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Interlude: The Day Ain Came Back And The Day After

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

※Ciel’s Perspective

It’s the third night since Ain left. During the morning, I can distract myself by talking with Fii but when I’m alone at night, I can’t help but feel lonely. That’s why it was inevitable that I ended up muttering “Are you still out there, Ain?” to myself.

Umm, good morning, Ciel.』

Just as I was about to sigh, I heard a voice. A voice I’ve heard every day of my life, the voice of my precious person.

「Ain! It’s you, right Ain? Good morning, Ain.」

As if the gloom I’ve been feeling just before was nothing but a lie, happiness overflows. I couldn’t help but say Ain’s name again and again.

Fii said it after all. When Ain comes back, I need to show her that I’m doing well. That’s why I’ll be as cheerful as I can, so that Ain doesn’t worry about me.

And most of all, Ain came back, so there’s no way I won’t feel cheerful!

『Umm, Ciel. Were you alright?』

Ain’s voice sounded a bit gloomy, so I held my overflowing emotions back just a bit.

「Yes, yes. I got a bit depressed but I’m fine. You see, Fii taught me a lot of things.」
『I see… You seemed to have so much fun after all.』
「Oh, so you knew, Ain? Did you see us?」

If she had, then it would have been nice if she had called out to me much sooner. While that thought did cross my mind, it’s concerning to hear Ain’s voice being so lifeless.

『Yes, I saw. It seemed like you were really enjoying yourself.』
「That’s right, that’s true. You see, Fii was-」
『Of course it would have been enjoyable! Rather than some vague unknown being like me, some former male from a different world, talking with a female born in this world like Fiiyanamia must have been more enjoyable, right!?』

Recalling how much fun I had when Fii and I were talking about Ain, I wanted to share it with Ain so much that I couldn’t help myself from talking. But suddenly, Ain blocked my words with a harsh tone.

This was the first time I’ve seen Ain like this. It shocked me. But I guess this is “jealousy”, then? Ain cherishes me so much, she got affected by me getting along well with Fii, right?

Thinking so, I can’t help but see Ain as absolutely adorable. Ain’s so precious.

Fufufu, I see. I see. Then, what Fii said was true, perhaps?」
Umm, Ciel?』

I couldn’t help but say it out loud, but the confused tone Ain replied with is adorable as well!

I can’t stop myself from grinning. Ain is suffering right now, so I shouldn’t enjoy this situation by myself.

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「Fii told me, you see? That if I got along well with Fii, Ain might get angry. I told her that Ain wouldn’t get angry from that but she said that Ain will get jealous since I’m important to you. Jealousy isn’t really a good emotion so I’m sorry, Ain, but I’m really glad that you got jealous. After all, it’s proof that I’m really important to Ain. Still, being so happy about this, I might be a bad girl.」
『I’m… originally a man, you know?』
「I’ve always had a hunch. And so, what about it then?」
『So what…』

To begin with, I don’t particularly care for whether Ain is male or female anyway and I already had a hunch that Ain might have been male, so the only response that came to mind was a simple “I see then.” Still, since Ain was male, I wonder was Ain tall? I can’t imagine Ain being so tall with her beautiful voice. I’m a bit curious about it.

But yes, that’s right. Ain has been acting female the whole time. Because she seems to think that I have a fear of men.

「Ain, you seem to have a small misunderstanding but actually I’m not particularly bad with men, you know?」
『… You aren’t?』
「I’m also bad with men but I’m bad with people in general, you know? If I were to differentiate between people, I’d first divide it into Ain and other people. Ain is the most important, you see?」

There are some people that I do think I can trust. For example, the Fools’ Gathering, Celia, and Carol. Still, it doesn’t really change the Ain or other people categories.

「Besides, even if the old Ain was different, Ain right now is a girl, right? You’re a Song Princess after all.」
『Umm, yes. It seems so.』
「Then there’s no problem, right?」
『That’s… is it?』
「There’s no problem, is there?」

As long as Ain is Ain, then nothing else matters. This is something that I will never let even Ain deny.

As long as it’s Ain on the inside, I won’t even care even if she has the body of Duke Rispelgia… no, I would probably hate that, actually. Ain would also likely hate it as well.

Ain still seems to be unconvinced about something, as she timidly continued speaking.

『Still, I wasn’t a person from this world, you know?』
「And is there a problem with that? Or rather, I also had a hunch that that was the case.」
『… This too?』
「There are several reasons but the language “Cielmer” came from… “Ferentch”, was it? I’ve never heard any country with a language like that.」

This too. I already had a hunch about it, but just because Ain is from a different world, that doesn’t change the fact that I like Ain. That’s why there’s nothing for Ain to worry about. After all, I’ll accept Ain no matter who she is.

「That’s why, Ain. Don’t worry. I’m no good without you. Without Ain, I’m always so anxious and uneasy. And I’m sure that this will never change in the future. That’s why, Ain. Stay with me forever. If you disappear, I’ll search for you until I die, you know?」

I’m sure, absolutely sure, that I’ll search for Ain forever. Even if Ain doesn’t want me to, I’ll search for her until I find her.

『… Yes. I understand.』

I got Ain’s agreement, so I can now rest easy leaving the rest to Fii. I rang the bell that was readied, informing Fii that the preparations are done. I’m sure that they’re going to talk about things that Ain wouldn’t want me to hear, so I’ll sleep early.

Mmmm, still, having a secret talk with Ain, no matter what reason, does make me feel a bit jealous.

I woke up. I raised my body and sat up, but there were no greetings from Ain. Suddenly recalling what happened a few days ago, I started feeling scared.

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「Morning Ain.」

After nervously saying so, 『Good morning Ciel』 I received a normal reply. It was such a relief and, for some reason, this normal occasion made me so happy that I greeted Ain again. Perhaps understanding that I’m happy, the spirits fly all around, making me feel even happier.

『You seem to be quite happy.』
「I mean, Ain is here after all. Up until yesterday, there wouldn’t be any reply no matter how much greetings I give, you know?」
Uhh, that’s-…』

I teased Ain just a bit. But since I can’t bear watching her look so apologetic for a long time, I shook my head after a while.

「But you know, it’s fine. After all, it seems like you’re feeling better now, Ain.」

It seems like Fii was successful. It’s frustrating knowing that it’s impossible for me, but I just have to swallow it for now. After all, I’ll make sure to be the one to cheer Ain up the next time.

『Thank you.』

Ain thanked me. Does she know that I asked Fii for help? Still, I can’t accept her honest gratitude.

After all, I couldn’t make Ain feel better. And to begin with, I was the one that pushed Ain this far.

I haven’t done anything to help Ain. I’ve always just relied on her.

「I’m sorry. No, thank you, Ain.」

I’m sorry for being so pathetic, I can’t even have Ain depend on me. I’m sorry for turning a blind eye, I should have already noticed that Ain was having a hard time long ago. Thank you for protecting me up until now. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me up until now. And thank you for coming here by my side, Ainsel.

Hiya~! Much AinCiel be had in such short short chapter~ And this is just the beginning, a wave of interludes is right ahead of this chapter~!

With this chapter being a Ciel POV, I don’t really have much to say as I’ve mostly exhausted it during the main story counterparts but one thing that I find funny is how Ciel just immediately sleeping looks now with additional context. In the main story, it seemed as if Ciel was just done with Ain at that point (and was likely exhausted by the day anywa) that she immediately slept immediately after showing her point and it is somewhat true, Ciel was like “My job here is done (leaves)” and for some reason it’s just funny knowing how confused Ain was and how random this actually logical and planned action is. But maybe it’s just me.

Also, the last part is just great.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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