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Chapter 4 – Sandstorm labyrinth (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2050 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 5176 words
Editor(s): Hydra

“Wait, I am sure there was a lamp in the luggage一…”

A sand viper was stealthily making its way towards the feet of Joey who was fumbling around in his luggage and Fiore who seemed to be helping him, but it was silently handled by Chloe with just a swing of magic cane.

“I can do it if its just to light the area. ‹Light›.”

A round lump of light was produced at the tip of ‘Blue Velvet’ designed in the shape of a crescent moon, illuminating the surroundings like midday.

I casually tossed the lump of light overhead, and it floated in mid-air between the four of us.

“I think this will last for half a day.”

The lump of light matched my pace when I began walking.

“Hmm, that’s so handy.”
“You’re a lifesaver, Hiyuki.”
“J-J-Just what is this magic?! I never heard of it…… ”

I just shrugged my shoulders in response to the three different reactions of three people.


With Joey and his party’s vision now secured, there was no problem afterwards. Also, thanks to the map, the journey from floor 1~6 was relatively smooth.

Another thing, monsters that appeared on these floors like sand vipers, puppy-sized sand scorpions and poison buds were relatively easy to kill since physical attacks were effective against them. As such, they were basically dealt by Joey’s sword or Fiore’s magic. Chloe and I would help them out only when they couldn’t deal with their opponent or they let down their guard.

The sole exception to this case was the sandworm that had come out on the 5th floor. Just thinking about it makes me nauseated, it was a huge sand-colour earthworm-like monster. Just its appearance alone made it impossible for me to attack physiologically.

Although Fiore and I were still not on good terms at that time but no sooner had it raised its crooked neck from the sand on the floor of the small room we entered, Fiore and I hugged each other tightly and screamed “ “KYAAAAAAAA!!!” ”, stiffened on the spot.

So the role to deal with it had obviously fallen on the head of Chloe and Joey who cut and crush it apart when we’re out of commission to fight, but their appearance bathed in blue-green liquid made us scream “ “KYAAAAAAA!!!” ” the second time, though I did reflect on it since it was obviously bad of us to scream again.

Fortunately, that was the only case the earthworm had ever come out so it was a small mercy to us.

Fiore first put up the water magic to clean Joey and Chloe, after which Fiore and I apologized together.

Afterwards, our progress from floor 6~8 slightly slowed down due to blank areas in the MAP and some minor discrepancy but since the main monsters that appeared were mummies and skeletons from the undead category, Joey’s light magic sword became the MVP there.

“As expected of Master!”

So had cheered Fiore but I think she was also quite a valuable asset with her quick-witted and versatility to change and attack with fire magic that was effective against undead too.

In this way, when the stairs to the 9th floor had appeared, we decided to take a short respite there.


“Hmm, the map is completely blank from the 9th floor onwards.”

I sighed as I unfolded the exploration map.

All it was scribbled there was ‹9th floor monster is a golem, a sand golem› and ‹10th floor boss is Sphinx›.

“…… Golem huh. It seems a bit incompatible with my sword.”

Just a little? I think it’s as bad and unreasonable as pulling a scissor against rock in a rock-paper-scissors.

It would have been a different case had he possessed sword skill to slice apart even the boulder or the brute strength to smash it apart, unfortunately, he definitely lacks both.

“Well, this can be somehow managed by destroying the center of the golem, its ‹core›. As for how, I guess the common tactic would be to use Missy’s magic here as the main weapon while the lad would confuse the golem, gradually chipping it apart and then break its leg or destroy the core at the given chance.”

Chloe proposed her plan for follow-up.

Joey muttered ‘I see’ as he nodded but Fiore bit on her lips and lowered her head hearing that.

“…… It’s impossible for me.”

Eventually, she let out an almost inaudible voice.

“Hmm? You can’t use offensive magic?”

Fiore stared back with a teary face at Chloe’s question.

“I can. But it’s impossible…… ”

Then she turned her eyes, colored with an expression I couldn’t clearly describe, towards me.

“You have noticed it, haven’t you, Ms. Hiyuki? …… I’m just a half-baked magician.”
“…I can construct the magic but whether it’s the offensive magic power I conjure instantly or the overall magic power, they’re just a bit higher than normal people. It’s not a problem with small sized magic beasts but they can’t put a scratch against opponents like golem, that’s the kind of incompetent Magician I am.”
“一No wait, didn’t you wield your magic quite amazingly today?”
“You’re right, Master. I, certainly, was in a good shape today surprisingly…… But, this was the work of Hiyuki’s buff, wasn’t it?”
“…… Indeed, I had only put up a support buff.”

Others could have seen Joey’s and Fiore’s body enclosed in a thin light membrane had this place been a bit more dark.

“I envy you…… Very much.”

She muttered ever so quietly, her head hanging downward.


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