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Chapter 17 – Enchantress (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2513 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1246 words
Editor(s): Hydra

While three foolish stalkers engaged in a petty skirmish nearby, a more serious battle commenced.


The Roaring Oni Princess Kohaku made the opening move, her dual halberds spinning in a tempestuous whirlwind.

Bernardo recognized, ‘A formidable foe,’ and wasted no time launching his attack.

Bernardo skillfully countered the whirlwind assault with his swords, yet the sheer force left him rattled. Her weapons’ reach, weight, and speed surpassed his own. The woman he faced was an unrefined fighter, her attacks wildly unpredictable, a stark contrast to the refined swordplay he’d encountered before. Yet, it was precisely these unsophisticated, instinct-driven movements that disrupted his focus.

The clash of twin swords against dual halberds raged on, with each weapon alternately repelling or shielding against the other. Each collision ignited sparks and flashes, illuminating their surroundings like a display of fireworks. Shockwaves from their strikes rippled across the floor and walls.

Their relentless assault, as continuous as a torrential downpour, allowed no opportunity for retreat. Now and then, their weapons would graze flesh, casting fresh blood into the air. Yet, for these inhuman combatants, such wounds were but mere scratches.

Their match seemed even, yet that equilibrium was fleeting at best. Bernardo, once human now vampire, faced Kohaku—a demon born, specifically of the formidable ogre lineage known for their resilience and regenerative abilities. Bernardo could be likened to a high-end luxury car, whereas Kohaku was the equivalent of a race car.

While Bernardo may have held advantages in equipment, technique, and moves, Kohaku’s unyielding combat style allowed her to contend on par or even surpass him, despite accruing damage or technical deficits.

Moreover, having just dueled with Maroudo, Bernardo teetered on the verge of exhaustion, unlike the ever-zealous Kohaku, whose fervor burned like an inexhaustible sun.

Merely moments into their clash, Bernardo began to falter.

“Ensnaring Barrier!”

As their leader appeared to be at a disadvantage, the (former) church knights quickly dispersed around, forming a pentagram with Kohaku at its center.

“Initiate Ensnaring Barrier! Maximum Intensity! Activate—haaargh.”

The knight directing his comrades was abruptly sent flying.

“—Not while I’m here, kiddo. After all, I am still their master.”

The blow had come from the Beast King.

With one of the five points necessary for the barrier destroyed, effectively disrupting their formation, the remaining church knights exchanged looks and decided to first eliminate the obstruction.

‘Oh?’ Despite the distance he’d been thrown, the Beast King kept his attention on the knight who stood as if unaffected by the powerful twin-palm strike.

“I had thought my strike would shatter his hipbone, yet it seems direct hits are ineffective. Then again, surviving such an attack is unheard of for a mortal.”

At that moment, another knight charged with a spear thrust. The Beast King evaded and countered with a knee strike, which the knight blocked with his shield, attempting to overpower the Beast King with vampiric strength.

The Beast King skillfully managed the situation, unbalancing the knight slightly. Seizing the moment, he aimed a palm strike at the knight’s chest, which was hastily blocked by the armor.


Immediately after, the knight clutched his chest in agony, groaning ‘Harrgh!!?’ The Beast King used this opportunity to swiftly move behind him, securing a chokehold.

With a thud, the Beast King discarded the knight’s body, eyes wide with shock, onto the floor. He then picked up the cross sword that had fallen from the knight’s grasp to impale him through the heart.

…Despite the fatal outcome, a look of relief crossed the knight’s face as he met his end.

Yet, the Beast King remained alert, distancing himself and turning his attention to the four remaining knights.

“If a shock to the heart immobilizes them, or if they faint when blood flow to the brain is obstructed…what could they be, if not human?”

When the Beast King uttered his disdain, an unexplained wave of reassurance seemed to permeate through the ranks of the church knights.


Externally, the tide appeared to shift favorably as members of the Thirteen Demon Generals emerged to confront Nidhogg. Though they succeeded in minimizing casualties, the chaos paradoxically intensified rather than subsided.

Nidhogg’s behavior escalated into a literal frenzy. Just moments before, it appeared to operate with a specific objective in mind, but suddenly, it began to flail, twist, and leap indiscriminately, utilizing its Evil Eye, firing beams, and launching pseudo-vampire bullets aimlessly.

“This seems more akin to a last desperate thrash before death rather than any strategic maneuver…”

Utsuho softly shared her thoughts, and Susa’s clone, concurred with a nod.

“Indeed, as you’ve observed. This uncontrolled rampage will undoubtedly drain its energy significantly. My analysis suggests it has abandoned any previous objective it may have had, reverting to mere basic survival instincts.”

“Hmm? Then it’s possible the entity controlling it is no longer present. Could the assault led by Sasaki and the others have eliminated the enemy’s commander along with the «Arumamis», or…”

Utsuho fell into contemplation, her expression darkening. Meanwhile, behind her, Shiori, who was intricately working her network of fine threads, abruptly paled.

“!! What in the world!?”

“What’s wrong, Shiori?” Utsuho gracefully pivoted, her mouth veiled by her folding fan, and inquired of Shiori, who was earnestly entwined in her task with the threads, now bowing deeply in urgency.

“This may well be the gravest oversight of my career. My attention was so riveted on the external threat that I neglected the vermin lurking within!”


“At this moment, there were seven… now one less, making six enemies. Among them, one is presumed to be the commanding force, the Ancestor Vampire.”

“The enemy’s mastermind has breached our imperial sanctum!? How did they infiltrate!?”

“Their point of entry remains a mystery, almost as if they’ve crossed the heavens themselves—Ahh!”

A realization dawned on Shiori, prompting a startled gasp, her hand swiftly covering her mouth. Susa, arriving at a similar deduction, concurred with a somber affirmation.

“Indeed. The initial barrage of indiscriminate pseudo-vampire bullet firing was likely a diversion by the enemy leader to infiltrate the castle unnoticed.”

“…So we’ve been unwitting puppets to our enemy’s whims, is that it? You mentioned one of the intruders has been neutralized. Who are they contending with?”

Shiori, wearing an expression of inner conflict, responded, while Utsuho, deep in thought, absentmindedly bit her lip.

“One side sees the Sage Beast King and Kohaku in combat. On the other, Maroudo is joined by… apparently, a male Oni-kin. Yet, the identity of the latter remains a mystery.”

“Hmm, Maroudo, you say? How is he holding up?”

Utsuho inquired as she rose from her seat, her intentions clear though unspoken—she was set on confronting the enemy leader directly. Susa, recognizing the gravity of the moment, did not deter her. Following in her wake were her loyal retainers, both magical and divine creatures.

“The Sage Beast King and Kohaku have engaged the enemy, but…”

Shiori began hesitantly, halting briefly to shake her head as if perplexed by her own thoughts.

“Maroudo and the unidentified Oni-kin seem to be in a dispute with the enemy leader. The matter at hand, um… revolves around who claims the Princess as their bride…”

“…What on earth does that even mean?”

Upon hearing such absurdity, Utsuho nearly stumbled, pivoting back to face Shiori with an expression of utter disbelief.

Meanwhile, Susa, now solitary, lowered his eyes to the ground—though it seemed he gazed through it, contemplating something far deeper.

“…Hmm, it appears we’ve arrived just in the nick of time.”


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