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Chapter 7 – Empire’s Prime Minister (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2264 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1157 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Dark clouds shrouded the sky of Argentum, capital of Graviol Empire, looking ready to burst into a downpour at any moment.

A carriage ran at brisk pace as it passed through the main city gate at first but as it get closer to the heart of the city, its speed relatively began to decrease in relative to the crowdedness, and by the time Imperial Palace was visible from the carriage, the carriage was almost being swamped by surging crowds and its pace had become even slower than of a turtle.

For the appearance sake, the carriage was prepared such that one could tell it was a noble visitor from a glance, so the passerby were being careful enough to give them way but that barely helped in this surging crowd. Wouldn’t it be better to just get off and walk?一 there was also a companion, a short-tempered Beastkin, who insist as such in irate tone, but as a visitor, that would be violating the etiquette so the owner admonish him and somehow calm him down.

“…Even so, that’s an amazing crowd they have there. Does there happen to be a festival?”

When Revan spoke his mind at the people who kept pouring like tide in a half-astounded half-amazed tone, a 2.5 head tall young girl wearing rose dress 一the sorcery doll ‘teeny-weeny Hiyuki’一 responded with what seemed to be like wry smile.

“No way, this is how big this capital city is, the population density here is just on a whole ‘nother level from Wirde or Alra. Besides, this is just the time for them to go home after finishing their day’s work and factor this bad weather. I think this surge is because they want to finish their shopping quickly. In fact, you would hardly see anyone out in case it started to rain.”

In this world where dyeing technique was inadequate, it was normal for people wearing somewhat expensive clothes to not go out in rain for the fear that water may wash off their cloth’s dye.

“We just happened to come at bad timing.”

As it was in beastkin’s nature to hardly care about time-bound work or shopping in response to the bad weather, they didn’t give a second thought to the time and drove the carriage directly to visit in this weather. Not to say the method they used was equally absurd, they crossed the border into the Empire halfway without permission and only contacted the Prime Minister just before entering the imperial capital. They were only able to pull this off due to the beastkin’s impatient nature and the speedy transportation provided by Imperial Crimson一 but this might have been a mistake, so Revan regretted bitterly.

This matter began with a letter to the empire’s Prime Minister stating they wished to form an additional agreement regarding the treatment of teleportation equipment that Hiyuki and others had discovered the other day in the dungeon一 which, unlike the usual teleportation magic circle, was possible to fine tune the location after its owner Hiyuki brought it back to the surface and reinstalled it.

The content of the letter (existence of the teleportation equipment and using it for free trade) should have caused significant ripple even in the empire, as a reply from empire’s Prime Minister was sent not long after, stating they would like to consult, if possible urgently and in secrecy, about it directly instead of exchanging letters.

“Let me participate too since it’s going to be a secret discussion.”

« « « «You can’t!!!!» » » »

Hiyuki’s proposal, who cheerfully suggested that thinking this might be her time to join, was immediately shot down by the four people 一King Collard, Revan himself, Tengai and Mikoto一 who were present at that moment. After some discussion, the responsibility of this matter had fallen onto Revan’s shoulder as the representative of the concerned nation where that equipment was installed and also because he was in an easy to move position compared to others.

“…Excuse me, Your Highness the Princess. Are you planning to come along with us to the meeting in that state?”

He asked Teeny-Weeny Hiyuki who was curiously looking at Argentum city with the same child-like attitude as her outward appearance suggested.

“Of course. I can only compromise with this since none of you allowed me to come here personally.”

Teeny-Weeny Hiyuki looked over her shoulder and said so while puffing her cheeks in somewhat discontent.

一No, you don’t specifically need to come with us, I wish you could just wait in the castle for the follow-up report though.

Revan swallowed the words that were almost about to leak out of his throat.

“…I don’t think it’s normal to attend a meeting with an infant.”
“Hnn~ let’s do this, I will pretend to be a doll in the conference, so let someone walk while carrying me. I’m sure they would overlook it if you just say it’s the beastkin tradition.”

The image of beastkin in the mind of the general populace was being naked, carrying a spear, and shouting ‘ooh-ooh ah-ah’ while eating banana一 further added Hiyuki.

一Miss, just what do you think we beastkin are?!

Revan suppressed his urge to shout frantically… again. His entourage on the other hand simultaneously averted their faces so that they wouldn’t be caught up in the situation.

«We will absolutely not attend the conference while hugging the doll. We will flee away from the place immediately if we were made to do it.»

Everyone made it clear with their silence.

Wouldn’t he have to walk with the doll in that case? What do they think his reputation would be if he attended the secret conference with the Prime Minister while hugging a doll of a young girl!! What kind of punishment game was this!!


With a seemingly innocent smile, Hiyuki cheerfully patted the shoulder of Revan who had hugged his head in despair.

“Cheer-up, just think of this as you have come to sightseeing with your little sister, Big-Brother 🎶.”
“Give me a break, I’m already sick with the one step-sister I have.”
“Just forget your old little sister and love your new little sister, Dear brother 🎶.”

Saying that, Hiyuki clings to Revan’s arm and snuggle up to him slowly.


Revan knew full well that Hiyuki was joking but her cuteness was so destructive he was gradually being seized with the desire to involuntarily hug and pat her.


At the same time in the migratory settlement of the Lion tribe一

A revelation sparked in the mind of priestess Asmina who was meditating and praying for the safety of her stepbrother.

“Is something wrong, Lady Asmina?”

Asmina, being assailed by terrific uneasiness, stood up dishearteningly and ignored the frowning Jissie.

“Danger! Danger is approaching brother Revan!”
“It’s a formidable enemy! I’m feeling if I didn’t do anything, my position (as sister) would be stolen!!!”
“…Excuse me?”



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