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Chapter 15 – Crag blast

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad, Hydra

A mountain-like giant stood in front of us. The Bearkin Eugene stared at Revan while chewing on mint bamboo grass and took a quick puff.

Then he spoke in a nonchalant tone.

“You, the young Lionkin, do you have any parents?”

His voice was calm, like someone who has gone through his fair share of hardship in life.

“No, both of them had departed to the garden of the divine beast (afterworld) during the epidemic.”
“I see, that’s unfortunate to hear. ―Then do you have a woman who’d grieve for you?”

Suddenly, the face of his stepsister Asmina, who has been with him for a long time and for some inexplicable reason, the face of Hiyuki flashed past his mind.

“……Your face says there is. I will not say anything bad but, it’s foolish to wager your life for a mere show, give up.”

Eugene’s words were straight to the point. That being said, it was clear his advice was based on truth, without any ulterior motive hidden behind like looking down at the enemy or trying a psychological attack. Quite a likable personality to say.

“What if I say no?”
“…I will have to be heavy-handed.”
“It’s already been decided whether I’m going to do it or not. I don’t dislike things like that.”

Grinning, Revan lowered his waist and assumed a forward stance as he put his right arm and leg forward.

“…So you’ll fight huh.”


Eugene spit out the mint bamboo grass on the ground and took a stance with his hands outstretched.

“Of course!”

Tension filled the air and with a cue, the temperature plummeted by several degrees. At the same time, the referee gave the signal to begin the match.

Encased in an atmosphere entirely different from the spectators, Revan felt a small hint of bloodlust manifesting as physical pressure oozing out of Eugene, which made the surface of his skin feel as if it was being roasted.

一He’s strong.

He can feel that directly even without a head-on collision. That being said, Revan neither had the fear towards such a strong adversary nor will he flinch at the face of such a gigantic body. For there are just as many weak points like glabella, throat, solar plexus, flank, groin or thighs that haven’t been trained.

Frankly speaking, he doesn’t have the slightest bit of intention to engage in a tedious fistfight against such a huge body. He just wants to land a powerful blow on any of his weak spots to render him from the fighting anymore, in short, he’s aiming for a one-hit kill.

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Eugene should have perceived this too as he isn’t making a move by himself either lest he gets countered for jumping out carelessly… No, he seems to be moving bit by bit, just that he isn’t preparing for any bold move which will decide the outcome in one move.

He wasn’t entirely depending on his sturdy body he was born with and was trying to weave a strategy as if it was a game of chess and making use of his strong point to fight from beginning to end. A tricky opponent he was, unlike what his look sells.


“So boring. It should’ve been fine to just have head-on collision, that’s why small fries are so annoying, wasting time in probing each other’s intentions……”

I chuckled wryly at Utsuho’s remarks, one of the pets I’m currently fused with, who outright deemed the tactic of two masters as boring.

Incidentally, there’s Kokuyou on standby in the shadow beneath my feet and Ikaruga, the head of the thirteen demon generals, watching over from an elevated point even as they look at the match. Though the position of Ikaruga is replaced on a daily basis. Furthermore, there is even an Imperial regiment specialized in covert operations (…I don’t recall we ever had such a thing!) constantly on lookout in a two man group.

“Well, matches like these are pretty fun for experts too. They are like the duels between master swordsmen or gunsmen where victory or defeat is decided in one moment, that’s what makes them thrilling.”

“Is that so? By the way, Princess, I apologize for disturbing you over something petty but have you noticed several rats lurking in the venue?”

“Yeah, I can more or less feel their gazes. They should be spies of other nations.”

“Most of them seem like what Princess described. Also, ‘Almost all of them have been captured by the Imperial regiment, so Princess need not to care about them. I hope Princess has fun watching the match,’ such are the words of Ikaruga.”

“Hmm, are the captured spies still alive and well?”

The answer to my question came, albeit after a slight pause for some reason… Don’t tell me…!

“Please, be at ease Princess. For the Demon eye priest Kokonoe of the Seven Beasts of Calamity can interrogate or torture the dead too.”

That’s not making me feel at ease at all! Or heck, you are implying you have killed everyone, aren’t you!?

You’re simply raising my notoriety in other nations for them to call me something like “Vampire Queen of the Roses,” or like “Witch Empress of Fresh Blood,” once again, aren’t you?

Even though I haven’t done anything, EVEN THOUGH I HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING!!

“一Oh my, they are finally going to make a move.”


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The first one to make a move was Revan.

The opponent’s reach and weight is simply too great and overwhelming for the young lionkin to stay passive. Winning is a pipe dream unless he constantly takes the initiative to fight.

Slowly but surely, the two of them were getting closer and Revan’s body turned into a gale just as he was about to enter Eugene’s attacking range.

To cope with Revan’s extreme speed, Eugene responded quickly by jumping with an explosive force unthinkable from such a giant body to avoid the low drop kick to his shin, and even more, countered with a roundhouse kick.


Revan predicted Eugene’s landing point who jumped up to avoid his attack and shortened the distance between two while sighing at the opponent’s astonishing reaction speed.


Eugene instantly crossed the claws of his both hands, drawing an X in mid-air.

Revan instinctively used the defensive armament on both his hands and feets, Kanshou & Byakuya, to receive the attack. Nevertheless it didn’t seem to help much in withstanding the brunt as he was blown away.

Hiyuki, who was watching the match, muttered, “Ohh, it’s wind blade right? We have the same skill,” in admiration.

However just when it looked like outcome was almost decided,


Revan converted the energy emitted from his palm into “Fire”and used that explosive power to glide over the ring. Taking advantage of the slight gap from Eugene regaining his footing, Revan lunged forward, to sweep him off his feet.

Eugene’s gigantic body shook from receiving the sliding kick but the damage dealt to him was meager.

Eugene, who disliked close confrontations, tried to make some distance by forcefully pushing back with a knee kick.


Just as Eugene fired more wind blades, Revan slipped into the space between Eugene’s chest and his outstretched arms with an explosive momentum and completely closed the distance.


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A shock ran through Eugene’s body from a powerful thrust from point blank.

One more similar attack and he would be done for.

Eugene, aware of himself losing the sensation of his waist and everything down below due to the damage that had accrued across his body and the declining sharpness of his body because of the damage to internal organs, forcibly swung both of his arms clad in wind blades as if he’s going to hug Revan.

He knows making a move from this close means injuring himself too, however the damage that’s going to be inflicted on his opponent should be much greater given the muscle density!

BAM, the sound of flesh hitting flesh.


Eugene let out a muffled groan as he couldn’t believe Revan, who is far smaller and dainty than his killer arms, actually stopped them with the pair of his palms.

“Twin Force Palm!”

Revan’s palm released a torrent of energy and the energy shockwaves pierced through Eugene’s arm.

Eugene jumped backward like a bouncing spring and tried to stabilize his form but both of his hands were dangling feebly.

“How does it feel? Still want to continue?”

A bitter smile emerged on Eugene’s face as he shook his head horizontally hearing Revan’s question.

“Give me a break. I concede.”

Both the winner and loser alike voiced out their admiration for each other for showing their first-class warrior-like demeanor of when to quit after a momentary pause.


Asmina, as overwhelmed with emotions as she was, climbs the arena and hugs Revan, who is made an awkward face. And watching them with a grin while receiving the treatment is Eugene.

I took my eyes off them seeing how chaotic the situation became, and for now, heave a relieved sigh.

“You managed to reach the finals of the preliminary. I wonder who will be your next opponent, David, the hero of the pantherkin or the mercenary Cyril of the snakekin tribe?”

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Odds seem to be in favor of David by 7:3 according to speculation.

“…Well I guess I should look at their match.”

However, I want David to win if possible. I am not a fan of snakes or lizards.

By the way, the snakes of snakekin tribe looks more like a dinosaur standing upright on both its legs without a tail. Well, the glistening scales all over the body and slanted eyes peculiar to snakes are quite…… hard to accept psychologically.

Ah, such thoughts disappear when they become a Tengai class giant monstrosity (they look completely like a different creature with their scales usually being 1.5 meter big), but their dragon form is simply disgusting to be honest.

…… Just, they look so scary so I have never said that.


And then to the second match of the preliminary round.

The winner and loser was almost decided in a snap.

What could be called a mangled David was submerged in the pool of his own blood like a shredded carrot in salad dressing. He was unable to cope up with the fierce barrage of the twin swords that Cyril can easily manipulate.

No matter how you look, that much cuts and blood loss are simply fatal wounds.

While the audience was flabbergasted at the momentary but gruesome sight, my eyes met with Cyril for a moment who was leisurely walking down the arena claiming his victory with a playful smirk clearly visible on his face.

That guy……

“W-Was Cyril really that strong……?”

I sighed internally as I gave a sidelong glance to Revan who was looking at the retreating back of Cyril and the dumbfounded Asmina.

That was the player’s dual swords skill. I don’t know what kind of cheap tricks they have used but that person is a player for sure.

Alas, Revan’s hope of winning is almost abysmal now that a player is participating.

“I wonder what happened…”

I mumbled to myself while thinking about how to ambush Cyril for the time being.


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