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Chapter 7 – Gentleman’s agreement

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mado English Source: MadoSpicy TL
Editor(s): Liomad

After locking the door, the vice-master Gald returned to his seat with a glare directed at me.

His glare, with the addition of his large amount of scars and scary face, could easily bring a child to tears.

Well, my outward appearance is that of a child. Still, I’m able to remain calm because if I compare his face to that of one of my demon pets, his is no different from an angry baby’s.

“I hate beating around the bush, so let me just ask you bluntly, just who are you?”

…Who I am, huh… how should I explain this?


Under my kept silence, the vice-master suddenly opened his hands and showed his palms to me.

…What a short life line1– His palms have a repulsive sheen due to the accumulated sweat.

“Look at my hands, they’ve been sweating endlessly ever since you entered this room. I bet that those two behind are probably drenched as well.”

Hearing his words, I turned my head around to the two guards at the door. The moment I locked eyes with them, they immediately turned their pale faces to the floor to escape from my gaze.

“Those two are genuine B ranks, and I don’t want to boast but during my active service, I was an A rank. That’s why we can feel through instinct that you are truly a dangerous person.”

Eeeeeehhhh? Still, I believe I am a very harmless vampire princess.

“Back in my day, I was a reckless one. I have challenged a griffin and a dragon. I have escaped multiple life and death situations and have won against others, there were even some who quickly surrendered to me.

…However, you are exceptional– no, you are on a whole other level. Frankly, I want to quickly flee from you. In order to save my own life, I would be willing to even do such a disgraceful thing as to lick your a̲s̲s̲h̲o̲l̲e̲. I would gladly do so!”

I reflexively blocked my butt as I hopped off the sofa.

“Gald, so you’re the kind of person who’s into young girls, huh…”

Guild master Collard gave Gald a cold look as if he was looking at trash.

“N–NO, WAIT! I don’t have that kind of hobby, it was just a figure of speech!”

Ignoring Gald who was desperately trying to explain himself, Collard beckoned to me, “Now now, please sit back down.” So for the time being, I returned to the sofa. Of course, I sat as far away as I could from Gald.

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“I don’t have nearly enough on-field experience to understand your strength through instinct like the others in this room… but even so, I can tell that you are an extraordinary being. You are aware of it, right? The barrier and detection magic that I placed around the guild…”

“Ah, you mean that thing that felt like paper tape and spider web?”

In the beginning, I merely wanted to shake it off and avoid breaking it, but it kept getting in my way and bothering me since it persistently wrapped around me. Thus, I shook it with all my might and it just happened to break~

“Are you telling me that the barrier capable of defending against B-rank monsters was ‘paper tape’ and that the country’s first-class detection magic was a ‘spider thread’…?!”

Hearing the astonished guild master’s outburst, I became shocked as well.

“Eeeh, that was to protect against B-rank monsters?! And that other thing is the country’s first-class magic?! So weak!?”

Hearing myself accidentally spill out my true opinion, Gald angrily cut into our conversation.

“Just saying, this guild numbers up to 20,000 registered adventurers. Among them are around 500 B-ranks and 60 A-ranks. Additionally, there are 500 of the country’s soldiers stationed here. I dunno what kind of monster you are, but can you take out every single one of those opponents all by yourself?”

Without taking into account if what Gald said was a bluff or not, I showed him the number 3 with my fingers.

“Hmm? What does that mean?”

“All by myself… heh. If we clashed head-on, this is how much time it will take for me to annihilate all of you.”

“… You can do it in 3 days?”

In response to Gald’s groan of displeasure, I shook my head lightly.

“Nay, it could be done in merely 3 minutes. Although, if I brought my subordinates along, a single one of them could blow this city off the map without a trace in a matter of seconds.”

『I wouldn’t even take 2 seconds!』

Tengai declared something impressive from inside my chest. Yes, I believe it is true as well, which makes me worry.

“… Ridiculous, you must be bluffing.”

Stunned, he could only speak those words to reassure himself.

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Muh, this is getting a bit annoying…

“Please wait! Don’t tell me, you’re planning to say something along the lines of ‘in that case, should I offer you a demonstration?’, aren’t you!?

I stared wide-eyed at Collard who stood up in a panicked state. He actually got ahead of me, that was indeed what I was planning to say.

“… So it’s true. I completely believe your words. Even so, I hope a god-like being such as yourself wouldn’t make such careless statements even for entertainment.”

The sight of their figures filled with the same anxiety within myself… somehow gives me a sensation of joy. How should I put it, something like ‘Fufufufu, everyone’s going through my suffering’?

But still, Collard isn’t wrong and it’s kinda pitiful to keep teasing them, so I’ll put a stop to this now.

“Well, if you don’t get in my way, I don’t plan on doing anything to the city.”

“… I guess there’s no other choice but to believe in you. We can’t stop you anyway. I understand. We will not interfere with your actions in any way. We promise to fulfill your requests to the best of our ability.

“Hmmm, then I have one deman– ah, maybe two. First off, don’t monitor me.”

It’s only natural for them to plan on monitoring me. They nodded with sour faces.

“And for my second one, during my stay, some young women might go missing at night and will be in somewhat of a daze when discovered. There will be no danger to their life and they will be returned to where they first were, therefore I want you to overlook this matter when it occurs.”

“Hey wait a minute! That’s a very serious crime! In the first place, how can we differentiate it from other occurrences that aren’t done by your hand?

I see, they do have a point. If this overlapped with an abduction, it could become a disaster.

“Ah, I know. Then I will narrow down my requirements. Their age will be between 15-20 years old, and they will be a beautiful and healthy virgin. Before their disappearance, they will be seen talking to a reeeaally beautiful blonde male, how about that?”

“Even with those requirements, your range is still too wide. In short, your targets will be like Mia from before, right?”

I’m just making sure, but don’t you dare lay a hand on my staff! Gald’s intentions were clear in his eyes as he glared at me.

“I suppose you can say that. Mia is okay, she is to my liking, but it’s unfortunate that she isn’t a virgin.”


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For some reason, the guild master and the two guards joined Gald’s surprised yell.

“Th– then what about Mina?! That redheaded receptionist third from the left. She’s clean and tidy!”

Collard threw away his calm facade from earlier with a drastic face as he desperately asked me his question.

“Ah~ That miss, huh. I believe she was playing around with 2-3 guys. She had the smell of several men on her.”

“A-are you serious?!”

The guild leader fell to his knees and looked up with a face like he saw the end of the world.

Why do I feel that he received more shock from that than from my previous speech?

“In that case, Lucia… she was the black-haired girl with a mole under her eye, what about her?!”

“What about Ellen?! The blond-haired girl with the ponytail!”

The two guards were also gripping me strongly, each one asking me a question.

…Um, what happened to the fact that they were instinctively scared of me?

Or.. maybe this is such a serious matter that it made them forget about their fear?!

“Ah, well, that matter is obviously private so I can’t divulge any more than that…”

Despite my words, those two kept pressing me for an answer for a while. Collard was still suffering from emotional damage. I tried throwing sideway glances from the side to Gald, he seemed completely lost in thought.

Men really are silly.

Author Notes

By the way, this is how their status looks,

The Guild Master, Collard:
Race: Human (Magician)
Name: Collard Aldenant
Job: Alra City Adventurer Guild Leader
HP: 1,730
MP: 4,150

The Vice Guild Leader Gald:
Race: Human (Heavy Swordman)
Name: Gald Bass
Job: Alra City Vice Guild Leader
HP : 4,350
MP : 1,220

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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The guild leader has to hold a first-class ability, therefore they’re equal to an A rank adventurer.

And as for the reason why Hiyuki said 3 minutes, in the first place when she’s in serious mode, she is able to bring down 1,000 monsters within her level in 1-2 minutes. She said 3 minutes after estimating with some certain margin.


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