Chapter 35 – Preparations (Part 2)

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

「 I don’t want to be daring, not in public, in broad daylight like this.」

「 Do you really want me to strip you and give you to the goblins?」

Youmu almost groaned, and I was wondering what had happened, but I thought it was best not to pursue it too deeply, so I broke out in a cold sweat and looked at Luka’s figure again. I’m not sure what to make of that. To be honest, if we weren’t in a town like this, I’d like to take my time looking at her, but it’s too bad for Chibi’s moral education.

「 Chibi shouldn’t be like that, okay?」

「 Wafu?」

She doesn’t understand. No, perhaps she’s just too pure to understand it.

「 So, are you serious about this? Even if the guild does run without Luka, you’re still putting yourself in danger, right? At least with us……」

「 Hmmm, well, that’s right. It’s nice of you to be so considerate, but there’s an element of calculation involved, you know? If the goblins are within our current expectations, we can get by with just you and your forces. I’m not so weak as to be killed that easily, you know? I’m also not so naive that I would just let myself get killed. 」

「 And if the Lord has grown beyond our current expectations, I will be there to deal with it immediately. Of course, I can’t guarantee my survival if that happens, but I’ve given the guild staff a complete guide on what to do if that happens. Once again, the degree of growth of the Lord this time is extraordinary.」

「 So in case I make a mistake, if I need to risk this life, I’ll do it my way, okay?」

 I’m not sure what to make of it. However, the resolve and resolution put into it…… makes you feel pressured by the sheer power of her will. It’s definitely the determination of those who stand at the top of an organization. It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your life.

 She is probably one of the people I should learn from if I am to survive as a 【 Demon Lord 】 in the future.

「 By the way, why the turtle shell bindings? If you’re going to be tied up and taken away, why not just tie her up like normal……」

「 Ah, that’s just a hobby of mine 」

 …………Should I just quickly retract my previous statement?

「 Now that that’s out of the way, let’s meet up with the other kids first. I’ll have the others wait for you in the cafeteria.」

With Luka leading the way, I made my way to the guild’s first floor dining hall. I think it was the D class adventurers who said there were three others besides Youmu, and they seemed to have told her about my situation to some extent beforehand, so she didn’t have to worry too much, but I can’t help but feel nervous.

「 You don’t have to be so nervous, okay? They’re a little strange, but they’re nice guys…… Oh?」

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Luka stares at my thighs as she says this.

 It’s true that you can’t help but be drawn to the glistening thighs between the skirt and knee-socks, It’s embarrassing being seen like this. They say women are sensitive to the fact that men are looking at their breasts, and yeah…… this eye movement is certainly revealing.

「 Eh, wa……it, what?」

「 Oh, I’m sorry, I just thought you bought a pretty nice wand.」

What, you were looking at the dagger in the holster? But how did you know this was a wand?

「 Oh, and something like this is expensive.……I think?」

Now that I think about it, I remember that you can appraise things as well. I’ve been so busy testing the strength of monsters and people lately that I forgot that it also works on goods. Let’s try to appraise all the information on this wand just to see if it works.

【 Sword of Honor in the Night Sky 】
Rank: Unique
Rarity: A


A ceremonial sword said to have been forged with a special mineral known as tears of night.

Because it was used in rituals to worship the god of night, it is compatible with magic that belongs to the night.

Since it is only a ceremonial sword, it does not function as a sword.


Attack power: 5

Magic amplification: 150%.

[ Magic Skill 【 Appraisal 】 Lvl increased from 3 to 4.]

「 Ueeeeeh!?」

There’s another term I don’t understand…… That is, Unique and I don’t know exactly how much unique’s worth is, but it’s not a low grade, right? It’s not something you can just get as a bonus.

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「 Oh, you bought it without knowing its value. That’s no less than a few dozen gold coins if you buy it normally, you know?」

「 Naa!? No……but, I didn’t know how good it was and because they just gave it to me like an added bonus…… 」

I knew that it was a strange shopkeeper who gave it, but there’s no way he couldn’t do an appraisal because of his profession…… So he certainly knew what he was doing and gave it to me without much explanation. I’m not sure what to make of it.

Even though it was an introduction from Adlas, it was a bit excessive.

Was there something else he was after? These thoughts were running through my head, but there was no way I could get an answer to it.

 Luka, noticing this, patted me on the shoulder and said, 「Well, that’s good. Think of it as a win-win.」.

「 And as long as the Lord is still out there, the merchant will lose a lot more than a few dozen gold coins, so it’s a very reasonable investment, don’t you think? And besides, it’s not like you’re the one doing it. Who would do such a thing? Well, he may be a peculiar shopkeeper, but I can vouch for his character. 」

 That’s what she said.

The guild master’s strong credibility…… is enough to prove that he is worthy of some kind of trust.

But only if the guild master is not a lascivious woman who walks around in turtle shell bindings.


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