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Chapter 2 – Groping in the dark

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mado English Source: MadoSpicy TL
Editor(s): DarkFlameMaster, Aria Red-sama, Silva


Various cheers vibrated around the throne. Finally, it settled down one by one.

…Why are those demon commanders so easily influenced like this?!

By the time I realized it, the situation was already out of control (Well, from the beginning I didn’t even try to control it), someone approached me when I was still far from recovering myself.

“As expected from the Princess, what a stunning speech!” Mikoto smiled ecstatically.
“Oh what a composed figure. Even before so many demon commanders there’s not even a single flinch of eyebrow. As one would expect from my only master who I deem worthy!” Utsuho, who conceals her mouth with a folding fan smiled in a coquettish manner.
“……” I arbitrarily diverted my gaze. I made that speech with my soul, and then I half fainted afterwards… I won’t ever tell anyone about this no matter what.

Then before I knew it, those demons commanders began to discuss dangerous topics such as… What country is gonna fall first? Who is gonna be the first one who thrusts his spear? How much of the population that are we gonna preserve? They should be stopped, but well, when the like of these guys get lumped together, even the ‘Eternal Horizon Online’ top level players going on an all-out war won’t be able to possibly stop them!

In that case, the more realistic approach is to defeat them by pinpointing their leader… And if I think about it, that leader is me, so it’s a FAIL huh!? But no matter how I think about it, I’m at a loss you see?! How should I put it, something is wrong with their logic!

Our lord has revived after a long time of absence. Great! The country will be able to function as before. Then let’s rage a grand war to conquer the world!! …It’s strange right!? How did they suddenly come to that kind of conclusion?!?

“You are making a difficult face, are you having a trouble, Princess?”
“―Well, I just wish for an explanation you see”

Spilling my innermost thought poured hard on Tengai, who approached to ask me about my worried face.

Surprised, Tengai put his face on his knee, “It’s inexcusable of me. I was so overjoyed by your revival that I have forgotten about the crucial explanation. I’m willing to receive any kind of punishment to take responsibility.”

“Leave your apology behind, go ahead with the explanation,” please ―talking in panic I gulped down the last word.

Tengai was taken aback in surprise, he turned towards those demon generals who were inside the heated discussion (By the way, with flame and rocks and magic circles flying around, the discussion was already too late to be stopped by words).

“KEEP QUIET YOU FOOL, YOU ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE PRINCESS!!” One thunderous roar that literally generated a thunder. …If this is a direct hit I will die instantly.

Only just by the wave, not less than 3 percent of my HP was completely shaved off as I checked the situation, I silently cast heal on myself. My life force on this spot is my precocious torch after all. In addition, those monsters received several percentage of damage, they must had taken the direct hit. I think because of that, their discussion was put into the water. They reluctantly sank into silence.

“Gentlemen, the fact that I have invited you all here is to smoothly discuss things regarding the princess’ resurrection, and to deliver an explanation about our current…no, the situation within the Scarlet Jade Castle to our Princess, who had just been resurrected.”

After he said so, Tengai moved to top of the floor several steps down in front of the throne, he made a genuflecting stance there and bowed to me.

“Well then Princess, although it’s insolent of me, Princess had suddenly turned to sleep 100 years ago. Regarding the present day’s situation, allow me to explain.”

100 years huh… In human’s sense that’s a quite splendid age, but I wonder how it is in this world’s typical sense?

“During Princess’ sleep, we, your subjects used all kinds of our magic, I also even made you drink every medicine that existed inside the castle but still, there was no sign of an effect at all―”
“….Wait a minute. By what means did you make me who was lying on the bed drink?”
“Forgive my impoliteness but, I had to conduct mouth to mouth feeding.”

It, it can’t be helped right? It was that time of crisis, like that of an artificial respiration, besides, it was fortunate that my partner was a sexy guy… ―So as I was thinking about that point of time, I had a feeling like some important thing that remained inside my mind was making a scraping sound as it was being shaved off.

“Next, as Princess went into the deep sleep, the Scarlet Jade Castle also went afloat above the clouds.”

Well basically something about that it can’t be controlled except by the owner, for example even if the guild members―

“Are the other guild members…like Lubbock and Tamegoro not present?” I gave those two the title of guild sub master.

“Those god-like personage? Unfortunately, no. On the contrary not only using warp circle, but also warp magic, and on top of that, even flying to escape had become impossible.”

The monsters who could use warp and traveling magic agreed with his speech. Leaving that aside, the monsters who could easily leap through the air provided their view regarding the matter. According to them, from the start it had nothing to do with curse magic that was cast on the Scarlet Jade Castle, as it was possible to warp around within the sky garden, but the magic itself couldn’t be invoked when they tried to go to any other places.

According to them, when flying away from the Scarlet Jade castle, they were swallowed by the darkness that encircled the sky garden so before they knew it, they ended up returning to their original place (it even seemed impossible for Tengai to break through it).

So by that, they gave up on escaping from the sky garden. To convey what purpose had remained, a possible 86,789 demon (With the same type of demon, the warehouse was able to store 99 inside 1 slot, so there was a considerable number of what resided inside the warehouse, but it appeared that all of them were currently freed from there) gathered to discuss together, and it seems the result was the establishment of the demon’s temporary government, the round table, with the post of the four heavenly evil kings, the seven beasts of calamity, and the thirteen demon generals.

Still, in regard of me who had fallen asleep for 100 years counted to this year, it seemed like a very unusual phenomenon had happened. With the strength they had, the demons forcibly forced through the darkness, so I heard that they were able to rush out into the outside world.

However, what they saw there was―

“…It’s different. The type of demon, the country, and the terrain from what we know.”

Thus by performing several inquiries, the round table drew its conclusion. This is the world that has a falsely similarity with the world that we know of.


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