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Chapter 7 – Young Lion King

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mado English Source: MadoSpicy TL
Editor(s): Crash

It was close to the mountain. Although, ‘close’ was using the standard of the beastman tribe’s walking ability. It would probably take normal humans around 2-3 hours to reach.

Within the darkness of the night, Asmina, who could run there in less than an hour, stopped once she was at the foot of the mountain and turned her head toward me.

“It’s amazing, your majesty. How could you not become breathless from running such a distance without resting?”

“Well this degree is nothing special for me though…uh the stink here is really the worst. Oh, by the way, you can call me ‘Hiyuki’.”

It’s probably the smell of the volcanic gas and sulfur. Since, particularly at night time the air is clear, it made the surrounding smell prick my nose. I answered her while covering my nose and mouth with a handkerchief that I took out.

“So I will call you Lady Hiyuki then. Please call me Asmina without any hesitation. If you like, you can call me Asmin, or even Aspon!”

…No matter how you put it, she is really a high-spirited shrine maiden, isn’t she? For me who is basically a solitary-type, this type of person is causing me mental fatigue.

“Ah, from here on we are going to be climbing up. It’s a gravel road, and since it’s dangerous we have to walk, but we’re gonna arrive soon so it’s okay.”

The place where she pointed at is nothing but a bare mountain. I wonder if there is a person living there. Perhaps he’s considerably eccentric, this beast king successor.

“Also about the smell, well there is no choice but to get used to it. ―Ah, however, if we bathe in the hot water that gushes out here, our skin will become smooth so it’s handy.”

Fumu, so there’s a natural volcanic spring gushing out water eh.

Then, after she said that, I noticed Asmina staring at my face―or rather, she even stared at the exposed side of my chest with a glance fully loaded with secret motives.

“―Is, is there something…?” For some reason I hid the side of my chest with both of my hands and took 2-3 steps backward.

Without anyone under this night’s moon, together with only this carnivorous type of girl, she’s giving me a hot gaze and licking her lips…huh, is this unexpectedly a crisis?

“Well~ Lady Hiyuki’s skin is pretty. Is there some secret behind it?”

Ah, so that is the motive…

“No, rather than a secret, basically it is probably because I just don’t walk about much when the sun is out.”

Even though I have resistance to sunlight, it is not fitting for my normal condition, and it splendidly dries up my skin. (Therefore, I use a parasol on a routine basis.)

“Hm~mm, that’s difficult. In my tribe’s situation, we have to work outside at any cost. Is there something else?”

“…Next is using essential oils. ―As for me, I use a rose one.”

“Hou-hou, if that’s the case I could manage it somehow. Will any essential oils do?” Asmina’s eyes are sparkling, and she’s really getting into it. Eh? Hasn’t this kinda become girls talk? The purpose for us coming here is…what again?

“Basically anything is fine, but there are preferences pertaining to the smell, right? However, it has been said that when applying the orange type, the stimulus is strong not long after contacting the sun. …Um, shall we depart soon?”

“―Aah, is that so? Let’s go!” Hm-hmm, seems Asmina, who asked the question curiously, finally calmed down. She begins to climb the mountain road that stands before me.

“…―So, is there anything else besides essential oils?”

Yo-you are going to continue this topic once more?

Why is it that we are having this conversation while climbing a mountain? This question floated in my head as we were having endless chit-chat about things, like how to make homemade care products or the way to clean up a honey face mask, while we continued our slow climb on this bare mountain which is said to be sacred.

Also, if you’re asking a question like why is it that I have such knowledge, then maybe I could say that it’s been more than half a year since I’ve become a woman and there have been various troubles behind the scenes…or how should I put it? …Well, I leave it up to your imagination.


Now, around 40 minutes after we started our climb.

“At any rate, about this next tribe chief―”

“He is Revan, called ‘Young Chief’ by the villagers, Lady Hiyuki.”

“Why does this young chief, Revan, reside in the deep recesses of the mountains all by himself?”

“Who knows…? Around one year ago, he abruptly left the village without telling me, this (milk) little sister of his, and secluded himself here. Even when I asked him for the reason, he firmly refused to answer so I don’t understand. I think villagers go to the sacred mountain for training, but my brother is not supposed to have that admirable spirit.”

…she is unexpectedly harsh, eh.

“I see. But it’s quite surprising. I thought since Asmina seems to love young chief Revan, you would praise him highly.”

After I said so, Asmina opened up her story with the entranced eyes of a girl falling in love which looks like her projecting her delusions about her (milk) brother.

“Of course, I love my brother, I really love him. During the times when we lived together I fed him myself, I crawled into his bed when I woke him up in the morning, and I washed my brother’s laundry since it’s satisfying to sniff them.”

Aah, Revan. You can’t bear it so you escaped huh…

However, Asmina’s calm face returned and she continued, “But, my brother’s personality differs with my personal taste and objective. Besides fighting, he is basically a useless person. ―Well personally, I think he is cute, including that uselessness too, so I am caring for him till he goes bald from stress by raiding him morning to night.”

Once again, Asmina’s face loosened.

―Revan, do your best! Hang on!

I privately sent my encouragement to the beast king candidate who I still haven’t met.

Also, this girl really loves her (milk) brother!?

Then, perhaps having calmed down, Asmina swiftly turned downhearted. “…Recently, even when I went to visit him like this, I had to deal with his annoyed face ―By any chance, does he hate me?”

Hmmmm, I was puzzled with what action I should take. But well, if a girl feels down I have to comfort her right?

“I think that’s not true. If he really hates you, he wouldn’t eat the meals you send every day, and he would have gone somewhere else long ago. In fact, the fact that he stayed in the same place for even a year, in spite of all that he has said, doesn’t that mean it’s evidence that he longs for your visits? Well, it could be said to be due to the unfrank male instinct.”

“I see. It must surely be that, now that you mention it.”

Asmina nodded with a relieved face. This girl is awfully resilient.

“Still, Lady Hiyuki knows very well about the male mentality. As expected, from personal experience…?”

“You could say so. I had irrefutably tasted the male mentality for a long time.”

After nodding earnestly loaded with feelings, ‘Kyaah~ kyaah~ tee hee~’, Asmina raised a flirtatious voice, whistled, and teased me.

…What a completely undignified shrine maiden. Really.

Then, her high spirited mood completely changed; Asmina abruptly stopped and halted me with one hand. Her other hand put her index finger to her mouth.

“―Shhh! From here on is brother’s territory. Please be quiet.”

Well, the one making noise is you. Also, what did she mean by ‘territory’?

Answering my question, Asmina picked up a nearby stone and threw it toward the gravel path in front – a bit further where there is twig shaped like the letter ‘Y’.

‘CRASH!’ The mouth of a bear trap closed up.

“…As I thought, there are traps huh? From here on its dangerous if we don’t proceed carefully.”


“…Wh…Wh…Wh…” What was happening? Why there are traps? Why does she know? There are a lot of questions I would like to ask, but my voice wouldn’t promptly come out. My posture stiffened as I pointed at the bear trap.

Although, she probably knows the gist of what I want to say. Asmina gave a nod and summed up the explanation. “It’s a trap that was prepared by my brother. From here on there are countless traps that have been set so I don’t approach him. Because of that, please never touch anything nor walk outside the path I walk along.”

“Eh!? What is with that…?”

“It’s what Hiyuki said before. It’s all about the unfrank male instinct.” While saying that, the sacred beast that seems to have revived, left her bosom and walked after Asmina.

As I am looking at the backs of their figures, from the depths of my heart I firmly thought,

―Wrong! That’s wrong! This is a manifestation of the feeling of frank refusal!!


Afterwards, we went through traps again and again. Ones like pitfalls, logs that came out between bushes, falling stones, and even wooden spears that would suddenly fly out… we finally reached the small sized tent where Revan, the young chief, lived alone.

Why had I suffered such hardships? I regretted it from the bottom of my heart while following the main cause of this hardship―Asmina. However, I was relieved as the goal had finally been spotted.

However, for some reason Asmina didn’t directly go into the tent; she went along a side road.

“…? We aren’t going into the tent?”

“At this time, brother isn’t here.” For some reason, Asmina replied as her breath became rougher. “The reason is he bathes at this time. He’s supposed to bathe at the hot spring below here. Since there is an ideal point, let’s go to the tent after we’ve fully enjoyed it.”

“…Err, I am not interested in something like the male naked body, so it’s better if we wa….”

“Not interested!! You’re saying that brother doesn’t have charm!?” Asmina drew closer while making a skillful action of screaming as she muffed her voice. Her pupils completely opened.

“… iamsorry. Itsveryinteresting.”

“Home wrecker! You’re planning to steal my brother from me!?” Her pupils changed into a carnivore’s with all her strength.

Haa~, bothersome~, a girl in love is bothersome~

As I thought so while continuing to somehow calm her down, we finally arrived together to a place with a big square stone at 1.5m in height and 3m in length, which is said to be an ideal (peeping) point, 7-8 meters from the man-made hot spring.

…In the end, is it hopeless not to peek?

“The view from the top there is superb. …Lady Hiyuki, please go ahead.”

Asmina pondered for a moment and then conveyed the destination to me.

While thinking thoroughly that there was nothing to worry about, I placed my hands on the rock and jumped, then placed my feet on the top. That moment―

I feel that I stepped onto some kind of thin clothes, and instantly, a rope forming a circle caught around my ankle, perfectly strangling me. Coincidentally, with the tension of a tree that leaned down to the ground and returned back to its original position, I was hung upside down from the tree in a mere moment.

In the midst of me flying, I felt that I heard Asmina’s murmuring, “As I thought, a new trap had been set,” but at the time I wasn’t thinking about that. I was confused while desperately pinning my skirt.

Then, perhaps being noticed due to the sound, a boy of about 15-16 years of age, with dark brown skin and light brown hair darker than Asmina’s, appeared from within the steam with a figure that only had a towel wound around his back.

His height is fairly tall, but he seems to be still growing so overall the line is thin. Although his body is quite forged, muscularly and slender without any pieces of flab. He made a bothersome face, unsuited for his wild features, and looked toward my direction.

“You’ve come to peep again huh? Even though you say that we’re milk siblings, you need to―”

His gaze matched with mine.

“…Who are you?” He pondered for a moment and then added, “―a female pervert?”

I shook my head, denying it with all my strength.


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