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Chapter 6 – Conference of Leaders

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mado English Source: MadoSpicy TL
Editor(s): DeeDee, Silva

A catkin woman who called herself Mia guides me into the guild master’s room. This went unexpectedly according to plan, but I have mixed feelings about it.

Turning back the clock a little, here’s what happened; at the round table meeting yesterday, Tengai explained to me that the world we currently live in differs from our original world.

“…Then, what’s the matter?” I reflexively asked.

I thought I died in an accident, but I was reincarnated or resurrected as a character from the game world I was playing! And it’s so realistic that it’s hard to believe it’s a game at all.

The current situation is the same as being in another world, so when they added another world element to it, I honestly felt like, “So what?”

But… ah, this is bad! Tengai and the others looked dumbfounded for a moment… but…. The next moment, for some reason, they smiled broadly and bowed their heads further, as if they were deeply moved.

“Exactly, that is absolutely right! Our place in the whole universe is by the Princess’ side. And our role is only to protect her and defeat all foreign enemies! My apologies princess, that you had to witness such unsightly behavior of me, who could not see such obvious logic!”

“Our blood, our flesh, our soul, everything is for the princess! We will throw away everything we have to defeat your enemies!!!”

The demon commanders cheer once more.

I-It’s going full circle.

It’s a world we don’t know, so let’s just invade it. Then we’ll know if there are any humans alive in this world.

It’s this pattern again!!

It’ll be bad if I don’t change this direction we’re heading in. If I’m careless, this world is gonna be destroyed.

I don’t want to flip the switch on the earth-destroying bomb with my own hands!

“Nonetheless, it’s very interesting that this world’s civilization as well as the language resembles our original world.”

“Yes, regarding that, we are currently performing an investigation, but regrettably not much progress has been made. I am ashamed that I cannot give you concrete results, princess. Although, beings such as ourselves aren’t specialized at this kind of thing, especially blending in with humans while investigating…”

Hearing his words, I realized: This is it! There’s no way I won’t use a chance like this.

“I see, that’s certainly true. If that’s the case, it would be interesting for me to directly measure the strength of the humans and demons in this world.”

The three people who were close to me, including Tengai, Mikoto, and Utsuho, were absolutely stunned by my proposal.

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Kokuyou didn’t say anything, he just looked at me silently and expressed opposition to my proposal.

“Don’t be surprised. I once lived in human cities. Besides, since I’m always in the vanguard during battle, isn’t it fine for me to go personally?”

With that, it should be enough to buy some time. I shouldn’t be able to meet someone like a guild master or king that easily.

As for me, since I’ll be able to escape these monsters for a while, I feel like shouting “Hyahooo!” already (no one aside from myself wanted to, though).


“Now, now, don’t worry so much. I’m not going to push things too far, I will simply assess the king or guild master’s ability and make my next move…Or perhaps, you don’t believe in my ability?”


And so, after all that, we have arrived at the room of the Guild Master, who is practically the highest authority in Arla City….. This is too easy…

『As expected of our princess! You slipped so easily into the opponent’s lair. I, Tengai, really can’t stop praising you!』

Tengai, who merged with me using the pet unison function, showered me with his praise, which resounded inside my chest.

…Although he said things like ‘slip into the opponent’s lair’, I wonder what I should do. Even without speaking to him I know he totally wants to kill them.

He really is someone who couldn’t be more love-y and peaceful, eh.

Anyone except my allies are enemies and there are only two choices for an enemy. The choices are to get annihilated or trampled over.

I want to quickly fix his common sense and morals, but come to think of it, this was the reason for his existence in the first place. Maybe trying to fix it is absurd, like telling a dog to stop acting like a dog.

『Tengai, the purpose of this visit is to determine the other party’s power, so please refrain from rash words and actions.』

Even so, I softly give him a warning just in case.

『YES! I would sacrifice my life to prevent any situation that brings disgrace to your honor!』

…Somehow I feel like the meaning of my warning didn’t go through, but it’s probably my imagination.

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Normally, if my pet snapped and went berserk, the responsibility would naturally fall on me, the owner, so I think he meant that he will be “careful,” but am I too paranoid that it sounded like he meant he would “erase anyone” who calls for responsibility?

In the guild master’s room, there’s a work desk, a bookshelf, and a reception area at the front. The room was unexpectedly neat.

As soon as I entered, I noticed two sturdy looking guards standing at both sides of the door, and in front of the work desk, someone who gave off a feeling of ‘he surely must be the guild master’. The man who stood there was a muscular uncle who looked to be around 50 years old, with a scar on his face. A 35 year old thin looking man who wore glasses seemed to be his secretary.

“Master, I brought you the guest.”

Nodding towards Mia’s greeting, the thin looking man stepped out first while smiling.

“Nice to meet you young lady. I am Collard, Alra city’s guild leader.”

The muscular uncle with a scary face followed after.

“Same here, I am the vice master, Gald.”

Oh my, I thought he was the guild master.

It seems my true thoughts were exposed by my facial expressions. The vice master, Gald, smiled for the first time.

“You were mistaken, young lady. After all, even the guilds do bureaucratic work, so for someone like me who grew up in the fields, the most I can do is help out.”

“That’s ridiculous. A youngster who’s full of himself like me couldn’t possibly operate the guild, it’s thanks to Gald that I am able to run the guild.”

“Ahaha,” Guild master Collard gave a timid laugh.

Based on just my feelings, this is a typical situation where I would feel sympathy for Collard. Or rather I would have felt sympathetic about this, but since I looked at his status window he can’t deceive me. Collard is a magician so he would probably overwhelm the vice guild leader, Gald, if they fought.

Well for the time being I am making myself at home, by that, I mean I am sitting on the reception chair now.

Next to me is Joey, who was currently full of tension, and on the opposite of the white marble table sat the guild master, Collard, alongside the vice guild master, Gald.

“Well then, sorry for the sudden invitation. Right now, it’s about the matter of this one here…” “Joey.” “…Joey’s request.”

Mia quickly interrupted and backed-up guild leader Collard.

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“Did I do something bad?”

Playing dumb, I asked a question pretending to be a naive child, unaware of the world’s workings.

“From what I heard about this, your request was to be escorted from the wasteland in the west to Alra city and get guided around within the town…How many days did you plan for that?”

I stared back at him and lightly shrugged as I answered.

“Well, perhaps about 2-3 days.”
“…Okay. Regarding that matter, the reward for that is ten gold coins and one orichalcum coin?”
“It’s too much!!”

The vice guild master Gald grumbled; next to me Joey trembled.

“Boy, your rank is still F right? Right now it says the rewards for that rank are around… ” “On average the reward is 2 silver coins, with additional rewards in total being about 80 more copper coins.”

The guild vice master Gald nodded strongly toward Mia’s supplementary explanation.

“Do you understand, boy?! It’s 10 gold coins with an orichalcum coin! With that amount of money you could buy a small territory with servants included!”


Joey probably doesn’t fully understand the explanation with this situation. Cold sweat is pouring from his blue face, caused by the unsparing yells of his superiors.

Guild master Collard calmly continued where Gald left off.

“Not to mention, it affects the guild, such reckless actions will trouble us. It would set a bad precedent and severely impact our reputation in the eyes of society. They will see a guild adventurer tricking an innocent young lady for a fortune. Negative rumors will surely spread, and when it comes to that, I believe it wouldn’t be any good for Joey’s sake, either. You would likely be unable to stay at the guild with such an infamous reputation. There will definitely be people aiming for the money and at worst, your life too.”

Finally understanding, Joey’s face paled.

“That’s why, as the representative of the guild, I hope Joey will return the advance payment to the young lady, and that the young lady redo the request with a fair reward. Also in that case, the young lady will grant guild points to Joey by using the guild specified means of requests. If the young lady has trouble with the forms, you can call us and come to consult about it, how about that?”

“―I, I will return it! I absolutely have no idea at all…Hi-Hiyuki, sorry, I…”

With a weeping face, Joey took out the coin from his pocket in panic and spread it over the table. Instantly I see Collard and Gald’s eyes shining with a dangerous radiance after seeing those dazzling coins, which were forged with complex designs.

“Joey has given his understanding, but what about you, young lady?”

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Collard didn’t change his gentle outward appearance to the bitter end. Thinking of his proposal, I made a pondering gesture by putting my fist on my chin.

“As for me, I already gave my word. Taking the money back means that I will have broken my own word, which puts a black stain on my honor. Therefore, I think I’ll decline.”

A man does not go back on his word, after all. Well, in this case, it’s a business cancellation.

Hearing my words, Joey flapped his mouth open and closed, on the verge of fainting like a fish that lacks oxygen. Both Collard and Gald sank into silence, stony-faced.

“…Is there no way to change your decision? I understand how momentous a decision it is for someone of your social standing to go back on their word, but for the sake of this young man’s future, somehow, please let this go.”

『Scum! They dare turn down the princess’ compassion!』

I need something to hold back this growingly violent Tengai.

『Negotiations are still at an early stage. I would not get angry over such a minor matter, Tengai.』

“Hmmmm. Hearing that, it would be rude for me who’s indebted to Joey. Still, for him to accept nothing is just…”
“If that’s the case…”

Mia, who was silently listening to the conversation, began to speak.

“Joey didn’t receive any official adventurer training or sword mastery so far, so from now on, he will be allowed to attend the guild specified training school free of charge. How do you feel about that?”
“Hm? What do you mean?”

Gald scowled in puzzlement.

“So here’s how it would work; because the young lady doesn’t agree to take back the reward money, the money will be put into custody at the guild bank. The amount of interest gained using that money shouldn’t be low.
To make up for the normal reward’s payment, Joey could be arranged to train at the guild’s training school until he becomes full-fledged. The cost for attending the training school will be covered by the interest.
When the time comes and he is a full-fledged ― oh that’s right, D rank, we will return the money to the young lady. Would you consider agreeing to these terms?”

“I see, that’s not bad.”

This compromise isn’t that bad. Mia seems to be quite a fast thinker, it’s really regrettable.

The guild master, Collard, appears to agree as well.

“We have no problem. How does Joey feel about this?”
“O-of course, I will accept it!”
“Boy, don’t be half-a̲s̲s̲e̲d̲ on the training! Be prepared!”

Joey nodded strongly to those words, and vice guild master Gald grinned.

“Now, it appears this whole matter about the reward has ended peacefully, I feel relieved about this. Ah, has this young lady decided on lodging for tonight yet?”
“No, I have not.”
“That’s not good. Mia, sorry to trouble you, but please arrange lodging for this young lady.”
“What’s with that reaction, boy? Don’t tell me you intended to guide this young lady into a cheap hotel, huh?”
“EH?! Er, no…That’s…”

It seems that was what Joey really planned to do. He turned his face down while stuttering.

“Are you an idiot!? How do you intend to protect her if you bring a young lady to that kind of dangerous place?! Definitely not! You couldn’t take something like that back! …Oh well that’s enough, the place of this young lady’s lodging today will be arranged by Mia. Go home and redo the request procedure tomorrow!”

Hearing the voice of Vice Guild master Gald, Joey stood up and bowed to both Guild master Collard and Vice Guild master Gald, and then he faced me to give his farewell.

“See you Hiyuki, sorry for today. Tomorrow I will definitely guide you around.”
“Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

Joey bowed his head once again, left together with Mia, who was supposed to arrange my lodging.

With those two completely gone, the Vice Guild master Gald stood up and locked the room from the inside.

Well then, finally it’s time to start with the main issue…


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