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Chapter 9 – Nine Swords Descent (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2708 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1312 words
Editor(s): Hydra

“一hh. Connection cut off…!”

In my private room…… a room so huge that I could even hear the echo of my voice, which was anything but comfortable for me who had only lived in a one room apartment in my previous life. I was sitting in the center of such a room clutching my head from dizziness due to the forceful disconnection with the ‘Teeny-Weeny Hiyuki Ver. 3’ that I was remote controlling. In case anyone’s wondering, Ver. 1 was lost mysteriously while Ver. 2 was destroyed by Animaru’s junior whose name was something-something that I forgot.

I once again put my hand on the control pearl, which looked like a crystal ball used in divinations, while going through headache-like motion sickness and tried to channel my mana into it but all I got was a response like a cut-off kite. It didn’t react at all just like I had expected.

“Forcing too much of your origin will affect your beautiful body, Princess. 一How about you calm down yourself first?”

Not even a heartbeat later, Tengai served me fresh blood poured into a wine glass.

I was so exhausted from long term concentration and mana loss that I drank three glasses back to back like a drunkard gurgling down wine and topped my HP and MP simultaneously.

ーAlright, recovery complete!

I don’t know who you are or where you’re from big sisters, but thank you for the blood donations! Today too your blood has continued to grace me with energy, become a part of my flesh, become the fat that recently my waistline…… Ahem, I think I have drunk too much so it’s about time to start dieting from tomorrow.

And so, I stood up strongly while feeling the swirl of complex emotion in my heart.

“By the way, did something awful happen in Argentum, considering your state earlier?”

I lightly replied to Tengai’s question who should have more or less understood the situation from my state.

“Revan and his group were attacked by Kagerou. All the entourage is dead and I have even lost contact with Revan.”
“What in the一!”

Tengai’s eyes peeled back lightly.

一Oh my? He is actually worried about Revan…

“Then is that sorcery doll also lost? What a waste…”

…of course not, who am I kidding.

On the other side, Mikoto was looking at Tengai 一who was holding his head in his hand with an awfully sorrowful expression and agonizing一 with a super-frosty gaze.

“Please leave that idiot aside, What will be your action now, My Liege?”

I was almost about to sortie a rescue party in a panic, but my head calmed down just a bit at Mikoto’s question. Sending an armed monster corps to the capital city of another nation no matter what justification I have would only be seen as an act of terrorism.

I wasn’t dreading the possible military conflict that may arise. It was a matter of priority, what if Revan, the central figure here, couldn’t be found or he was already dead… Or heck, we’re talking about our people who have a devil-may-care attitude for anyone except me. I couldn’t possibly exclude the idea of them running rampant, destroying the city, attacking the populace or in the worst case scenario, even wrapping Revan among the casualties. …Yes, let’s forget the first method, completely.

T, they’re absolutely unusable! Those bunch. They’re even more useless than the “how to improve yourself” book unless there is the call for total annihilation of the enemy.

How I wished I should have just followed my idea and possessed Revan with ‘Evil Eye’. Though it would have been useless without his consent and not to say, Asmina could have caught me if I was careless about my imitation of Revan….. Ah!

“I almost forgot. Asmina is a priestess and her perception is almost on the level of clairvoyance when it comes to Revan, I think she might be able to help us out.”

Either way, it’s a race against time.

“一Are you going out, Princess?”

I nodded at Mikoto who asked with a tone as if already expecting my course of action.

“I’m going to Asmina’s place, to Wirde. Put the emphasis on speed, form a group of flight capable followers.”
“Right away.”


In the suburbs of Wirde, the provisional Capital city of Cres Freedom United Nation.

At the same time as Revan and his entourage was attacked by an assassin (though it was afternoon due to difference in time zone).

A group of Beastkin warriors were vigilantly guarding the victiny of the enormous teleportation equipment 一a device resembling stone circle with a diameter of 20m and hard to associate whether it was a metal or obsidian一 that had been discovered just a few days earlier. They slightly loosen their nerves as they engage in trivial chitchat.

“Man, I wonder if this thing can really become our source of income.”
“It’s ze idea of yer Young Chief and his superior, Her Highness. ‘Tis fine as long as we lot protect it.”
“I know ta protect it. But there ain’t no way anyone can destroy it or steal such a huge thing.”
“For sure, I think the same.”
“一Hey. You guys, you are taking it a bit too lightly. I’m not saying to show your utmost caution but do your due diligence at least.”


Bearkin ‘Crag’ Eugene, who was appointed as guards leader, gave his candid advice while quickly smoking on the mint bamboo.

“”We apologize for our actions.””
“As long as you guys understand.”

He shook the mint bamboo in his hand as if to say “no need to be so uptight” at his subordinates who quickly bowed their heads.


And on the top of a boulder a little further away from there, a three-eyed monk 一a helper from Imperial Crimson who introduced himself as Kokonoe, a demon general and one of seven beasts of calamity working directly under Her Majesty一 was sitting there in lotus position, staring at one point of a certain wilderness fixedly with a tensed expression.

“Is there something wrong, Sir?”

Eugene asked, feeling that it must be something extraordinary which had caused a change in Kokonoe’s demeanor, who had not spoken a single word except when he introduced himself in the start and was in meditating stance at all times.

“Indeed, the familiar unit I had laid was destroyed in one sweep. An intruder一 and extraordinary one at that. I may not be able to handle him. Request for reinforcement from suzerain right away.”

Hearing that, Eugene turned to look in that direction but not a single soul was there. However the instinct of battle-worn Eugene was ringing at its full might sensing the looming threat.

Had it been your run-of-the-mill thickheaded commander, they might not have followed the order saying they don’t see any problem. However Eugene didn’t make any unnecessary comments as he immediately followed the order.

“We got it, Sir. You guys heard, right!? Evacuate this place immediately and hurriedly inform suzerain Imperial Crimson!!”

He shouted loudly and confirming that all subordinates had retreated, he turned to Kokonoe and bowed his head deeply.

“May the fortune of war shine upon you.”

After seeing everyone depart, Kokonoe went down the boulder after deftly flipping his gold brocade buddhist robe and raised a cane overhead, which looked like it was made of skulls and spines, as he pulled it out of thin air.

“Come forth, my undead legion.”

A pitch black magic circle spread from the spot, he pierced that cane tip in the ground…… and then a group of approximately 100 armed skeleton soldiers appeared, gouging out the ground.

After the skeleton soldiers, he invoked another magic circle to summon ten Lich and five skeleton knights riding undead horses. As the last act, he created a Necro Scorpion and a Bone Centipede一 monster created from huge skeletons.


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