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Chapter 50 – Each Battle 6

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

“Let’s go…!”

I look straight at Black Knight and hold up my Blood Armament sword.

The Black Knight seems to be waiting for me to conserve his strength.

I’m a few levels higher than I was when I faced him earlier, and above all, even though it was a surprise attack, I gave him a fair amount of damage. It’s not like this will be a one-sided game.

But at the same time, even after all this, it is still a tough fight.

It is possible to penetrate his defenses based on the blow I delivered with my magic, but to strike a fatal blow, it is essential to put in the appropriate amount of magic.

However, the other side is well aware of this. Naturally, the other side will be wary of that.

It is better not to think that it will be easy to make an opportunity to deliver a strike with that much magic in the future.

I’m uncertain if I should have been so greedy as to try to kill him with one blow and just crush his legs? No, it’s too late to talk about that. What’s important now is how to hit him with that weapon again…

“Hey, girl. Can you stop him for three minutes?”

As I was pondering this and that, I suddenly heard these words in my ear.

It was from a ringing bell.

Garum spoke with little movement of his mouth so as not to let the other party know. At the same time, he gave me as much information about him as he could. A communication device is a great advantage in battle. This is a truth, regardless of the world or era.

“I’ll try as hard as I could.”

I answered in my voice without making eye contact.

What I’m going to do is an afterthought at this point. I understood how skilled Garum was at fighting from his previous stance. So, I’m going to take whatever action Garum needs me to take.

I’m sure he’s a little bewildered by this immediate response, but he quickly replies, “That’s a good answer, I’ll leave it to you.”

Then we both started to do what we needed to do at the same time.

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I went to the Black Knight without a second thought.

Garum runs in the opposite direction from me, away from Black Knight.

“Come! Little Girl!!!!”

Black Knight responds, watching Garum out of the corner of his eye. It’s understandable that he’s wary of Garum, since he’s been tormented so much earlier. But if he thinks he can deal with me single-handedly, that’s good.

With a snap, I slashed my wrist with the knife and created a blood weapon. Oh, damn, it hurts.


Black Knight’s eyes widened involuntarily at the action.

At the same time, he weaponized the splattered blood and created over a hundred blood swords of various sizes. The power was secondary, so he arranged the number of swords to make them as flashy as possible and slammed them into Black Knight at once.

“Kuh! I won’t be hit again by that attack again and again!”

Just before the rain of swords hit Black Knight, he prepared himself and hardened his body.

I’m sure he activated the skill {iron wall} that Garum told me about. The blood weapon swords bounced off his armor and steel skin. But that’s not really the point.

The iron wall is certainly a strong defense, and I can’t imagine how much concentration it would take, but I’m sure it’s not something that can be done easily with one hand. If he was in perfect physical condition, his left arm would have been severely damaged, and the bleeding would have not distracted his concentration.

As proof of this, he did not force his way through the rain of swords, but stood firm and defended himself.

This was also as Garum had predicted.

Normally, when dealing with a sorcerer, you either have to attack quickly before letting him use his magic, or you have to stay on the defensive and wait for the magic to be depleted.

There are a number of items that can restore MP, such as magic water, but they are all expensive and cannot be abused as often as they should be. That’s why he looked so surprised when I gave him a liter of magic water.

For that reason, I’ve unleashed a number of large-scale magic attacks.

He probably doesn’t think that I’m going to be firing off a bunch of magic without any kind of plan or trick, there’s a limit to what you can do. The exhausted Black Knight would not attack recklessly, and likely, he would choose to defend firmly.

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Black Knight is a great monster for being able to make a calm decision at this point.

That’s why there’s a chance for me to take advantage of it.

I put my own blood on the knife that was given to me by Garum, made it look like a blood weapon sword, put magic power on it and launched it.

The many swords served as a distraction, and Black Knight was unaware of the blow.

And then, with a crunch! This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing. Garum’s knife slightly penetrated Black Knight’s armor and scratched his skin.

“Nah…! You!!”

Black Knight realized the gravity of the situation a moment too late.

{Basilisk Blood}, a poison that kills 100 people with a single drop in a well, the blade coated with Garum’s trump card must have had an exceptional aftereffect.

Blood poured out of Black Knight’s mouth.

But that didn’t stop the goblin knight from falling. No matter how poisonous it was, it would take a good amount of time to cut down his huge HP. After all this, the battle situation was probably about 50-50.

But now we can finally have a fight. As soon as he was poisoned, even if we didn’t attack forcibly, if we could stop him, our victory would be more certain.

This may have been the result of a relaxed state of mind.

I’m a fool, I’m a fool! I’m sure I just took advantage of my opponent’s weakness like that.

The black knight does not miss such a momentary lapse in the mind and rushes towards me at once to close the distance. And then he swung his greatsword with all his might and slammed it down towards me as hard as he could.


I managed to dodge by using my body reinforcement, but the blow was not diminished, and looked more refined than the one he had just unleashed on Garum.

The big sword that struck me gouged the ground, creating a small crater. If I had been hit by that, I would have been killed. Such fear ran down my spine.

“This is the end.”

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Such words poured out of Black Knight’s mouth, as if he knew my thoughts. Despite his words, I could feel the Black Knight’s nerves sharpening.

“I’m done thinking about trivial things. I will think of nothing but defeating you. You will always be an obstacle to the King. I will eliminate you here, even if it costs me my life.”

And the Black Knight…

It was here that we learned the true horror of the Goblin Knight.

*Boom. The ground exploded in front of me with a loud noise.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.

As a result of the fight, I am constantly being forced to activate my body enhancement.

Even when I tried to replenish my magic power with the magical water, he didn’t give me the time I needed to face the barrage of attacks. As a result, my MP, my lifeline, is slowly being drained away. The same is true for those of him who is consumed by poison, but the feelings of those who chase and those who are being chased are different.

I thought I had cornered him, but I seem to have stepped on a tiger’s tail.

It is said that a wounded beast is a terrible thing to face, and now I know it firsthand.

Still, it had only been about two minutes since Garum left me.

I don’t know what he’s going to do, but I guess I’ll just have to trust him and hold on.

I activated my blood weapon in time for Black Knight’s next strike, and kept my distance while keeping a check on him and somehow replenishing my magic power. That was when he thrust out his hand.

The activation of the blood weapon ended in failure.

The continuous use of reckless body enhancement had finally exhausted my magic power.

“Oh s…!”

Without even a moment to regret it, the blow that would reap my life closed in on me.

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