Chapter 35 – Preparations (Part 1)

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

「 You know, I kind of noticed……」

On the way to the guild, I secretly called out to Youmu, who was walking with me, and I wanted to ask her what happened to Shino while I could.

「 Yeah, that’s the thing……」

 At the same time as Youmu opened her mouth, Shino spoke about the future plans.

「 Sorry, I’ve decided to stay at the guild.」

And what came back was a surprising response. Yesterday, the pressure was so strong that she wanted us to include her in the mission even if we were forced to, but now, she said so as if the thorn had been removed from her.

「 It may sound like an excuse when I say it like this. It may seem easy to throw myself away like that……, but that’s probably not the way things work, is it?」

「 That’s why I’ll be on standby at the guild, in case something should happen. 」

Shino said calmly, though she seemed to have some regrets.

For those who have escaped…… one may see it that way. And that’s something Shino herself probably understands best.

However, Luka said that the worst that can happen is that we’ll use her as a pawn…… But in fact, we, the actual troops, will not be able to overlook this…… and I’m sure she knew that, too.

So the best thing to do from the beginning would have been to keep her on standby and not add to our psychological burden unnecessarily. But forcing her to do that would not have made her feel better. Maybe she gave her the night to make her think about it and give up voluntarily.

 That’s what I’ve been thinking about……

「 Are? You could really could have gone either way though, you know?」

As I said this, El Luka suddenly appeared in front of me.

「 Uwah!? Gui, Guild Master!?」

「 Are? I told you to call me pretty Luka-chan, didn’t I? Hi, how are you?」

「 hi! Luka-chan!」

Luka smiles innocently and cheerfully, and Chibi raises her hand and replies. I mean, it’s like they were completely reading my thoughts…… oh god, adults in the fantasy worlds are scary.

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「 More importantly, you said you didn’t care which……」

「 I mean……」

Why did, Luka makes a slurping sound and pulls a vermilion-painted rope out of her pocket? After taking it out of her pocket, the rope then……

Luka shows that she was tied up in a 【 Turtle Shell Bondage】.

 ……eh, why?

「 I’m the one who’s going to be caught trying to infiltrate them 」


「「「 Haaaa!?」」」

The three of us shouted in unison. Chibi’s ears and tail perked up at the sight. I’m sorry, Chibi.I mean, what the hell is she wearing in front of the public!?

「 Wha, What are you trying to do……」

I couldn’t help but let those words come out of my mouth.

I tried not to react, but it’s impossible. The key to the chain of command is trying to offer herself as bait to by the other side, there is no such thing as a set of rules. It would totally be a bad move.

「 Are? Didn’t I tell you, right? I’m going to get caught to find out what’s going on inside, how can I let one of the newest members of the guild take on such a role while I’m sitting idly by at headquarters? 」

But Luka, on the other hand, looks as if she’s taking it for granted. In a way, she seems like a good subordinate boss, but the fact that she is in a turtle-tied rope and has an excited face ruins everything.

「 Also 」

 Luka speaks as she fusses with her hair.

「 The guild will run better without me.」

「 That means we’re always in big trouble, right? That’s not okay at all, is it?」

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「 Oh, well, you could say that.」

This person…… she even admits it.

I almost held my head in my hands, but Youmu pats me on the shoulder.

「 Well, she’s never going to stop talking, so give up. I’m sure you’ll be able to protect yourself, even if she’s like this, she’s still good enough to be in charge of a guild. 」

Youmu told her with a somewhat resigned look, and turned to Luka saying 「 I’m not going to help you in any way, no matter what!?」.

「 Oh, you’re worried about me? You’re so cute. Come on, do to me what you did to Shino-chan……mufuuu? 」

With a devilish look on her face, Youmu immediately covered Luka’s mouth.

 Shino, on the other hand, had a 「 Muheee?」 expression as if she was distracted by something. I’m not sure if I can think of anything, but I wonder if they did something to her. Chibi said that Youmu is getting stronger, so there might be a reason for that.


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