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Chapter 87: The Two, Drowsy, and Doll

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

Regarding the topic of letting Ciel have her way on the day I get a body, Fiiyanamia quickly acknowledged it. To begin with, we don’t have any actual plans, so it could be said that there’s no need to particularly worry about it. We were also told to refrain from going to the Hunter Guild until our current status is confirmed, just to be sure.

Our status… isn’t it Fiiyanamia’s guest? Still, it’s only that we shouldn’t go until we get her permission, so it’s fine.

Today, we spent the remaining time lounging around before going to sleep. I don’t need sleep but as though dragged along by Ciel’s slumber, I lost consciousness.

I open my eyes.

For some reason, my head feels fuzzy. I found this strange but my mind are too muddled to make sense of it. I slowly opened my eyes to adjust to the bright light and saw a beautiful sleeping face before me.

Long eyelashes, white skin. Even the way one strand of her silky lustrous hair being stuck in her mouth looks adorable. Her closed eyes make her seem like a doll but the up and down movement in conjunction with her breathing shows that she’s alive. Somehow I felt an urge to touch her and as I reached my hand to her cheek, I felt her skin pleasantly cling to my touch.

Perhaps due to my touch, the eyes in front of me opened up slightly. Seeing me, her sky blue eyes went wide in shock but then immediately narrowed delightedly.

Her hand touched the hand I had rested on her cheek. And as though to ascertain something, she caressed my hand. She then broke into a wide smile and softly embraced me.

The distance between us quickly disappeared but it didn’t feel unpleasant at all and the light embrace of happiness naturally made my eyelids heavy.

「You’re Ain, right? Morning, Ain.」

Hearing a dozy voice, I similarly return a greeting.

「Good morning. Ciel.」
「Fufufu. Sleepy Ain looks adorable too. How about we sleep in for today?」
「That sounds good too. Somehow it’s really comfortable, it feels so nice.」
「I know I was the one that suggested it, but we don’t have much time today, so let’s get up?」

I sluggishly rise from the bed, changing into a seated position for now, slowly rocking left and right as I wait for my head to clear up. And as I became completely awake, I finally began to notice a lot of things. The sensation of waking up. Despite also being asleep recently when I went to the Supreme God’s place, today clearly felt different from then. Last time, when I fell asleep for the first time after a long while, I was immediately clear-headed after waking up. I wasn’t in a complete doze like today.

Because of that, this is the first time I’ve ever experienced this sensation again since I came to this world. Also, Ciel is in front of me. And I can touch her. In other words, today is likely the day I am granted a body. This might also be why I involuntarily fell asleep yesterday.

In short, I fell asleep with Ciel, but I don’t experience any anxiety or remorse, only an intense sensation of joy. Hmm, I guess it’s because I got accustomed to living as a girl.

「Ain, Ain. Are you awake now?」
「Yes, good morning.」
「Good morning, Ain. Uh-huh, you’re adorable, Ain. Adorable.」
「I look like you after all, you’re the adorable one, Ciel.」
「No, not at all! Just knowing that it’s Ain makes you more adorable. Besides, both your black hair and eyes are things that I don’t have.」

Right, it’s a fact that even a simple change of color can drastically change one’s impression after all. My black hair is the opposite of Ciel’s hair color, so it probably gives a completely different impression. And my skin tone is exactly that of an Asian’s.

Ciel cheerfully looks at me. Come to think of it, what am I wearing right now? Thinking so, I noticed that I’m wearing a negligee made out of thin fabric. My skin is visible on the shoulder and some particular thinner parts, so it’s a bit embarrassing.

After staring at me for a while, Ciel abruptly hugs me. And perhaps it’s because Ciel is wearing something similar, I can feel the warmth of her body.

「I can finally hug you, Ain. I always, always wanted to touch you.」

Ciel nuzzled against my neck, so I wrapped my arms around her head and gently brushed her hair. Just as Ciel wanted to touch me, I’ve always wanted to touch Ciel on many occasions. I wonder how many times I’ve ever thought of caressing her head and praising her, and of embracing her tight and consoling her.

Experiencing the most unexpected occasion of being able to physically touch Ciel, my heart silently but surely throbs in delight.

So calming, so gentle. I have full confidence that I can spend the whole day drowning in this happiness but as Ciel said, today is our only time. After a certain point in time, I held Ciel’s shoulders and gently pushed her away. Getting torn off of me, Ciel seemed somewhat displeased but upon seeing my face, she chuckled.

That chuckle of hers was so adorable that I reflexively looked away. And seemingly pleased by this, 「Let’s get breakfast.」 Ciel took my hand and started walking.

Since I have a body, there’s one thing I’m curious about. Which is to say, am I able to cast a barrier on Ciel of the same level that I’ve been using up until now? In my current state, even a degraded barrier should have enough defensive strength.

But that’s a different story. In protecting Ciel, I have no intention of compromising. With that said, as I’m being pulled along by Ciel, I confirm my current condition. First, magic power. I can’t feel anything magic power-like. In contrast, I feel the same power I sensed from the Creator God. Next, magic. I was able to cast a barrier on Ciel much smoother than usual. The defensive power is satisfactory as well.

Yup. Yeah. This, it looks like I’m sort of a god right now. After all, it’s not like I can be a real god just because of yesterday’s wish and the power I feel isn’t as great as what I felt from the Creator God and Fiiyanamia. How should I say this, my current state is like a 「God: Trial Mode」 sort of thing.

That explains why I can’t leave the mansion. If some knockoff god was released into the world, even for just a single day, who knows what could happen. Specifically, there’s a chance that the individual in question would use physical reinforcement with divine power, charge into a castle at full strength and destroy a country. Which of course I won’t do. I can’t do any major damage even if I attack but if I go to the royal family and stab all of them with a knife, it’ll practically destroy the country. Not that I’ll ever do it.

Another thing I can say is that it’s possible that my current state could be what’s going to happen if either Ciel or I, if not both of us, were to become gods in the future. I don’t really know much about becoming a god so I can’t say for sure, but currently my body is composed of divine power and yet this body is definitely mine.

For now, my worries are gone, so I head to the breakfast area just as Ciel leads me.

Fiiyanamia was already waiting for us and Ciel took a seat without any hesitation. Now, what am I going to do? Just as I was pondering that, a maid pulled out the chair right next to Ciel, so I sat there. After I sat down, Fiiyanamia looked at me with curiosity.

「My, my, Ainsel. You look quite similar to Ciel.」
「I was told that I was influenced by Ciel.」
「I suppose that could happen? Still, you two look like twins, it’s quite delightful.」
「Incidentally, I see that there’s also a share of breakfast prepared for me. I was very surprised when I noticed what had happened to me this morning. The mansion’s personnel doesn’t seem to be that surprised about it though.」
「The mansion houses a considerable number of people, so a large volume of food is prepared beforehand. An additional meal isn’t any issue.」

Now that she mentioned it, there’s a lot of maids and there should be a number of cooks as well. With a larger quantity of food prepared, everyone’s serving size will be less affected by the addition of an extra person. So, true, there shouldn’t be any problems.

「Besides, the maids are professionals. Something like that wouldn’t faze them nor would they divulge information about you.」

Maids are amazing. As expected of the real deal, I suppose. Perhaps due to my amazement, Fiiyanamia started giggling.

「No, no, that was actually a lie. They’re actually surprised but they were trained not to let it show. That said, they should be shocked underneath. They certainly won’t divulge anything though. After all, if they do, it’s not going to end with a simple dismissal.」
「That’s a relief.」

I don’t really find them talking about me as something to worry about though. And if that happens within Central, there’s no doubt that Fiiyanamia will know of it.

「Now hurry up and eat.」 As Fiiyanamia urged me, I decided to stop chatting there and have a taste of the laid out meal.

As I was thinking about what to do next with breakfast finished, Fiiyanamia muttered, 「For now, Ainsel will need some clothes.」

That reminds me, I was walking around in a negligee, huh. While there’s only women around here, now that I remember this, it’s embarrassing. And yet, despite being in similar clothes as I am, why is Ciel giggling at me?

「However, I can’t go outside today, you know?」
「That’s absolutely, most definitely, nothing to worry about. From what I see, you have the exact same figure as Ciel, yes?」
「Logically, that would be the case.」

Since my body is based on Ciel’s, we shouldn’t be that different. And after using this body for a while, I don’t feel anything out of place. If I had to say, I guess the fact that the hair flickering in and out the corner of my eye is black feels weird. I’ve already had experience with this since Ciel’s hair was originally blond and turned into its current white color, so it’s not really particularly that bothersome.

Come to think of it, I also have circuits in my hair but… Well, I guess it’s good. I don’t have any complaints. Incidentally, I can also use Ciel’s circuits freely. And I suspect that Ciel can use mine as she wants as well. Basically, our circuits are doubled, so even just that makes our current state abnormal.

「Right, right. In that case, I have several prepared, so it’s not a problem. Ciel will have to get accustomed to proper clothes too, after all.」
「No. I’m having Ain for myself today.」

Hearing Ciel’s unexpected refusal made me nervous but Fiiyanamia didn’t seem to be particularly bothered by it. On the contrary, she began playfully admonishing Ciel.

「My my, are you really sure about that? Just for today, you can dress Ainsel up as you like, you know?」
「And what about that? Ain is adorable no matter what she wears.」
「Certainly, certainly so. Ainsel is quite adorable. However, she’ll become even more adorable when dressed up, you see?」
「Is that true?」

Answering Ciel’s skeptical gaze, Fiiyanamia replied 「Yes, of course.」 with a smile and clapped her hands twice. And out of nowhere —well, not really— a maid just normally appeared. She goes behind me, says 「Excuse me.」 before helping me up.

She places a light-colored stole on my shoulders and walks around me while examining me closely. And after a large nod, she says 「Pardon me.」 and sits me back down.

My skin being visible was something that was bothering me, so I’m thankful for the stole covering it up but what was that all about? Also, this stole is strangely pleasant to the touch. So this is what a luxury item feels like, huh. With this texture, it might be good to buy one even if it’s a bit expensive. After all, something like this shouldn’t damage Ciel’s skin.

「How about that?」
「I see, right… I can understand your point, Fii.」
「Right? I expected so. With that said, why don’t we find some clothes for Ainsel?」
「Yes, of course, let’s do it. But only for half a day, alright?」
「That I understand. I have no intention of idly wasting your time together.」
「Then let’s hurry. Where do we have to go?」

While I was completely distracted by the stole, Ciel and Fiiyanamia suddenly hit it off with each other. I had a hunch that this would happen but for some reason, Ciel seems to be more enthusiastic about it than I originally expected and I’m getting somewhat of a bad feeling about this.

Hiya~! And now, finally, after 86 chapters and roughly 12 years in-universe, our main characters can finally see each other, touch each other, cuddle with each other for the first time. I’ll be honest, these past few chapters have been a wild ride for me and I cry real easy.

Anyhow, today we’re blessed with the full airheadedness (if that’s even a word) of Ain. We already know Ain can be airheaded around Ciel due to her only being able to relax near her (and it’s highlighted by Ciel’s own quick wit), but now in this chapter, we see Ain really being adorably dozy. First, that adorable wake up scene. And the other I like, Ain being completely distracted by the stole, which gave Ciel and Fii the time to come into agreement.

Another thing I like about this chapter is how distinct I feel Ain and Ciel are, possibly because this is one of the first times they’re actually in the same “scene” together with other people. I can’t quite describe it well, but even when Fii was talking to them before, Fii only either speaks to “both” or “the speaker”. That’s because only one of them can have a voice in the conversation. Now that Ain is out, everyone’s reaction can be seen and heard at the same time. Also, with her body, a true body of her own, you can see that there’s a difference in body language.

Anyhow, that’s my own opinion. A subjective thing. Now what’s not subjective is how cute this chapter is, but I’m going on a bit too long. Feel free to gush about the wholesomeness in your own ways. Also, Fii really knows how to handle Ciel, lol.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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