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Chapter 2 – All Sorts of Preparations

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mado English Source: MadoSpicy TL
Editor(s): Crash, Doomchicken

Collard stopped me as I was about to leave the guild master’s room.

“Please wait a minute. I just wanted to confirm, what kind of means does your majesty plan to use to infiltrate the royal city of Chaedia? Their security is different from ours, which allows anybody to visit. They strictly regulate who can enter and exit the city.”

“By ‘that’ way, through the air.”

Digging a tunnel would be tiresome.

“D-don’t tell me, did you plan to travel there by riding on that spectacular dragon again!?” Toward Collard who lost his cool, I waved my hand to deny his idea.

Well, it’s because I will also be traveling with my country (the Sky Garden), which is equal to a small prefecture in Japan. So, I was puzzled about which is the more spectacular one between them.

“…Be that as it may, your majesty, it seems that you don’t want to use direct methods to infiltrate the city, correct?”

“That’s obvious, isn’t it? There’s no way I would want to enter through the front and exclaim ‘Haloooo~’ magnificently.” Just declaring my name would already cause a huge uproar.

After I said so, Collard brought out a silver plate and a sealed letter with a resigned face. The plate resembled the guild badge which Joey showed me before but it was twice as big, almost the size of a decoration that could be placed on a wall. The letter also had a proper Alra adventurer guild seal and the guild master’s address on it. Then, he placed it on the table pushing it lightly towards me. Judging that this seems to mean our talk will continue, I returned to the sofa.

“… What is this?” For now, I pulled the plate towards me to look at it.

“It’s a pass that has been officially issued by Alra city. Therefore, with this, there won’t be any problems entering a city even if it’s the royal capital.”

“Hmmm, is that okay, openly aiding me like this?”

“…There’s no other way. I’m reluctant, but currently, Alra city is caught between three of your majesty’s territories. It’s a situation where a man who has a sword pointed at his neck, and would receive a fatal injury if he moves even a little. It’s my duty to do whatever I can to minimize the risk of an uproar happening in the royal capital, isn’t it?”

Ooh! Collard, it looks like you’re able to grasp the situation and use your head! As I thought, adversity causes humans to grow, doesn’t it? Or is it that? A case where someone improved after getting a girlfriend.

“…Is there something wrong? Your majesty has a complicated look, a bit warm but also a bit scornful.”

“No-thi-ng~. Anyway, I appreciate your gift. By the way, I can feel magical power from it. Does this have a magical function?”

“Yes, let me demonstrate it for you. As your majesty passes through the royal capital’s entrance, press the ‘☆’ with your finger, then chant ‘Open’ to emit a special field. The field can negate the royal capital’s barrier temporarily. Well, I’m sure the likes of that barrier aren’t a problem for your majesty, but when it’s broken by force, it notifies that there’s an emergency.”

Ah, that reminds me, I also had an encounter with that barrier thingy! As I recall, nothing remained though since I destroyed it easily without any problems at all. I didn’t know how far it was stretched out, but it probably covered the castle wall and gate. If I attempted to sneak into the royal capital by jumping through it under cover of night, I would unknowingly break it and risk my existence being exposed.

I have to reflect on this. Suddenly, I held great power and felt all-powerful, but I wouldn’t be aware of when the humans would trap me like that. Right now I definitely feel it. As expected, I must stop myself from doing things by my own means. Who knows, in the distant future, I might make a mistake that can’t be fixed. Considering this, I have to give Collard my gratitude for telling me about this matter.

“Thank you, Collard. I am grateful for all you have done.”

As I said so while lowering my head, the guild master looked at me as if I was some unknown monster. “Is-is this some kind of harassment, your majesty, or is this some sort of subtle objection!?”

“…No, it’s just a normal ‘thank you’, I think?”

“Your majesty? You thanked… me?! ―No-no way! Are those your parting words since you’re going to kill me?!” In a fit of panic, he raises one of his feet, about to escape.

“Wa-wait a minute! Did you think I was that dangerous!?”

“You aren’t aware of it yourself!?”

He stared at me with scornful eyes, but about that, it seems I was being blamed for my subordinates’ lack of common sense? Even so, I don’t kill without reason, and I try to resolve matters with diplomacy rather than violence.

“…I believe I am quite the pacifist?”

‘Uwaah, this girl is hopeless!’ showed on Collard’s face before being covered by his hand and tilted upward towards the ceiling.

“Well…I’m aware there were a few differences between our perspectives. So, as supplemental information, the field has a time limit of 30 minutes and becomes unusable for half a day after a single use. It has a radius of 1 to 1.5 meters, therefore your majesty must not be careless.”

Despite the explanation from Collard, who regained his composure and became very serious. I silently nodded with a hazy feeling.

“Then, although this is impertinent, I believe the barrier’s size is only enough to take in 1 or maybe 2 of your subjects at best. But since you’re participating in a masquerade ball, if the participant is female then it’s natural for her companion to also be female. I advise that your majesty be accompanied by a female subject.”

“I see…”

In that case, I should bring Mikoto, shouldn’t I? Utsuho has a bit of a problem with her personality.

“And then this letter here, it’s from our headquarters in Fabiola city located on the highway before the royal capital. Regarding the content, it’s written that a noble of the Cres-Cent’luna Federation is currently visiting incognito to have a clandestine meeting with Amitia Kingdom’s nobles. Hence, you’ve been requested to collaborate, and aid behind the scenes so that there will not be an international controversy.” Saying this, he pushed the other letter out to me.

“Cres-Cent’luna Federation? That kind of country exists?”

“Yes, it exists. Although this country (Amitia Kingdom) is an independent nation, if I had to say it, then I would say we are under a great amount of pressure from the Graviol Empire to take arms against the Federation. If the letter was written this way, I don’t think the guild and adventurers there would even want to get involved too deeply into this.”

“Hmmm, that’s quite a problem. By the way, this is just a question. But since I could pass through with the guild pass, there’s no need for me to request help from adventurers, right?”

If I asked an unfamiliar third party for help, then it could raise the risk of my identity being exposed.

After I said as much, Collard once again heaves a deep, deep sigh. “Your majesty, this is just me thinking something unthinkable, but you don’t intend to enter the royal capital on foot, right…?”

“…Is it natural to rent an Emu?”

“Whether it be an emu or a horse, I’m telling you with all my heart that it’s unnatural! From your appearance you look like a noble or royal princess, seeing that you want to travel secretly, the natural thing for you to do would be to go by coach and have heavy security!”

Being scolded hard by him, I said ‘Ah indeed….’ in consent. This is exactly where I thought that I have to take advantage of this. I wouldn’t have realized these things if he didn’t tell me after all. I really am lacking.

“If I take a good look, Collard, you truly focus on the finest details. You will become a good wife.”

“Why am I the wife, I’m the one who’s in the position to have a wife right!?”

“Aah, if it’s the guild master, either way, the marriage would suit you. Your housework ability is high too.”

Perhaps being conscious of it, the guild master groaned. “Th-that was, well… even a man, if he’s single till 30 years old he could do something like housework chores…and that goes for you too, your majesty. Things like embroidery are important for a lady, therefore you had better practice it.”

He said it to me sarcastically. Huh? By chance, did he think that I’m not capable of anything besides fighting? If that’s the case, it’s quite a blow to my pride.

“I can do embroidery, sewing, cooking, and washing normally, you know?”

For you see, I had been made to work like a young princess since elementary school, and afterward, I did everything myself since I was living alone… Now that I think about it, not having the feeling of ‘relying on others’ from the start was my biggest flaw.

“With all due respect, frankly, that’s surprising.”

How rude.

“If your majesty has done that, then it’s also natural to have considerable experience with dancing―?”

“I have absolutely no experience with it, but that doesn’t matter, right? Because right now it’s nothing more than a pretense to have a secret talk with the prince, I’ll become a natural wallflower.”

My reply left Collard flabbergasted for a moment, then for some reason, he stood up with a changed expression. “Th-this is no laughing matter! Even if you’re participating in this so-called ball as a joke, it’s more than just mere embarrassment if you can’t dance according to the tune!”

With a flushed face, for some reason, he starts to tidy up the desk, the chair, and the table, moving them to the corner of the guild master’s room once he’s done.

“Well, that would be embarrassing, but there’s no need for the guild master to be in such a hurry…”

“It’s different when I don’t know about it, but after learning this, it’s impossible for me as a gentleman to silently let you off!”

Being told that with a determined tone, I ask him once again with the sensation of being strongly pressed down. “Is that the way it is…?”

“That’s the way it is! Well then, your majesty, please rise immediately. We have no time so it will just be the basic steps, let’s start at once!” While saying that, he opened a music box that he brought out from the room’s cabinet and started the music.

“…Err, we’re going to start now, right here?”

“Of course! I already said there’s no time, right!? Stand now, and memorize it with your body!”


◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

The lamp shone inside the guild master’s room very late into the night.

Along with the tune of a musical box, there were the sounds of footsteps of people who were moving around violently.

And then―

“Wrong, it’s four beats!”
“Your steps are too quick! Don’t match the music, match your partner!”
“Taptatatap-tap-tap, get it!?”

The guild master’s angry voice and the voice of a girl responding on the verge of tears resounded throughout the night. It became the source of several rumors later that night…


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