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Chapter 3 – Church’s Knight (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3452 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1313 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Each squad leader shouted commands, quickly regaining control over their subordinates. Meanwhile, the colossal giant, with a face seething with anger, rose from the ground, slamming his hefty feet down like a seasoned wrestler.

This giant, standing more than 15 meters tall and adorned with nothing but a loincloth, sent tremors through the ground with each stomp.

It became evident that while they had inflicted damage upon him, their attacks hadn’t dealt a fatal blow; instead, they had only inflamed his wrath further.

“Hahaha, true enough, battling against light-attributed enemies won’t be straightforward. Yet, I’m taken aback that NPCs like you, who only possess remnants of their past strength, managed to penetrate my defense.”

Beneath the giant stood Pahlen, entirely unscathed.

“Regrettably, this skirmish has marred the pristine skin of my dear Grendel.”

“It’s beyond me how Hiyuki could spurn such a delightful Grendel as a pet, claiming ‘he’s not cute’. I’m convinced no creature could don a loincloth as elegantly as my Grendel!”

With a sigh of exasperation, Pahlen covered his masked face with his right hand. No sooner had he finished speaking than Grendel bent forward, hands pressed to the ground, readying himself.

“But, time isn’t on our side! To the fray, my Magic Grand Champion – Magical★Chanco-chan!”


Grendel bellowed a battle cry, barreling straight towards the Cathedral Crusaders.

Confronted with the advancing behemoth akin to a small mountain, any typical individual might’ve fled in terror. However, the knights stood resolute, quickly plunging their cross blades into the earth and channeling their spiritual might.

“Deploy the Binding Barrier!! At S-rank intensity! Stand firm, everyone! Remember, we’re under our god’s protection! For the honor of the church knights, we will fell this monstrous foe!”


The church knights chorused, directing the erected Binding Barrier towards the oncoming Grendel and releasing it in quick succession.

Chains of light snaked around Grendel, but he nonchalantly shredded them, continuing his charge unabated.

Yet, their efforts weren’t in vain; Grendel’s charge had visibly slowed.

He was inches away from the front lines when a commanding voice echoed, “Stand back.”

Bernardo, encircled by a vibrant yellow aura, surged forward like a tempest.

In his right hand, he wielded the revered Divine Sword – True Cross Blade, a gift from His Holiness the Great Pope. His left hand brandished the legendary sword – Quo Vadis, discovered in ancient ruins.

The simultaneous wielding of both swords signaled Bernardo’s utmost determination.

With the sword in his right hand, he executed a series of attacks: a descending slash, an ascending cut, a swift roundhouse kick, followed by a rapid succession of five thrusts. Each strike, imbued with his aura, tore into Grendel’s defenseless abdomen.

As Grendel crumpled, weakened by the onslaught, Bernardo’s left-hand sword sliced horizontally across his belly. Mid-motion, he rotated his wrist, executing an upward slash.

He then positioned his blade horizontally and, with a mighty roar, drove both swords, along with his drill-like aura, into Grendel with blinding speed.

The deafening crash and ensuing shockwaves from the impact sent Grendel – a creature eight times Bernardo’s size – flying.

Grendel, though severely wounded, coughing blood, and with a dazed expression, managed to rise. But a fresh volley of Holy Light engulfed him, reducing him to a battered husk reminiscent of a worn-out cloth.

Upon witnessing this feat, a series of mocking claps echoed.

“What a spectacle, truly commendable. I had pegged you as just another ordinary ensemble. Yet here you are, taking down the field boss Chano-chan. I’d be thrilled to welcome you into my realm.”

To be part of his kingdom meant to become a vessel for this vampire. The church knights glowered in response to his words.

“Never, fiend. You’re a creature of shadow, estranged from God’s grace. In the Azure God’s name, your end is nigh!”

“Hahaha. I applaud your spirit. —Engage.”

Ignoring Pahlen’s cheeky thumbs-up, the knights unleashed another barrage of Holy Light. But suddenly, vampires erupted from the ground, encircling and charging at the Cathedral Crusaders.

“Damn, they’re innumerable!”

A quick assessment revealed tens of thousands of them.

And as the sun dipped, these vampires, far superior to the ones encountered in daylight, moved with heightened agility. Their methods might be brutish, but each one was armed.

“All ranks, form a circle! Ensure none breach our line. Don’t rely solely on the Holy Light; trust your instincts and brace for hand-to-hand combat!”

Without hesitation, the church knights fortified their positions.

Observing their struggles against the vampires —most of which were intelligent second and third-generation vessels— Pahlen remarked,

“Remarkable. They’ll barely last 15 minutes before they’re completely wiped out. But now that our pleasantries are over, I’ll take my leave for today.”

He then began to depart, eliciting a challenge.

“Where do you think you’re going, b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!?”

The Church knights unleashed bursts of Holy Light in an attempt to halt his exit, but he skillfully evaded their attacks.

“Oh, come on. Do your best to catch me, hohoho!”

To add insult to injury, he placed his hands on his mouth, emitting a playful, taunting giggle.

The knights were incensed, their anger palpable. Yet just then—


Suddenly, eight swords materialized, piercing Pahlen one after another.

“We got him!”

However, their jubilation was short-lived. Pahlen’s form vanished as if a mirage, leaving the swords embedded in the ground.

Skill: «Shadow Branch» allows the user to leave a decoy while teleporting the real body hundreds of meters away.

“That truly hurt.”

The sole blade he couldn’t dodge, named ‘Kaze,’ was lodged in his back. He wrenched it out with a grimace, surveying his surroundings keenly.

“It’s been a while, or should I say, our first meeting, Lubbock? The real deal is here, I see. And with this unfamiliar silhouette, Kagerou must be present too? How I wish my dear Hiyuki-chan was here. What a missed opportunity. But now, I must leave.”

“Not so fast!”

Once again, the eight swords took to the skies, but a horde of vampires formed a protective barrier around Pahlen. By the time the swords could carve their way through, Pahlen had activated his return skill, vanishing from sight.


From a distant hideout, Lubbock’s frustration echoed before his presence too dwindled.


“…He mentioned the Princess. Do you know him?”

Pointing at the spot where the self-proclaimed Pahlen something-something had been just moments before, Marudo asked in a tone laden with skepticism. It appeared he hadn’t noticed our presence earlier, but this unexpected turn of events left us both taken aback.

“Well, in a way. I was hoping it wasn’t him, but ultimately, it was.”

The uproar caused by the vampires, particularly as it spread across the entire nation, made me wonder if he might be involved. Now, it all adds up. Yet what surprised me even more was—

“He isn’t in cahoots with Lubbock and his group?”
“Isn’t the enemy of your enemy your friend?”

Maroudo offhandedly proposed allying with him, but given the current circumstances, it was too soon to decide anything.

Their apparent animosity might be a ruse to draw us in. However, above all, I’d rather avoid any association with them, especially now that we possess real, tangible bodies.

“Well, I’ll think about it. For the moment, we’ve gauged the prowess of the Cathedral Crusaders.”

Upon further observation, they eradicated nearly 10,000 vampires without sustaining any notable injuries.

In gaming terms, they’re on par with intermediate to advanced players.

“Lubbock and his team are aligned with them, so their odds of victory seem favorable, right? Regardless, we’ll make a decision after seeing the outcome.”
“I get it. But on another note…”
“What did he mean by ‘my beloved Hiyuki’? My lady, how many hearts have you captured?”
“Don’t depict me as some femme fatale playing with people’s emotions!”

Hiyuki retorted with intensity, then headed back the way they’d come, wielding ‘Gilles de Rais’ and chasing the retreating Maroudo.


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