.

Whether or not it understood my feelings, the puppy approached me dragging its broken leg while crying「Kuuu……」. Seeing my wounded arm hanging down without power, it approached it and started licking it. Are you worried about me? Even though you’re doing this, you are in a much worse situation that I am.

Don’t worry, I won’t die from something like this nor would I let you die.

First of all, let’s check the situation of this little one with appraisal just in case. If it’s only a simple wound, then the leaves of that tree should be enough to recover both of us.

Race: Dark Wolf –Baby- G
Condition: Fracture(Small)
LV: 1/3
HP: 2/5
MP: 2/2
STR: 1
VIT: 1
AGI: 2
MAG: 1
LUK: 3

–Normal Skill–

【Bite Lv1】【Claw Attack Lv1】

【Dark Wolf –Baby-】Rank: G
A mutation rarely born from the silver wolf species
It is characterized by it’s beautiful black fur and darkness attribute
Although young and still cannot use magic, it has high potential in learning magic
A single full grown creature of this variant could easily destroy a rural area

Because of this, it is designate to be immediately subjugated as soon as it is discovered

This little one has a lot of interesting information regarding its race, but let’s put that aside for now. It did have a few broken bones…… but it says that it’s only small, so it’s a good thing that it was not something severe that couldn’t be easily recovered. After all, even if the HP could be recovered, there’s no guarantee that broken bones would also be recovered properly. If bones were sticking out on recovery, then it would be harder to recover.

I don’t really have any medical experience in doing this, but it would be a better first aid if I at least applied a splint.

Even if it says(Small), a fracture is still a fracture. If I carelessly touch it, it would cause severe pain. So, please forgive me for doing this for the time being……


Oh, it seems like it’s determined to accept my treatment. Did you understand my intensions? Is that so, then Dark Wolf, if you are telling me that you have prepared yourself, then I will respond in kind.

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I cut off a relatively straight tree branch to use as a fix for its leg. I then wrap it in Magic Tree leaves, and use some durable looking grass in place of bandage. I wondered for a bit if this setup would actually work, by my worries were found unnecessary. After it leaked a mild squeal, I could see that its swelling feet started to subside.

As that happened, the leaves that I’ve stuck started to become rugged.

Now then, this should be good enough. I also treated my arms at this moment. I stuck the leaf to the place that was bit by the goblin and fix it in place. After a bit, it somehow felt like a hot compress being pressed on the wound and the pain was slowly fading away.

In only a matter of minutes, the leaves have dried up and fallen off, and the dark wolf was now happily running around my feet. If you think about it, this is a actually a monster child, but it’s cute because it’s just a small puppy at the moment.

「By the way, what happened to you parents?」

I pulled it up and looked at its face. It looked down for a moment and shook its head, and then it started licking my face which surprised me. I see, you don’t know, huh. Did it probably lose its way? Well, if I leave it as is then it will probably be attacked by another goblin again. It wouldn’t hurt to look after it as I explore the forest and look for its parents.

I decided to do so…… Also, my level did increase a bit, so I need to check my status.

Name: –This data have been lost–
Race: Lesser Vampire F
Condition: Normal
LV: 3/10
HP: 18/18
MP: 9/23
STR: 6
VIT: 10
AGI: 7
MAG: 13

LUK: 7

Oooh!? It increased a lot!? Even though the strength is still lower than a goblin, MAG, AGi and VIT have considerably grown. If this is the case, won’t I be the type that is not a front liner.

However, given that the goblin was LV 4 yet we were on the same rank already, this status is quite unusual. I don’t really know if the goblin is strong being an F Rank, or because I’m benefiting from the skill【Demon Lord】 growth correction, or maybe it’s both.

In any case, I don’t even have any idea just how strong the goblins are in this forest. It was stated before that goblins tend to move in flocks, so it’s not strange if that one was just a bit stronger than normal. If I ended up getting surrounded by a group of goblins, I would be able grow some more if I could beat them.

Still, I would end up being the one hunted if I am not careful when moving around this forest. Thinking so, I tightened my vigilance more compared to my first battle and victory.

For now, the priority is still finding food and securing a food source. If possible, fruits nuts or wide vegetables would be a good start.

After all, even if there’s meat, I have no means to create fire yet. Though now that my level has increase, it might be possible to create one by rubbing pieces of sticks together to light them up. However, right now I don’t want to invest on things that I’m uncertain if it would succeed or not.

In the first place, I do know that monsters are growing rampant in this world, but are there also normal animals or something that resembles them? At worst, I would probably eating monsters like Orc as pork substitute.

「…………Hmm, wait」

What happened to that goblin corpse?

I was busy thinking about a lot of things that I completely forgot about it, but what happened to it. In Leticia’s case, her corpse vanished without even a trace of her shadow or shape left after I killed her. Then, did that goblin also disappeared that way……?

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I immediately went to the place where I defeated the goblin.

Doing so, I found it still remaining in place with its shattered head.

At that time, I was surely desperate when I executed that……but looking at the aftermath once again, I understood that pile bunker was a really frightening skill…… First of all, I don’t think using that on normal people would be a good option. No, wait that is not what is important right now.

With this evidence, I now understand that corpses don’t normally disappear like what happens in games. Now that I think about it, this should be the normal result. After all if everything vanish when they die, the world would end up becoming and empty place.

Well that seems to be the case, then what about Leticia’s case?

Naturally, there no one else who would answer my questions for me as I thought about it, but maybe it has something to do with being a Demon Lord. I wonder if I will even be given an explanation about it?


The dark wolf tilts its head as he looked at my face that was thinking about a lot of things.

「Ah, sorry about that, I was thinking about something. Let’s move away from here. But……what do you want to do. Oh, right, do you know if there’s anything edible around here? Anything would do, if you can remember anything like fruits」

After seemingly thinking about it, the dark wolf vigorously barked with a 「Kyan! 」 then started walking straight ahead. Oooh!? At first I was only imagining that it might understand my words, but it seems like that was the case!?

I followed the dark wolf who was proudly leading the way. I might have regretted it if I left that alone.


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