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Chapter 32 – Morning at Twilight Moon Bar

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

*Chirp *chrip *chirp…… I could hear the chirping of the little birds.

 In the morning, I woke up, still being held in the chest of the little guy. It’s not that I don’t feel a little guilty about it. I can’t help but feel a little guilty, but I’ll accept this as a perk.

「 Nn? Ah, good morning Master 」


 Chibi pulls me into a hug, with her face as expressionless as ever despite her cheerful voice.

「 Nn, morning Chibi 」

 I patted Chibi’s head in response, and she squirmed in bed, her tail wagging pleasantly.

 We both got out of bed and took off the cute nightgown that Adlas had prepared for us and changed into our usual clothes.

 Incidentally, Chibi’s clothes are made by applying her humanization skills. This means that even when she switches between her wolf body and human body to fight, she won’t be completely naked.

 It’s convenient, but on the other hand, if you want to prepare armor for Chibi, you have to think about what to do when she’s in wolf form. It’s a good idea to use the money that El Luka has given you to buy something useful, but it’s hard not knowing what to buy.

 Well, I guess I’ll have to consult Youmu or Adlas about that.

 I forcibly brushed my crumpled and disheveled hair with my hand as a comb and walked down to the first floor where the cafeteria was located with great enthusiasm.


「 Oh, good morning. You’re Leticia-chan and Chibi-chan, right? 」

 A woman approached me from the kitchen, tapping away at the vegetables. She had chestnut-colored hair tied loosely into a single bun and swept over her shoulders, a thin, but pretty face with eyelashes like threads, and breasts that were fuller than Chibi’s, though not really too big. The apron she wore gave her is also giving her a very endearing charm.

 The age of the people in this world is not always that easy to point out from a Japanese point of view, but …… looks like it is probably less than 20 years old.

 Is she an employee here?

「 Oh, ummm……yes, but what about you Onee-san?」

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「 Un! Chibi is Chibi~! 」

 I’m impressed with Chibi’s ability to respond cheerfully to everyone, and I’ll have to learn from her.

「 Fufufu, that is so! You were able to reply well, so let’s put pudding on the breakfast meal for Chibi-chan and Leticia-chan! 」

「 Pudding!? It’s Pudding, Master!」

 She probably didn’t even know what pudding was, but from the way she said it, she could tell that it was something delicious. Chibi’s tail wagged as hard as it could, swinging strongly in excitement.

「 Hey, Chibi, stop! If you wag your tail here too strongly, you’ll get in the way of the cooking! 」

「 Ah, I see…… I’m sorry 」

 The woman gently tells Chibi, who drooped her tail and ears, saying 「 It’s okay, but be careful next time. I’m not much of a nag, but its something that people complain about. 」. I don’t know what it is, but her atmosphere is certainly different compared to like…… El Luka or Youmu……. she emanates more of a motherly feel.

「 Oh, and I forgot to mention, I’m Aino ……」

「 That’s my wife. What do you think? Pretty, isn’t she? 」

 Adlas declares who came back home in a hurry, probably having gone out to buy something. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I’m not the only one who’s a fan of your worker. ……No, wait, you hairy gorilla……. What did you just say?

「 Let’s see……… Where they living deep in the forest, and were they offered to keep the evil beings from attacking? 」

「 Fine, let’s take this outside! 」

Adlas says so while twitching in anger.

「 Nonono, I mean you were not kidding!?…… Or rather, you were married……」

 Come to think of it, I think he was rather gentlemanly to Chibi in the guild yesterday, and I’m surprised to say the least……In some respects, that could make sense. But still,m I’m sure one would be able to understand why.

「 Well, I’ve also got a lot going on, you know. Well, at any rate, let’s eat. No matter what we do regarding the goblins, we need to eat first, right? 」

 I guess Adlas hadn’t had breakfast yet, so he sat down at the same table as me and Chibi, and shortly after, Aino-san brought us breakfast.

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The meal was a simple salad, fried egg, a thick slice of toast, butter…… and pudding as an added bonus. It’s a great way to start the day with a good breakfast and ( Getting hungry or bored) would not be comparable. The food was delicious, but it would be a different story if we talk about three daily meals.

「 Delicious……」

The wild-like dish that Adlas cooked yesterday was bold and delicious, but this one has a gentler taste, though it may just have been my imagination.

「 So, how was your magic? You were practicing very hard yesterday, weren’t you? 」

「 I’m not sure if I can handle it well, but I think I can use it now. It’s a good idea to start with the basics and then work your way up to the higher ranks after all. 」

I can put all my magical power into it, or activate it at the minimum. I am able to adjust from to 1 or 100, but when it comes to in between adjustment, it becomes very unstable. In addition to that, it was obvious that control would take some getting used to. Although it’s good to move up quickly, it’s not really that bad to solidify the foundation first.

「 Well, that’s very impressive. There are many talented people who are in a hurry to raise the rank they could use. Well, there’s nothing wrong with such a way of life too, but …… if you don’t watch your step, it’s only natural that you’ll end up falling behind, right? 」

「 Ahaha……not like I really have any Idea if what I’m doing is the right thing to do 」

「 Also, I wanted to ask Adlas for advice on how to get ready using the money from El Luka, but we don’t know much about stuff, so I was wondering if he could help me. 」

「 Hmm …… Well, sorry asking you to reveal your hand, but can you tell me specifically what you can do and what you are good at. If there are any stores that would match within the range of funds to match your abilities, then I will introduce you if I can. I’m in this kind of business, so I get a lot of information on that. Though the case of you girls is a bit unique, but…… I should be to manage it somehow.」

 Oh! This is a reliable ……! It’s good to learn from who has the experience after all.

 I talked to Adlas about things other than the Demon Lord’s skills, and with actual demonstrations.

「 Hmmm……. I see. Blood Armament and Moon Wolf Claw. It’s a good to have an idea you are good at, and I certainly do know of a place that would match your needs. 」

 Adlas put his hand to his chin and mulled over his thoughts.

「 First of all, I can say this for both of you, but with 【Blood Armament】 it seems like you wouldn’t need much. In the case of Leticia Jou-chan, it should be something that won’t interfere with the activation of the blood armament, and it would be better if you temporarily harden the blood in your body than to use any half-baked armor. 」

 This is something that Adlas told me to try, that is if the blood is not outside my body, will it be possible for some of it to be temporarily hardened. If the skin is damaged by swords, hardening the veins that cover the body protect it like chain mail, and no one would be able to easily penetrate it.


 Of course, if you wear armor and harden your body, you will have even more protection…… I came to the conclusion that it would be better for me to focus on being light and reduce the chance of getting hit, rather than impeding my movement.

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「 And then as for Chib-jou’s case, since she has two forms, it would be best for her to fight in a way that makes use of both form. In that case, armor will be nothing but a hindrance. 」

 When Chibi is dehumanized, she can change into a wolf the size of a silver wolf. In her wolf form, Chibi has excellent speed and instantaneous power, while in her human form, she is able to apply and adapt to different situations. So far, she had not fought in wolf form because we’ve been killing enemies with easily maneuverable moon wolf claws, but there will be times in the future when she would need to be fast and precise.

「 Now that we’ve got the armor out of the way, let’s move on to the weapons……. I’m pretty sure that’s not a very important item for you ladies either it seems 」

 Whether it’s a blood armament or a moon wolf claw and fang, they are very powerful skills. It would be better not to use them along with half-baked weapons. It’s not a bad idea to have at least one of on hand though just in case we run out of magic, but it’s not something we need to prioritize. Not only that, but it is said that the main duty of an adventurer is not to prepare insurance for emergencies, but to get around it so that there are no emergencies. Of course, there would be times when it doesn’t work that way, but it’s important to be prepared.

「 Then, since we don’t need weapons or armor in this case……won’t there be almost nothing else for us to prepare? 」

 I honestly can’t think of anything I need. I’m not sure if there are any potions or restoratives that would help. Likewise, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, that’s the only Idea I have right now.

「 No, not really. The best equipment that fit for you girls would be 【 Magic Equipment 】 and 【 Magic Tools 】 」


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