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Chapter 83: The Future, Return, and Three Days

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

「About what will happen to Ciel and I in the future, isn’t it?」
「Yup, exactly that. Intriguing, right?」
「You did say that I’m one tenth divinity now after all. Will there be duties or obligations of any sort?」

Before anything, I have to ask about this first. It’ll be troublesome if we’re suddenly told that we need to do this and that as a god. Besides, if possible, I’d rather decline godly duties if it would end up involving Ciel considering that she’s only been alive for 12 years so far.

「None in particular, actually. It isn’t like you’re officially a god after all. I also haven’t commanded you to do anything yet. It’s more of a reward for you this time. You earned this power, use it as you please. Though, if you plan on destroying the world, I’ll have to ask Fii to stop you.」
「Destroy the world… Is that possible for me?」
Hmm, can you dig away at the ground with a shovel?」
「Can a shovel even destroy the world? Even if I borrow Ciel’s body, shoveling continuously would be impossible for me, don’t you think?」

While it’s not like I can’t use physical reinforcement, it still wouldn’t add to my offensive capability when I use it. I can run faster, move longer, and jump higher, but only my offensive ability would see no change. With it being this thorough, I’ve frankly given up on everything concerning offense. Not even the Song Princess’ power can do anything about it.

「It certainly is. As you are right now, even if you spend your whole life digging, it’d be the end as soon as you reach a layer you can’t destroy.」
「That’s right. My offensive abilities are weak after all.」
「If you had gone full offensive instead, Fii would’ve had to take action as soon as you became 5 years old.」
「So that’s what Fiiyanamia’s duties are.」
「A part of it, to be exact. Still, you two don’t particularly have any of that sort. Now, let’s have a serious discussion.」

The Creator God, who was joking around up until now, quickly changed to a serious expression.

「Regarding your circumstances, at this rate, you’ll gradually draw closer to godhood. And eventually, you’ll become a god.」
「… I’ll really become a god?」
「100% become a god.」
「Didn’t you say that this will be a serious discussion?」

The Creator God chuckled with elegance. Like I’d let you just laugh it off. No, I guess I should just leave it be. She’s a Supreme Deity, there’s no point going against her right now.

「You see, the assimilated divine power appears to be steadily encroaching your magic power. That’s why if left be, your magic power will be replaced solely by divine power and you’ll become a god.」
「It’s like a cancer cell.」
「That’s quite a way to describe such a sacred power. Well, as I said earlier, the conversion is currently at about 10%. Beyond 50%, you’ll be at this side. The encroachment rate, if nothing else happens, will be about 1% a year for now, I suppose. There are proper ordeals of sorts that you need to pass to be recognized as a god, but that doesn’t really have to be explained right now.」

In other words, if nothing else happens, I’ll only stay human for forty more years? Honestly, even after hearing that, it doesn’t feel real. To begin with, it’s already doubtful if I’m even human as is and the only impression it’s leaving me is that… is my defensive ability going to be even stronger again?

「You likely don’t even have 40 years. The encroachment rate is going to increase the more you use divine power after all, as well as when your total divine power increases. You likely have about 10 years until you become half-divine. Depending on how frequently you use divine power, you’ll have even less time. Additionally, stopping the deification is impossible. Once you become a full god, you’ll probably be given some duties, but there’s still a long way to go before that happens. I’ll say it in advance, but even after becoming a god, you likely won’t be capable of using your divine power for offensive combat.」
「That’s quite thorough.」
「You earned your power thanks to that after all. Already having enough control over divine power to the point of integrating it into barriers? A newborn god would cry hearing that, you know?」

While it is true that integrating it into a barrier was difficult, is it really difficult enough to mention? As I thought that, the Creator God looked at me in disbelief.

「I already told you, didn’t I? It’s too strong. I believe Fii told you that as well.」
「I didn’t think I’d be skewed even compared to other gods.」
「Newborn gods have a tendency to be overwhelmed by their great power. Becoming accustomed due to starting with a small amount of divine power and having been restricted through magic before shifting from magic power manipulation; there were various factors at play, but regarding your control over divine power, you should be at the level of a lesser god.」
「I don’t know about the hierarchy.」
「The newborn gods are apprentices. After them are the lesser, intermediate, advanced, and high gods before, lastly, the Supreme God. Though once you become a god, you’ll be exempted from apprenticeship. Hooray to you.」

I have no idea if I should be happy about that. To begin with, can you really call a defense-only god a proper god?

「Based on their respective idiosyncrasies, gods display distinct strengths and weaknesses. With your weakness being so emphasized, your strengths will probably be astounding. Compared to those at the same hierarchy that is.」
「This should be enough about me, so please tell me what’s going to happen to Ciel as I become more of a god.」
「Alright, alright.」

As expected, the Creator God showed a dissatisfied look. I know exactly why but this is more important than my situation, so I can’t help it.

「Just as how she began seeing spirits through your influence, the more you draw closer to godhood from now on, the more her body and soul will display changes. Specifically, when you go past 50%, she’ll become unaging. From there, she’ll eventually no longer need food, sleep, and it’ll become extremely difficult for her to die. Her soul will also be affected and she’ll eventually join us in godhood as well.」
「Isn’t becoming a god a bit too easy?」
「You assimilated a part of the Supreme God, you know? If I tell you that you’re the first case of this ever happening, can you still say that it’s too easy?」

Now that she said it like that, it probably isn’t as easy as I thought. It seems that at this rate, both Ciel and I are going to turn into gods. I should probably ask for Ciel’s decision on this matter.

「Incidentally, would the magic I’ve prepared function properly?」
「That ridiculous thing, correct? Since the conditions are satisfied, it’ll work. At the very least, it will exhibit the bare minimum effects you require of it. Still, it’ll be unusable if the conditions are no longer achievable, alright?」
「As long as it’s usable. It was something I started from a sudden thought, so I wasn’t sure if it would actually be usable, you see?」
「Considering that, I can’t believe you still did it.」
「I did it just to be sure.」

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If it doesn’t work, then I only need to find another method. Come to think of it, even if my deification can’t be halted, can Ciel’s deification be?

「It can be, but only if you disappear.」
「I thought so.」
「Moreover, it’s irreversible, so be careful.」
「So even if I hypothetically disappear right now, Ciel will still be able to see spirits?」
「That’s right. Due to that, if you want to keep Ciel human, then you’ll have to vanish before reaching 50%.」

Vanish, huh. If Ciel wishes to remain human, then I won’t hesitate but… as expected, it’s a bit scary. If it was immediately after I was sent into this world, then I likely would have done so without any hesitation, but it seems that I’ve been together with Ciel for too long. Still, I don’t particularly want to be a god and I don’t plan on dragging Ciel into things she doesn’t wish for.

「How much do I need before being able to talk to spirits?」
「About 30% for talking, 50% for physical contact, I think? I don’t know the exact numbers.」
「If I do disappear, it’d probably be best if it’s after we become capable of conversing with spirits. After all, only being able to see them is… hard to bear.」
「While I don’t plan on saying anything about your decision, ask for other people’s opinions, alright?」
「I thought you don’t particularly favor people, but am I wrong of thinking that?」

For some reason, it feels like she’s concerned about me. As though she’s talking to a troublesome child, the Creator God let out a sigh.

「You are, in a sense, my child after all. It’s normal to give some special treatment.」
「Thank you very much. If possible, please give Ciel some special treatment too.」
Fufufu, no.」
「I know that I’m the main person involved in this god business. But Ciel also got involved in this trouble, so couldn’t you do something for her too?」
「It’s close enough but Cielmer survived only because I sent you to her, so I can’t agree to that.」
「Please, mom.

It looks childish anyway, so I put all my heart into pleading. Regardless of me being a former man, I currently look similar to Ciel. I’ll do anything for this, puppy eyes and all. There’s even an expression saying: ask for those already off their seats, even if it’s your own parents.

「That’s not exactly how you use that expression, you know? …Haa. Well, alright then. I’ll hear only one of Ciel’s requests. However, there’s a limit to what I can do. If I, the Supreme God, carelessly use my power, there’s a risk of it having a great impact on the surface. Although I can already imagine what she’ll desire.」
「Of course, thank you very much.」

The privilege of being able to make one wish to the Creator God. Won’t hurt to have it.

「Additionally, let me correct one thing, I do favor mankind… or rather intelligent lifeforms in general. The people of this world are given Jobs after all.」
「Come to think of it, that is true. Is there a reason in particular?」
「Intelligent lifeforms are one of the benchmarks in world creation, you see. Part of it is that, since they can understand our will and act in accordance to it, gods would have the urge to mess with them… though at the same time, those that disregard our will, despite understanding it, always appear as well.」
「So there are those types of people here too… Well, there is one that’s quite obvious.」
「I’m not particularly bothered by it, but one of the gods has been sulking about this, you see? I’ve already forgotten how long it’s been since that god’s started sulking but you be careful, alright?」

Is that a situation we need to be wary of happening in the future? It might just be a possibility, but I’d rather we not get involved with that. If we do, I’d prefer that we get involved before turning 15. The Creator God might help us out after all. Still, from a god’s perspective, “just a moment” might be about a few decades and that’s scary.

「That happens pretty frequently. Again, be careful, alright? There are even some gods that just absentmindedly stare at nothing without noticing that several centuries has passed.」
「Do you have any personal experience with that?」
「My real body is still spacing out at this very moment. A countless number of divine splits are actively working though. If you’re asking about the me here, then not really.」

As the Creator God said so, 「Well then.」 she ended that topic.

「This ends our discussion, any more questions?」
「Not that I can think of.」
「Regarding Cielmer’s request, if you contact me at Fii’s place, I’ll hand down an oracle.」
「Oracles come there pretty easily after all.」
「You should be more conscious of your own status. Or perhaps I should say being too humble can also come off as condescending, alright?」
「I’ll make sure to bear that in mind.」
「Now then, about three days has passed on the surface, so good luck.」

Waving goodbye, the Creator God bid me farewell, but please wait a minute. Three days? I’ve left Ciel alone for three days? That time when I lost consciousness for a whole day, Ciel was already in tatters. With three days gone past, is Ciel going to be alright?

Hiya~! It appears that Ain is finally coming back home but in a weird twist of fate, it’s been three days since she fell asleep?!?!

Before anything, there’s another few interesting translation kinks in this chapter. First would be Ain’s very cute “Please mom~” pleading to the Creator God which is, first of all, adorable, lol. The interesting thing about it is the use of ruby characters here, as ruby characters usually do. Here, the ruby characters convey that Ain is saying “Ka-sama” here, which is a somewhat semiformal way of saying mother. It’s not completely formal, since that would be “Oka-sama” with the “O” making the difference. If you consume any Japanese medium, you may notice how some nouns have “O” before them. Otou-sama, Onii-sama, Onee-sama, Ofukuro-san (which refers to someone’s wife btw), Oyome-san (bride), Osamurai-san. The “O” here adds respect here. Anyone currently watching One Piece may notice due to Wano being heavily Japanese (and maybe the Demon Slayer watchers too, I haven’t watched it yet). Though some children do add “O” to random stuff, which is cute. Anyhow, while Ain is being like “Mom~” here, the kanji actually says “義母様”, meaning mother-in-law or step-mother. Which is a bit funny, because the Creator God did just sort of adopt her randomly.

As for the second interesting translation kink, it’s the saying that I directly translated: Ask for those already off their seats, even if it’s your own parents. I actually considered using a western equivalent to it: Needs make the old wife trot; which isn’t exactly the same. The translation I read: Make use of anybody who is at hand; while being correct and being fitting of the situation, doesn’t exactly translate the “parent” part that Ain is trying to relate here as well, so that resulted to my final choice. Still, being the youngest child who’s always first to get off the dinner table and ends up being asked to get just about anything, from toothpicks to a pitcher of water, this saying is just plain relatable, lol.

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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Now, to the meat of the chapter, it’s been 3 days. Ciel has been left alone for 3 days. Well then. Anyhow, going back a bit, Ciel seems to be on the way to godhood along with Ain, and while they don’t have any god duties so far since they aren’t actually officially gods (and aren’t even completely gods yet), the fact that it could change in the future is a bit interesting. Ciel also has the right to ask for one thing from the Creator God, which is quite something to look forward to. We also got more confirmation that Ain is practically a call in Fii-level threat if she had gone offensive build instead, which also gives an idea of what Fii’s duties are. She’s basically like a server moderator from how it sounds, only that the server is actually a whole world, and the chat are just mankind in general. Also, Respelgia *isn’t* considered a world ending threat, since Fii would be called to intervene on his shenanigans if that was the case. Also! It’s possible for them to talk and maybe even touch the spirits in the future, yay~!

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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