Chapter 30 – Various Happenings at Night Part 1

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

「 Touch the Scroll and let the Magic Power flow……?」

 I kind of understand what you’re saying, but I’m not quite sure what you mean.

After noticing my confusion, Adlas handed the scroll for Magic Wall and told me 「 Well, just try it out, 」.

「 First, unfold the scroll and put your hands on it. Start with closing your eyes and focusing on your senses, it is important to be aware of the magic power within you……. well, you should have noticed now that you have sensed that, right? Now you just need to learn how to use it 」

 I did as I was told putting my hands on the Scroll and closing my eyes.

 At the same time, a kind of pattern came into my mind, which I can’t describe in words, but it’s like a …… It’s like a schematic. It’s a simple magic symbol, and the schematics is simple too.……in short, I guess I’m supposed to let the magic flow in accordance with this pattern.

 I gradually let the power that surrounds my body flow into its circuits. The circuitry that had no magical power flowing through it was stained with dark light and spreads outward.

 Then with a *byong sound, a dark-colored wall appeared in front of me.

[ You learned the first-ranked magic 【 Magic Wall 】 ]

[ The Lv of the magic skill 【 Dark Magic 】 has been increased from 1 to 2 ]

At the same time I finished, the world voice for the first time in a while echoes in my head.

「 Oh, so you succeeded in a single try. That’s quite a feat, even for a first rank magic 」

 Adlas gazed at me admiringly.

「 Is it really that hard? Learning this 」

「 It’s not so much that it’s difficult, it’s just that usually it is a crucial point for beginners, and once it’s done, there’s really no point thinking about it……though a lot of people do get troubled trying to succeed the first time. Also, the attribute that the magic wall applies to is 【 All 】 and if you use fire magic, you will get a wall of fire, and if you use water magic, you will get a wall of water. This is the same with the arrow and the release 」

「 I see…….so schematics can be reused, but the properties change depending on the attributes that flow 」

「 That’s what I’m talking about, Some schematics require a specific attribute, others require multiple attributes. Such things tend to be stronger because they can activate effects that match their attributes, but that’s right, there isn’t always a technique for pompoms and attributes that suits you. It’s best to study while learning these all-purpose techniques 」

「 I see, thank you. I’ll practice a lot 」

「 Oh, but don’t spend too much practicing that it becomes too late in the night, alright? I’ll bring the hot water later, so please relax in the room 」

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「 Ah, thanks again 」

 And so Chibi and I were sent to a room for two on the second floor of the Inn. The room was cramped with two beds and a chest along with a drawer, but it was well cleaned.

 I’ve been practicing my magic little by little since then, and I’ve come to realize something.

 First, whether it’s an arrow, a wall, or a release, there is a minimum amount of MP that is required to operate the technique. In terms of these three, I would say the minimum is 2. If the magic power flows below this level, the magic formula will not be activated, or only half-hearted and useless results will occur.

 In my case, I can recover MP automatically, so as long as I’m careful about how often I use it, I can use it as much as I want, but still, I tend to be not overconfident about it.

 And as for the upper limit of magic power that can be poured into it, this limit doesn’t exist at the moment. Maybe it’s because my MP is low, but no matter how much I pour into it, the formula greedily takes it all in. I waited for my magic power to fully recover and put it to the max, but it seemed like there was still plenty of room. Incidentally, while in this process, my dark magic skill has been raised to 3.

The more magic you put into it, the more it seems to increase the durability and range of walls, and the power of arrows and emissions. On the other hand decreasing the activation range, increases the durability of walls and increases the power of arrows and emissions. It also becomes easy for arrows to customize with extra magic power to some extent, such as stretching it to increase size or penetration power.

 In my case, I can use the Blood Weapon and the Moon Wolf Claw to handle all aspects of a match to some extent, but I can’t use the Blood Weapon or the Moon Wolf Claw forever……if the attack is made with the maximum amount of magic power, the technique will be much more powerful after all. Well, it would be as you would expect from first rank magic, which is supposed to be for beginners to use. As you learn higher level stuff, the benefits will become even greater.

 I’d like to try it out in the woods if I have time, since I can’t do any fancy training in town.

 And that was when I was thinking about it.

「 Hey, Jou-chan, you’re not sleeping, are you? I brought you hot water and a towel, okay? Some nightwear too 」

It was Adlas, and as he said earlier, brought me some hot water…….now then……what’s that other thing for?


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