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Chapter 80: Temple, Barrier, and Slumber

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

「Incidentally, have you two ever been to a temple before?」
「A temple? We’ve never been to one. There wasn’t any reason to do so after all.」

The originally ominous topic suddenly shifted to the topic of temples which took me by surprise. Though, I’ve never even gone to church, let alone a temple.

「In that case, you don’t know temples very well, do you?」
「That’s right. If I had to say, it’s a sort place that I don’t ever want to get near to.」
「My, my? Have you perhaps done something bad, Ainsel?」
「I don’t really know. In front of Ciel, I try my best not to do anything bad but I don’t really know what constitute is bad. But the reason I don’t what to be near one is because I’m a Song Princess.」
「Right, I see. Besides, Song Princesses don’t need to go to churches.」

Saying so, Fiiyanamia smiled, but how should I interpret this reaction? Is my assumption correct? Am I mistaken instead? Is this one of those probing each other out thing? This honestly seems impossible for me.

「We’ve barely ever gotten injured after all.」
「Opponents that can bypass Ainsel’s barrier doesn’t pop out that often after all.」
「But some do occasionally slip through. Besides, Mistress Fiiyanamia, you also can break through it, right?」
「I believe so but, if you don’t mind, could you try defending yourself with all you have just this once?」

When talking about all I have, then it would be the barrier that makes use of that higher-level magic power-esque thing but that is my most valuable trump card. It’s not something to show off so easily. As of now, I can’t use it continuously, so I wouldn’t be pleased at all if this ever gets found out. However, in the sense of knowing about my own strength, I think it would be best to show this to Fiiyanamia.

Either way, if we ever get into hostilities with Fiiyanamia, what we ought to do is run away at full force, so I guess it doesn’t really matter if she knows it anyway.

「Understood. Please give me a moment.」
「Sure, no problem.」

The truth is that I can make it instantly but I desperately, or rather underhandedly make it seem that it would take some time to cast it. It should be able to work as a one-time surprise.

I then thoroughly circulate that magic power throughout my body. As thorough as I possibly can. Doing this as a sort of practice, I somehow feel like I can now use it more efficiently than I had before.

Uh-huh. Just as I thought. Being this skilled is proof of how much you’ve studied and experimented with barrier magic. At this level, even I would have difficulty breaking through it. While it is possible, this land would give in before you do.」
「Isn’t that too much of an exaggeration?」

Fiiyanamia being capable of using sorcery that can impact this land is already extreme enough, but this barrier having more defensive potential than the land beneath us is really too much. Or maybe this is about how the scale of the impact is different?

Any wyvern-class monster can destroy large boulders after all, so if this power is directed towards the ground, then it would at least create a ditch. An attack stronger than that would probably form a small crater. If we’re talking about this sort of thing, then it likely would be able to withstand it.

「I’m not joking, you know? That barrier would be capable of withstanding an attack at least powerful enough to erase a small island.」

It appears that she wasn’t joking. Still, I just can’t imagine an attack powerful enough to erase a small island. I also can’t imagine my barrier being able to protect us from that. Finally, Fiiyanamia can do an attack of that level? I can’t even see her limits.

「Against monsters, how much can it endure?」
「It’s at the level where it‘d be easier to count how many creatures, including me, can actually destroy that barrier than the inverse. Even the one you use regularly can’t be contested by A-rank monsters.」
「…It’s that much?」
「I don’t know why you’re so shocked, but this is the truth. Do you now understand just how skewed you are from the norm?」
「Yes. Somewhat…」

I understand that this is amazing but, even after being told specifically how it is, it still feels very surreal. Just when did I reach the realm of superhumans?

「As to be expected at this point, we can narrow it down to one possibility. You unintentionally used magic, casting away your combat and healing sorcery to sublimate your barrier, concealment, and detection to a much greater level. It’s likely that both the combat and healing sorcery you cast away that time had the potential to make you prominent in either field. Perhaps even more prominent than Cielmer is. The transmutation via magic is not necessarily always that of equivalent exchange. Even so, offering something better has greater chances of rewarding better results. Additionally, in regards to your barrier, on top of having an equal talent for this to begin with, you’ve been using it constantly and have made repeated improvements on top of it. Furthermore, your hair has become circuits and you’ve increased your magic power through such recklessness in a span of 5 years, so it makes sense that the two of you are at this level at that age. Inversely speaking, this would be impossible without doing that much. If only your Job can complement your barrier, then perhaps even the one that you’re using regularly might become powerful enough to fend off S-rank monsters?」

Woah… that’s a shocker. So if I hadn’t given up on combat sorcery, then it could’ve been a direct augment to our firepower. That’s… practically a pie in the sky, so I don’t have any regrets with my current choice.

It’s not that I can do everything even if I wanted to anyway and it’s exactly because I lost my combat sorcery that I constantly keep the barrier up chantless. If all of this is true, then if I can incorporate the Song Princess’ power into my barrier, it should solve any defense issues in combat, which is somewhat frustrating now that I know this.

If I had been able to reinforce my barrier with the Song Princess before, then properly defending against our first encounter with the ice spear and the golden wolf’s claws could have been possible. It might even be possible to completely block against Fiiyanamia’s attacks with my full power barrier. If I can just reach that level, I could then leave Ciel in peace.

「Now then, back to temples. You two have never gone to one, correct?」
「In that case, do you know the difference between a temple and a church?」
Umm, a temple is where gods are called upon while a church is where believers pray… right?」
「That’s roughly correct. One thing I will correct you on is that temples are where oracles descend upon people. Temples are a sacred place where, when individuals of certain Jobs and races offer their prayers, there’s a chance of being granted an oracle. Because of that, the average person normally doesn’t go there. You can enter with a fee, but the most you’ll get to see is the entrance part.」
「Oracles… is it?」
「That’s right, these were quite common in the past, you know? For example, about where a stampede would occur or where a powerful monster would appear. The church is a place for prayer. While there are restrictions on where temples can be made, that’s not the case for churches. That’s why many towns and villages may have a church but no temple. Besides that, the church is also a place for healing illnesses and injuries. Because of that, normally a hunter would have an inseparable relationship with the church, you see?」

The reason why Fiiyanamia chuckled while looking at me is probably because, mainly thanks to me, Ciel became a hunter with absolutely no interaction with the church. While they do heal people, it isn’t for free, so I wonder how much money hunters have spent with the church?

「Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet the church’s expectations.」
「If it’s unnecessary, then that’s for the best.」

Nothing’s better than not getting injured and sick at all. Still, injuries aside, the fact that we’ve never gotten sick for the past 12 years is practically a miracle. Ciel’s body is delicate but I guess it might be strong in this regard?

Anyhow, speaking of 12 years old, that would be the last year of elementary. Like, how many elementary school classmates did I have that have never gotten sick throughout their elementary life? Rather, while not everyone has been absent due to sickness, there were some that attended class with a cold, so it’s zero as far as I can tell.

「As for why I raised the topic of temples, that’s simply because this place is one of these said temples.」
「This place… this mansion?」
「That’s right, that’s exactly right. For that reason, there’s a chance that you might receive an oracle as well, Ainsel.」
「Since I’m a Song Princess, wouldn’t that be impossible?」
Fufufu, that’s right, that is a fact.」

I understand why she was fixated on temples but this time I don’t understand her smile. It doesn’t seem like she’s teasing me or anything though. In contrast, her smile is an amiable one.

「You seem to be confused but this matter is something that I cannot make any decisions for, you know?」
「I see, only a god can decide whether I receive an oracle or not.」
「For that reason, this conversation ends here. Now, let me answer your doubts.」

We’re finally getting to the main subject but my brain is honestly not ready for this. There’s too much information that I still can’t process. Though, I also can’t just simply ask for the time to sort out everything first, so I decided to chuck these to the back of my mind for now.

「You’re going to tell me why you’re accommodating us?」
「Yes, of course. Still, it’s not anything particularly complicated. But let’s get things in order. First of all, the reason for why I welcomed the two of you as my guest. You two properly greeted me when you came here, didn’t you?」
「Is… that all?」
「Without any exaggeration, this land which is generally called Central is my manor. On top of greeting me, I also welcomed you in, so of course I’d accommodate you two. Though, the freeloaders did something uncalled for this time around.」

Fiiyanamia smiled, but honestly it’s scary. However, her scary aura quickly vanished.

「Then does that mean the term “freeloader” is also not an exaggeration?」
「Yes, that’s right. It started when people seeking peace and security arbitrarily settled down on this land which I was already overseeing and lived in to begin with. They kept coming back even after chasing them out again and again, so I decided on rules and permitted their freeloading. And then after that, an organization that isn’t affiliated with any country came along… and so on. It’s not like I’m their king or anything. I don’t receive any taxes from them after all.」
「You don’t receive any?」
「Right, right. Perhaps I don’t now would be more correct? In the past I received some since they were giving it to me but after that, they then began demanding to have a say in the management of this land. I kicked those people out, though.」

Fiiyanamia called it tax but it’s probably more of a rent for her. Or rather, she’s renting the land out for free? What started as the topic of her house suddenly became weirdly big, it’s really amusing. In other words, writing it down on a map, it wouldn’t be xyz country but just Fiiyanamia Manor instead.

「I’ve been told that only people B-rank and above can enter but what’s the reason for that?」
「I made it a rule to limit the number of people from the outside entering here, so they might have made it for that reason. It might also be because the Hunter Guild will be kicked out if hunters end up causing problems on this land. So, do you understand this place now?」
「It looks like it’ll be fine as long as I don’t go against Mistress Fiiyanamia.」

Answering somewhat jokingly, Fiiyanamia was stunned for a moment before answering 「That’s right.」 with a giggle.

「Unless there are extreme circumstances, you will not be bound by the arbitrarily made rules here in Central. After all, the guest is more important that the freeloaders for me.」
「Thank you very much.」
「Now then, let’s return to the previous topic. The reason I welcomed you as a guest is just as I said earlier. However, that reason alone isn’t sufficient to answer this level of accommodation. Correct?」

There’s also a chance that she’s just simply fond of us. However, if that’s the case, this would mean that our situation could change depending on Fiiyanamia’s whims. Because of that, if she has clear reasons, I want to know it. If she doesn’t then I might have to consider leaving this place.

「There are three major reasons, I suppose? But one of them isn’t definite. So only two. First is, as I said earlier, that you two are highly capable.」
「But in your case, you would win against us, right Fiiyanamia?」
「Even if I would, this will result in great damage to this land, you know? That’s not something I would want. Compared to fighting you, bringing down a country would be easier, you know?」
「Isn’t that a bit too much?」
「No no. Even you can easily bring down a country after all. All you need is, I guess sufficient food supplies? No matter how many hundreds or thousands you are up against, all you have to do is cast your barrier and walk straight to the castle. There’s generally no one that can do anything against your barrier after all. Just by the numbers, I imagine that it’d be a drawn-out war, but the first one to give in here would be the country, no?」

Certainly if my defensive power is really as she says, then I might be able to bring down a country. It’d be impossible for me alone, but it should be doable with Ciel. Walk to the country, enter their castle, and take the king’s head, the end.

「But there are devices that prevent the use of sorcery, right?」
「It doesn’t matter to you since you’re constantly using sorcery, does it now? Besides, you even used sorcery in that dungeon, no?
Then you shouldn’t have any issues. In other words, there’s no benefit to fighting someone that can bring down countries. Instead, it would be better to get along with them, don’t you agree?」

While I’d rather deny this to be a fact, basing objectively on what she said, it’s not wrong. Against someone that isn’t wrong to fight against, it’s either building an amiable relationship or avoiding interaction with them. I suppose this means that Fiiyanamia chose the former.

「Second is that the spirits are attached to you.」
「They certainly do come gathering to me.」

Even while we were discussing, spirits were constantly jumping around me. Some went near Fiiyanamia too, but there are more spirits near me.

「Do you know that places with many spirits become bountiful?」
「The forest spirit explained it to us somewhat.」
「I see, I see. Since you know that, then it makes things easier. Since spirits gather around people that are loved by spirits and this in turn makes the land bountiful. In short, just by walking around, you bring benefit to the places you’ve gone to. Conversely, if you are displeased, it would also cause the spirits who love you to be displeased. When that happens, it would ruin the land. Being caretakers of the world, the spirits would never turn the land barren, but it will most likely cause a reduction in harvest and degradation to flavor of the crops. That’s still on the better side, if you ever lose your life somewhere, the spirits might get enraged and cause natural disasters all over the place.」
「That’s why we’re accommodated like this?」
「Just by having you stay, we can eat delicious vegetables, you know? Wouldn’t it be normal to accommodate you two so that you’ll stay here longer?」

Fiiyanamia had a broad smile on her face. I understand her in that regard. Delicious food is important. After all, it makes Ciel happy. While I have no clue why the spirits like me so much, that fact doesn’t really change, so that’s more of a reason not to fight with us.

「It seems that you’re somewhat convinced now.」
「Yes. Pardon me for being so skeptical.」
「You don’t need to apologize for that.」

Saying so, Fiiyanamia came next to me. As my body reflexively tensed up, Fiiyanamia gently embraced me.

「There is no one in this mansion that will hurt you. That’s why, unwind yourself by just a bit. I will not harm the two of you. I’ve already told you my reasons, haven’t I?」

Hearing her gentle, almost motherly admonishment, made me want to lean onto her. After all, I was just taught that there are no enemies here, that this place is safe. Maybe, just maybe, I can be allowed to relax a little more. As that thought went through my mind, my consciousness had already melted into deep slumber.

Hiya~! And so it finally came, the day when Ain finally gets some semblance of sleep.

This chapter was pretty chunky with exposition this time around. The difference between temples and churches, Ain’s power level and scrapped potential, Central’s past, and the truth behind why Fiiyanamia welcomed them with open arms! As some in the comments have expected, yep, they just rang the figurative doorbell and the lady inside the house just welcomed them in. That’s it in laconic. Lol. Speaking of which, the formation of Central was actually somewhat hilarious. The mental image of Fiiyanamia chasing off some children who want to build a lemonade stand on her lawn is what suddenly came to mind, lol. I know, the lemonade thing is probably ancient by now, but my knowledge of big lawns mainly came from cartoons. Fiiyanamia was just minding her own business when suddenly people just keep building houses at her place, lol.

Again, we received more light info about the nature of AIn’s powers. Just a bit. Also, Ain still seems to be focused on making the barrier stronger despite the already abnormal toughness it already has. *How far beyond humanity to you plan on drifting to? Lol. Also, the small hinting of Fiiyanamia’ strength lol. Well, I guess this will be the last chapter for a while.

Still, that last part with Ain having internal conflict with having a rest. Just rest already, you’ve kept Ciel protected long enough for now. Sleep.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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