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Chapter 8 – Alptrent

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

……Oi. A few minutes ago, I definitely set up a very obvious flag.


In front of me is the dark wolf sitting with its tail spinning around while gazing at me as if waiting for praise.

I was certainly brought to a place with a fruit bearing tree. In front of me is definitely a tree with fruits that resembled green apples and its size were as big as a basketball on a tree that was twice as large as the normal trees surrounding it. There is no problem up to that point, however……

GachinGachinGachinGachinGachinGachin*Gachin! The sound of gnashing teeth could be heard. Where is it from? It’s from the same tree where those fruits are from!? There’s a stupidly large gaping mouth with sharp teeth at the middle part of the fruit, and it was gnashing as if showing a threatening action.

I stroked the dark wolf’s head while holding mine out of confusion. The conditions were certainly fulfilled, but the problem was that this strangely bizarre plant was not specified in the details.

That said, it’s definitely edible and I may have to eat it as worst possible scenario. For the time being I appraised the plant.

Race: Alptrent –Pure Breed- F+
Condition: Normal
LV: 10/15
HP: 100/100
MP: 90/100
STR: 1
VIT: 54
AGI: 1
MAG: 21
LUK: 20

【Alptrent –Pure Breed-】 Rank: F+
Although it is part of the trent species, it can hardly move on its own. It attracts creatures like birds and other animals by its sweet scented fruit called Alps, which kills its prey then falls to the ground as nutrients. The huge mouth in the fruit is a form manipulated by plant magic that was applied by the Alptrent which disappears after the fruit is removed returning the fruit back to an ordinary state that can be eaten normally.

The fruit is extremely delicious and weaker versions of the tree have been cultivated and are grown in human villages, the taste of the cultivated fruits however pale in comparison to the taste of the original fruits. For this reason, wild Alps are traded as high class ingredients.

It’s a really bizarre status. But more than that……those chomping apples, called Alps? They were luxury ingredients!?Well, it did say that they turn into normal fruits when plant magic is removed…… well that would be how it would normally work, but it’s main body is the itself, so does that mean that the horrible looking fruit is only a magic effect.

 Well, the skill information was also not shown this time.

I guess the appraisal on the dark wolf that shows everything was to be expected, which was probably because of our difference in rank. In the case of dark wolf, the rank was only G, and given this information, I would be able to see more information from monsters with a lower rank than me, and more information is concealed if they have a higher rank.

Now then, looking at its status, you could say that Alptrent is an ambush predator type of monster.

It also has an extremely high amount of HP and Vit, so trying to defeat it would be quite a considerable struggle, and besides that, there’s no actual merit in trying to defeat it at the moment. Instead of that, I am more interested in acquiring those Alp fruits which are classified as high class ingredients.

To be honest, I find it scary just looking at those things, but I can’t really complain about it. As a precaution, I fully restored my MP drinking Magic Water, and then faced the Alptrent. I created a knife with the image of a steel throwing knife using Blood Weapon.

There are a lot of fruits, and even if I couldn’t control it properly, it would be fine, maybe……

A swoosh sound could be heard as I threw it. The blood knife flew on a straight path as I expected, however it went straight to the Alptrents trunk penetrating it. Then a loud low pitched sound 「Guuoowwwooo」 was heard, then it’s body slowly moved.


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[The Normal Skill 【Throwing Lv1】 was acquired]

Ooh, there was a voice that seemed like congratulating me on learning a new skill after hitting a target. Not that……!

*Puchi, *puchi, *puchi, *puchi!! I heard a sound as if something snapped. When I looked at the source, I could see Alp fruits falling one after another and was bouncing with a *Byon *byon sound while their teeth were crunching and were heading towards me. It was not just one or two that fell, but a total of around 30 Alps were coming to assault me.

Oh damn!! Even though I didn’t expect them to separate from the main body, it couldn’t be helped if something like this happens. I was going to collect them as food supply anyway, so this is a good chance to harvest them all at once. They’re stats are probably the same as the main body, so they weren’t really suited for movement, so they were very slow in their approach.

If I carefully attack while not letting myself get surrounded, it probably wouldn’t be that dangerous.

「Oi, chibi! You should stay back……!」


While I was overwhelmed by the weirdness of the Alptrent, it seems like the dark wolf already finished hunting one of the fruits. There was a figure of the dark wolf crunching on the back(? )of an Alp fruit.

Eh? What? Were you a habitual offender? Speaking of which, this monster was supposed to be a mimic type that attacks prey, but is this reason that this monster is showing that much hostility!? And, is it fine to eat it even though the magic was not yet removed?

At first, the dark wolf bowed down from the preaching, but as soon as it understood the situation, it finished off the fruit that was trying to bite back stabbing it with its claws. It seems like it wanted to fight together with me. I don’t want it to overdo itself because its only level one, but its awkward to order it now when it has already decided to do so. There is only one line I could say in this situation.

「Don’t die on me, Buddy!」

I then created two blood armaments on both hands. They shouldn’t be that large of a weapon. The target opponent is small after all, so I would like prioritize familiarity over size.

I took a step back, dodging an Alp and slashed it. The blood dagger easily cut the Alp Fruit which was more than what I have expected. Immediately after that, I could feel power flowing into my body just like what happened when I defeated the goblin.

[Defeated Alp –Demonized- 3 experience points gained ]

 Good, good, there’s experience points included. After all, that feeling of power flowing into me is definitely experience points. Thanks to leveling up before this, I could easily see the movements of my opponents which is way much better compared to the time I was fighting the goblin, and my movements also felt more light and flecible.

With the blade still intact, I attacked another Alp that was following the shadow of the first one that leaped.

[Defeated Alp –Demonized- 3 experience points gained ]
[Normal Skill 【Swordsmanship】Lv increased from 1 to 2]

Alright, swordsmanship also improved. After all, it was better to use skills during combat for them to develop faster. Then this time! Let’s use everything I’ve got in order to develop them further.

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Jumping back a little further behind, then I released the blood weapon from both hands and recast the magic. The image is important after all, once the weapons were melted, I kneaded it and amplified the power. The next moment, what I finished creating was a huge blood sword which was as tall as my height. Then after doing a turn, I throw it at the approaching Alps.


The approaching Alps of course wasn’t able to respond to the huge blade that came out of nowhere, and a few of them that was in its path was crushed.

[Defeated 4 Alps –Demonized- 12 experience points gained ]
[Normal Skill【Throwing】 Lv increased from 1 to 2]
[【Lesser Vampire】Lv increased from 3 to 4]

Alright, I got another level up! I don’t really know how much correction the Throwing skill gives, but that doesn’t matter as long as it was incorporated on my current tactics.

I refined the next blood weapon as I prepare to attack the next batch of approaching Alps.


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