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Chapter 1 – Demon God Seal (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2207 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 832 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Inside a room reserved for esteemed visitors at a hotel in Fabler, the former capital of the Cent’luna Federation, stood Warren. He was glaring at a young boy who had just sneezed loudly, his gaze filled with anxiety. Only days before, Warren held sway over most of the Graviol Empire’s authority as Prime Minister, a renowned figure. But now—

“Why are you so carefree in such a critical situation?”

“Well, I apologize. It seems a beauty somewhere is reminiscing about me, such is the burden of being popular.”

He responded with irritation to the boy’s flippant remarks. If any of his acquaintances saw him now, the majority would fail to recognize him.

His formerly luxurious ash blonde hair was completely gone, leaving him bald. His once lofty yet composed eyes now bore a frantic and desperate look. It seemed as though he had aged two decades in a little over two weeks.

With a vacant expression, he tapped his fingers on the marble table.

“So, you’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what strategy we employ, even if we disregard caution and opt for a plan that might endanger us, it’s impossible to defeat that little girl— or rather, the Imperial Crimson with the Empire’s current strength?”

Despite his outward calm, Warren was clearly trying to contain his fury. The young boy, Kagerou, nonchalantly answered Warren.

“Indeed. First, my lady is the progenitor deity of vampires, a god-like figure. Moreover, those serving her are individuals who could rival your entire army single handedly —they’re literal monsters. No matter how hard humans struggle, their fate is sealed.”

Warren was on the verge of venting his frustration on Kagerou, who spoke as if he had no stake in the situation. However, he managed to suppress his anger, and, with a growl resonating in his voice, he retorted.

“Yet we hold the upper hand in terms of manpower, national strength, and foreign relations. It has always been a steadfast rule that the side with greater resources ultimately prevails, regardless of individual combat power. Can’t we leverage this principle to our advantage and strike a blow against the Imperial Crimson?”

“Well, you’re not entirely incorrect~. As you say, leveraging the strengths of your empire could potentially drive away forces like Amitia and Cres who are currently allied with the Imperial Crimson, or even those from the emperor faction closer to my lady. However, that wouldn’t actually harm the Imperial Crimson. You’re under the impression they rely on their state’s resources. Frankly, they couldn’t care less even if they had no allies.”

“Are you sure about that?”

Warren questioned Kagerou, his stern gaze filled with skepticism and dissatisfaction, as if he thought Kagerou was downplaying their situation.

“It’s true that the Sovereign of the Imperial Crimson possesses immense individual power. But, mentally, I perceive her as quite vulnerable. Your audacious presence here serves as sufficient proof. Despite your clear display of hostility, she spares you because you’re a friend. That’s foolish.”

Kagerou silently arched an eyebrow at Warren’s blatant contempt.

“In this world, there’s no such thing as an absolute ‘ally’ even between family and friends. Depending on the circumstances, anyone can become a threat. She’s naïve, thinking that everyone is a potential ‘ally’ based on trust and affection, rather than viewing them as possible ‘enemies’. What if she suffered an emotional blow by having no allies? Wouldn’t that significantly reduce that little girl’s combat readiness?”

“No, no, no, you’re courting disaster. Trying to isolate her would be akin to poking at my lady’s sore spot.”

Kagerou made a dismissive hand gesture.

“Yes, my lady may not handle emotional matters well. Objectively, she views certain expendable individuals as allies. However, if they were eliminated, she wouldn’t hesitate to wage total war. Think of them as the chains restraining my lady.”

“So, if there are no hostages, there’s no leverage…” Warren grumbled, his brows furrowed. “Is there a way to tilt the situation in my favor?”

“There might be.” Kagerou agreed, “By using threats like total destruction, assassination, or scorched-earth tactics, you could manipulate my lady into accepting conditions she normally wouldn’t. But let me clarify, destroying the Imperial Crimson would still be impossible.”

“Grrr!” With his teeth clenched, Warren issued a guttural growl of frustration. “What if we assassinate—…”

“That’s a non-starter.” Kagerou immediately raised his arms in an ‘X’ gesture, not allowing Warren to finish his sentence.

“Assassinating a player is a one-shot deal unless there’s a significant level gap. It’s utterly preposterous to consider one-hit killing my lady in her ‘Pet Unison’ state, let alone that poisons can be instantly neutralized. Please, refrain from joking about killing my lady unless you want the remnants of the Imperial Crimson to lay waste to the world.”

“So, you’re saying the best I can do right now is to force a compromise through mere intimidation?”

Warren’s voice deepened. His demeanor suggested an overwhelming anger brewing inside him with no means of release.

“Well, in a nutshell, yes.”


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