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Interlude: The Day Wishes Came True 1

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

※Ciel’s Perspective

「Then are we done talking now?」

I don’t know how many things Ain wants to talk about but from her voice, it feels like she’s done talking. Or at the very least, done with this topic.

『There’s one more thing that I have to talk about.』
「What is it?」

It sounded as if Ain just remembered it now, so it might not be too important. If not, perhaps Ain’s head might have been completely occupied by the earlier topic?

『The Supreme God said that she’ll grant any single wish of yours, Ciel. Although it’s not exactly anything, it seems.』
「She’ll grant a wish?」
『I was told that an oracle will be given to answer whether it’s possible to grant or not.』

Grant a wish? Isn’t that just wonderful? This is a very important topic in my opinion but I guess this shows just how important the topic earlier was for Ain. If that’s the case, then I’m happy that Ain was thinking about me.

Being granted a wish certainly is important but since what I want is already practically determined, there’s no need to think twice.

「I want Ain’s body.」

Nothing else but this. After that, an oracle came and said that Ain can only have a body for the day, which was really unfortunate but it can’t be helped, so I decided the wish to be that.

It’s morning. I felt something was off for some reason, so I sleepily opened my eyes and there I saw someone I’ve never seen before. My eyes snapped wide open in surprise but, strangely, I didn’t feel any unpleasantness at all. Besides, something does come to mind.

Still, is this just a dream? I wouldn’t mind even if it was. After all, I’m sure that this person who looks similar but much more adorable than me is no doubt my precious person. I’m already plenty satisfied to see her in a dream, but I’ll be happier if it isn’t.

The “off” feeling that woke me up was the sensation of her hand touching my cheek. From that hand, gentle warmth spread out to my cheeks. To confirm whether this is a dream or not, I tried touching this hand. To confirm that she’s right there. To affirm her existence.

As the distinct sensation ascertained that this isn’t a dream, I couldn’t help but feel happy, causing me to immediately hug her. Just with this, I’m absolutely satisfied. It’s like I’ve gotten a lifetime’s worth of happiness.

「You’re Ain, right? Morning, Ain.」

Asking just to be sure, she then replied with a drowsy 「Good morning. Ciel.」

A sleepy voice for the usually level-headed Ain. Just from this, I could barely stop myself from smiling.

「Fufufu. Sleepy Ain looks adorable too. How about we sleep in for today?」
「That sounds good too. Somehow it’s really comfortable, it feels so nice.」
「I know I was the one that suggested it, but we don’t have much time today, so let’s get up?」

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Ain slowly got up into a sitting position but her body didn’t stop swaying from side to side. Her eyes are barely open and the black hair greatly accents Ain’s white skin. Ain told me that her skin is light orange but it’s only a bit darker compared to mine and there’s a warmth from it that I really like.

Hugging her earlier also felt warm. Not physically, if felt warm someplace else. Frankly, I really want to just hug her more. I even just want to sleep hugging her. However, Ain will only have a body for today. So, it’d be a waste to keep sleeping.

Still, idling around with Ain for the whole day is quite tempting. No, no. Rather, I’m amazed that I even managed to resist Ain’s happy-looking smile. The way Ain is bobbing around with her eyes closed is absolutely adorable, but I need her to be awake right now.

「Ain, Ain. Are you awake now?」
「Yes, good morning.」
「Good morning, Ain. Uh-huh, you’re adorable, Ain. Adorable.」
「I look like you after all, you’re the adorable one, Ciel.」

I’m glad to hear Ain call me adorable but, right now, admiring Ain’s adorableness is more important. Our appearance is similar but just knowing that it’s Ain gives a completely different impression. Though, it might also be because of the difference in color of her eyes, hair, and skin.

「No, not at all! Just knowing that it’s Ain makes you more adorable. Besides, both your black hair and eyes are things that I don’t have.」

Closely looking at Ain, I once again began to question if she really is right in front of me. I hugged her earlier but I was half-asleep that time, so can I check again? Can I feel that warmth again?

Ever since I was born, I’ve always wanted to touch Ain. All reasons aside, I just wanted to feel Ain. Finally unable to bear it, I embraced Ain.

Warm. It feels so comfortable. Hugging her even tighter, Ain wrapped her arms around my head. Ain caressed my head. As Ain did so, the various thoughts I had all melted away and I’m just filled with happiness.

I’ve always, always hoped that this day would come and now it’s finally here. It’s much warmer, kinder, and tenderer than I imagined, I feel like I’m drowning in it. My heart is beating fast. So much so that I can’t even understand why. Just the sensation of Ain’s beautiful jet-black hair tickling me is so precious. There’s a lot of things I wanted to do if I ever get to meet Ain like this. I really thought a lot about it, but after being embraced like this, I just want to stay like this now.

I feel really excited right now, but it doesn’t feel intense at all. It’s like the gentle sunlight in the morning, like a gentle breeze blowing against my skin, a really peaceful moment.

As I was basking in happiness, Ain suddenly pushed me away. I really didn’t want it to end. I was really sad and dissatisfied but after seeing Ain’s face, all of these feelings melted away.

Even when we left to eat breakfast, I made sure to stick close to Ain. I thought for a bit on how to go about it and taking the ease of movement in consideration, I decided to hold her hand. Doing so, the usual walk through the mansion corridor somehow became really enjoyable.

Along the way, Ain seems to be thinking of something, but I don’t mind. Just being able to walk side by side with Ain is enough for me.

And during breakfast, just by looking at Ain’s face while eating, the food felt a lot more delicious than usual. It looks like Ain is also excellent as a seasoning.

After breakfast, I was thinking about things I wanted to do with Ain when suddenly 「For now, Ainsel will need some clothes.」 Fii said that. Looking at Ain, she was wearing really frilly clothing for some reason. The light yellow color gave it a flower-like impression and I think it’s adorable.

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I wouldn’t want to go outside wearing this but it shouldn’t be a problem indoors. It’s much better than the white cloth I’ve always worn and it doesn’t feel bad to touch either. Personally, I like how I can feel Ain’s body warmth passing through it.

There’s a lot of things I want to do with Ain today though, but as I was complaining in my mind, the conversation kept moving forward.

「Right, right. In that case, I have several prepared, so it’s not a problem. Ciel will have to get accustomed to proper clothes too, after all.」
「No. I’m having Ain for myself today.」

That was supposed to be how it is. Even if it’s Fii, I have no intention to give this precious time away. And yet Fii didn’t show any sign of backing down at all, she was showing a scheming smile.

「My my, are you really sure about that? Just for today, you can dress Ainsel up as you like, you know?」
「And what about that? Ain is adorable no matter what she wears.」

If it’s Ain, I’m sure that she’d look adorable even when wearing that white cloth. I don’t feel a need to go out of the way to change her clothes.

「Certainly, certainly so. Ainsel is quite adorable. However, she’ll become even more adorable when dressed up, you see?」
「Is that true?」

Ain becoming even more adorable than she is now? Is that even possible?

I stared at Fii with that in mind, but Fii replied 「Yes, of course.」 with full confidence. Immediately after, Fii made a gesture and one of the maids stood behind Ain. And then, after saying 「Excuse me.」 she helped Ain up and put a light green fabric over Ain’s shoulders.

If I remember correctly, that should be a stole. It’s really convenient and useful when dancing but that doesn’t matter right now. Just with one piece of fabric, the air around Ain completely changed.

Ain was just adorable with the yellow dress earlier but now she looks more adult-like. Perhaps because she’s not used to it, Ain seems really conscious about the stole and that’s adorable too.

This is, this is actually amazing. Right now, I can understand what Fii was talking about. Clothes, how they actually look isn’t as important as how they enhance the one wearing them. Right now, Ain is only wearing light-colored clothes but I wonder what she’ll look like with darker colors? Wouldn’t black look good on Ain with her black hair and eyes?

「How about that?」

With a triumphant tone, Fii asked me so. It’s frustrating, but I can’t say that she wasn’t right.

「I see, right… I can understand your point, Fii.」
「Right? I expected so. With that said, why don’t we find some clothes for Ainsel?」
「Yes, of course, let’s do it. But only for half a day, alright?」

I want to dress Ain up but I want to be with Ain even more than that. That’s why only for half a day. This, I won’t back down on. After all, dressing Ain up would mean that she’ll be some distance away from me.

「That I understand. I have no intention of idly wasting your time together.」
「Then let’s hurry. Where do we have to go?」

Since Fii reasonably said so, I immediately asked Fii what to do next.

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We were led to a room with a ton of clothes. There was a sofa and table as well, and it seems like we’ll be waiting here for Ain while she’s changing. There’s a curtain in the room and it looks like Ain will be changing behind it.

「I don’t know anything about this, so I’ll just watch for today.」
「Right, right. That might be for the best.」

Fii nods at my words. Honestly, I really want to choose the perfect clothes for Ain myself but I imagine that it would be better to leave the choosing to people who have seen more clothes than I ever have. After all, if my selfishness ends up failing to bring out Ain’s adorableness, then this would just be a waste of time.

If I had known this would happen, I should have put more thought into picking clothes. Being a man before, Ain really didn’t seem to be acquainted with female clothes either. I’ll study here, so I can find the perfect clothes for Ain in the future.

「Which reminds me, Ciel. You’ll be dressed up too, you know?」
「Oh, really?」
「From now on, sometime in the future, you might have more opportunities to wear dresses, you see? So it would be better that you are accustomed to it by then. Besides, don’t you want to wear cute clothes together with Ainsel?」
「I don’t really care as long as Ain is adorable though… Still, it would be nice if Ain finds me adorable.」

Right. Up until now, I didn’t really have the leeway to be concerned about it but if I start dressing up, Ain might find me adorable too. That would be really great.

Still, since we’re hunters, I can’t really wear frilly clothes that much.

「Which reminds me, let me introduce you.」

While I was in my own thoughts, Fii talked to me. On a closer look, the maid that was behind just came in front of me.

「She will be taking care of you during your stay here.」
「I am called Saueluna. Please feel free to call me Luna.」

The lady introducing herself as Saueluna bowed to me but I don’t have any idea how to respond to this. Do I introduce myself in this situation again?

「Cielmer. Nice to meet you.」
「Yes, pleased to meet you as well. Miss Cielmer.」

Saueluna said only that and swiftly returned to her original position. If we had started a conversation just then, I really wouldn’t know what I should talk about, so that really saved me. I don’t actually think she would have started a conversation to begin with though.

「My my, it seems like they’ll be done soon.」
「I’ll see Ain dressed up soon, then? I can’t wait, I just can’t wait!」

Ain’s transformation was remarkable with just a stole draped over her shoulders. The anticipation of waiting for Ain to appear from behind the curtains made me feel incredibly excited.

Hiya~! Continuing on, we reach the other side of the most recent miniarc~!

As usual, there’s not much for me to say that I haven’t already said before. However, we are introduced to a new character this time, the maid Saueluna. Just in case, the name is pronounced as “Sa-ue-luna”, a really vowel-y name. As Ain was introduced to a maid assistant of her own, the same happened with Ciel as well. Other than that, this chapter is mostly Ciel just being excited, which is never… well, generally not a bad thing. Generally.

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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