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Chapter 13 – May Bell’s Poison (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1358 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2713 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Let’s turn the clock back a bit.

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of partnering with the Imperial Crimson to eradicate the Prime Minister faction, Princess Oliana was given a clear refusal from Revan. She fell silent for a moment to contemplate and then glanced mischievously at Revan, a sly smile lingering on her face.

“I do comprehend the Imperial Crimson’s policy, but at this moment, I am in conversation with the esteemed Leader of the Cres Freedom United Nation. Moreover, the matter concerning the ‹Teleportation Equipment› pertains to the periphery of Cres’ capital city. Therefore, may I presume that the negotiations regarding free trade are under the purview of Cres?”

“…If you put it like that, yes.”

To begin with, the root of this time matter could be traced back to the Imperial Council meeting(wry smile) with Hiyuki, where he had appealed, “Our Country is poor, please help us,” out of sheer desperation. As a result of their discussion, it was thus decided that the ‹Teleportation Equipment› Hiyuki had gotten a while back shall be granted to Cres on the basis that they would become the pivot of upcoming world trade, or in other words, its intermediary.

In order to accomplish this, Cres would conduct trade negotiations on behalf of themselves for their own benefit and in their own name.

Hiyuki also expressed that she did not care about what was done with the ‹Teleportation Equipment› and even joked that it could be baked or boiled. She left the final decision, or rather, the responsibility for the equipment, in their hands. Given her personality, it was unlikely that they would receive any complaints from her, regardless of how they chose to handle the situation.

“With the potential of teleportation on a grand scale, we can expect a significant improvement in our transportation logistics. However, it would not just stop at logistics. This will pave the way for faster sales and production processes, where the private sector will have to swiftly perceive and implement information to make decisions. In the end, this will result in a massive surge in our nation’s economy. If Her Highness has already envisioned this, then she is no mere figurehead. I find myself growing increasingly curious about her.”

‘May Bells’ Princess said so while caressing the ‹Teeny-Weeny Hiyuki› doll.

A smile was present in her eyes and at the corner of her lips, but it was not one of amusement. Instead, it resembled a fearless grin, much like that of a seasoned gambler who had found a worthy opponent.


Revan only half-listened to what the girl had said, and much of it went in one ear and out the other. He responded with a quip that he felt was appropriate, without giving it much thought.

“However, I’m perplexed as to why Her Highness has initiated this sudden negotiation when there are no diplomatic ties between our nations. Is there a strategic advantage in revealing our cards to a potential adversary intentionally? If it were up to me, I would have disseminated the information within the Empire or, at the very least, utilized other nations in the Western region that have diplomatic relations with us to spread awareness of the item’s efficacy to the rest of the world. However, employing it on a global level from the get-go seems like an excuse to conceal something from the public eye, as far as I can discern. Her Highness may have a hidden agenda that eludes me. It is disconcerting that I feel like we are being exploited, yet I cannot fathom the underlying motive.”

Oliana, who supplemented her conclusion, returned the doll back to the pillow nearby Revan and stared straight at him.

“I am not speaking out of spite, but rather presenting a proposal. Speaking on behalf of the ‹Emperor Faction›, I suggest that we link the free trade agreement with the Cres Freedom United Nation. While the primary purpose would be to facilitate trade, I propose that we include a clause for a mutual defense treaty in case of an emergency.”

Revan’s brow furrowed as he heard the words that were anything but calm.

“What exactly do you mean by mutual defense treaty?”

“It is a literal interpretation of the situation. The Prime Minister established his authority within the Empire by successfully invading Cent’luna with the support of Aeon. At this rate, the Emperor’s title will be reduced to mere symbolism without any actual power. He will either force the Emperor to abdicate and install a puppet who will follow his every command, or repeat the same fate that befell my father by making me the Emperor while he retains the regency and remains hidden behind the curtains, like a puppeteer. Furthermore, as a woman, I fear that he may have plans to place one of his own direct male heirs, perhaps one of his many foolish sons, as my husband and then manipulate the resulting grandchild as another puppet to control. The fate that awaits not only myself but also the Empire is not difficult to discern.”

“…Well yeah, it wouldn’t be a good feeling to marry someone you don’t like.”

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Oliana directed a gaze filled with goodwill and admiration towards Revan, who responded by cocking his head in agreement.

“Oh my, I am delighted to hear your romantic perspective, which is unexpected from someone of your status. Do the charming people of the Beastkin community share the same belief as you do? Moreover, I must clarify that personal sentiments hardly hold much significance in the matrimonial alliances of royal families and nobility. However, I do not despise this tradition, and I hope this clears any misunderstanding.”

“You don’t mind marrying someone you don’t love?”

A bitter expression crossed Revan’s face. While he was aware that arranged marriages were commonplace among the nobility and royalty of the human race, he personally held a negative view of such loveless unions.

Recollecting a memory of Hiyuki, Revan remembered how even she had frowned upon the topic, stating, “Treating women as objects through arranged marriages is a truly outdated custom.”

“Indeed, this is a difficult question to answer. As members of the human race, we are all drawn to the pursuit of happiness. However, this pursuit must be balanced with our duty to our nation. Our people look up to us as leaders and entrust us with their hard-earned taxes, in the hopes that we will protect their lives and work towards a peaceful and prosperous future. As members of the imperial family and nobility, it is our solemn obligation to fulfill that trust. One way to achieve this is through marriage, as it can bring about peace and stability. To prioritize our own happiness above our duty to our people would be a betrayal of their trust and a breach of our duty.”

Revan evaluated her as a highly practical princess, with a clear ideology and no willingness to compromise, even with herself. Despite her elegant appearance, she had a grounded way of thinking. Although her expressions may have been those of a typical maiden, they concealed her pragmatic and tomboyish personality.

Her Highness wasn’t too dissimilar from this princess but their womanly charm was just worlds apart. Her Highness was soft on the inside and had that adorable and gentle side to her. Revan’s thoughts drifted further, unaware that if Hiyuki ever heard them, she would be utterly shocked to the core.

“We may have slightly digressed from the topic at hand, but the urgency of the matter at stake cannot be overstated. Allowing the Prime Minister faction to continue its tyrannical reign will prove to be detrimental to our nation in the long run. The crux of the issue lies in the unwavering support of the Holy Kingdom of Aeon for the Prime Minister’s reformation plans. Despite their declaration of neutrality towards other nations, it cannot be denied that much of our common language and even our calendar can be traced back to their sacred teachings. Their influence over the world is nothing short of substantial. The Prime Minister, however, seems to be underestimating their power, and aligning ourselves with them may lead us down a treacherous path. As they say, going for wool and coming back shorn.”

“I see.”

Revan nodded, finally seeming like he was able to digest the info dump that the Princess was showering him with.


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