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Chapter 134: Letter, Academy, and Decision (Part 2)

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library

Saying that, I look at the letter.
This request is from Mother. I think it’s fine to accept it, but if we use this letter, we’ll definitely get dragged into trouble.
Also, the one to decide whether to accept it or not will be Ciel; I’d rather not be asked about this. Hearing my reply, Mother let out a chuckle.

「You simply need to go without the use of that letter. After all, you do have the status to do so.」
「… That certainly is the case.」
「As long as that isn’t utilized, it wouldn’t be considered as accepting the courtship, and the royal family wouldn’t know that you two came to Ostente.
Besides, why not try enrolling into an academy while you’re at it? You two don’t know much about other people at your age, yes?

I don’t even remember meeting people our age.
The closest to being our age was probably the recently promoted D-rank boy who snapped at us back in Norvelle. If I remember correctly, he was 15 back then, making him three years older than Ciel. For adults, a difference of three years doesn’t amount to much, but a three-year difference between teens is significant.
It’s different to experience things like this while still young, and it would be good for Ciel to make friends close in age.

Tur does feel like a friend, but a human friend is probably different.

「It’s not a bad place to learn more about the mortal world as well.
The school I’d like you two to enroll in is a place where people specializing in sorcery gather, so I’m sure there’s a lot you can learn.
If I remember, they teach about sorceric tools and doll sorcery as well?」
『Ain, Ain! I want to go!』

The sorceric tool slightly caught my interest, but then suddenly Ciel’s voice reverberated inside my head.
Did she react to the mention of doll sorcery? If I’m correct, doll sorcery is a craft that aims to create golems or so.
It’s about making humanoid dolls that either move as instructed or are remotely controlled from a distance.

And Ciel has taken an interest in this doll sorcery.

「And well, well, going to other countries to search for Artificial Divine Messengers is not a bad idea either.」

Mother further added more reasons, but from the moment that Ciel said she wanted to go, my answer is practically obvious.
If it doesn’t fit us, we can just drop out on our own.
As long as she gets to experience the school environment, the rest doesn’t really matter as much.

『Shall we go, then? After all, we also need to see Ostente’s ocean as well.』
『Yes, yes. I’m excited about that too.』
「Ciel wants to go as well, so we’ll try going there.
Still, there’s a set enrollment period, right?」
「Right. It’s set to be in spring, right after the change of season.」
「Until that time, I want to spend time relaxing here while preparing for it.」
「Yes, yes, leave it to me.」

Seemingly happy about us accepting, Mother clapped her hands with a smile.
Welp. We only went out to receive a letter, to think that would lead us to going to school… Still, I felt that Mother wanted us to go to school to begin with, so perhaps she just took the opportunity to say it this time.

「Just to confirm, the troublesome person is also in the school you want us enrolled in, right?」
「Exactly. Though to be specific, I have no idea who it actually is.
To begin with, observing the world is not part of the Supreme God’s jurisdiction. That’s the reason why the Supreme God’s name is not known in this world. This god does not normally take part in the world’s matters in the first place.」
「The Creator God is the only one I’ve ever met, though.」
「You don’t normally meet with gods, you know?」

Seeing Mother giggle, I ended up giggling like her as well.
Following my old world’s sensibilities, people can’t really meet gods to begin with. And if there ever was someone who could, they’d receive special treatment for that.
For example, they might get kept under close watch by the church. So I guess it might be best to avoid getting involved with the church.
However, considering that outside of this mansion I would need to visit temples to contact the Creator God, completely avoiding it is probably impossible.

「Incidentally, did something happen to the god who was originally observing the world?」
「If I remember correctly, isn’t that god in the middle of sulking right now?」
「Ahh… I did hear that there was someone who was sulking.」

It seems like there’s a lot going on among gods as well.
I have never met anyone other than the Creator God, but I wonder if I will get to meet other gods someday.
Since I already have one foot on their side, the possibility should exist.

「Also, how many schools are there in Ostente?」
「Two, if I remember correctly. There’s one that only the upper-class nobles can go to, and another that accepts both nobles and commoners based on merit.
Being royalty, the prince in question seems to be enrolled in the former. It was the school mentioned in the letter, after all.」
「That’s good to know.」

If we were in the same school, I can already see him trying to tangle with us.
If it’s only the same country, then we will probably never meet. He’s a prince, so I’d likely hear about where he is and what he’s doing, and while I’m not as good at information gathering as Mother, it’s still one of my specialties.

「Is there an age requirement for enrollment?」
「Common practice is to go to school at ages 12-15, but age shouldn’t be much of an issue at where you two are enrolling in particular.」
「In other words, Ciel is likely one year older than most of her classmates.」
「Right, that would be the case… but that shouldn’t be a problem, don’t you think?」

Mother stared our way before coming to that conclusion.
Mohsa, Luna, and Mia all nod in agreement. And I think that’s the case too.

However, Ciel was puzzled and could only ask, “What does that mean?”

Yup, Ciel is short, no problems fitting in with younger people, lol. The decision has been made and our protagonists next goal is on sight!

Fii really upping the mom game here by baiting Ciel with doll sorcery, lol. She knows them enough to understand what they want. It didn’t work on Ain, but as long as Ciel is hooked, Ain has no escape. Well, she did manage to convince Ain about how it’ll be important for Ciel to experience childhood while still being a child mentally. Immortal problems strike once again. Still, it’s nice that they do have interests they can focus studying on and not just thoughtlessly decided to go to school without any personal motivation; it would have greatly changed my schooling mindset had I focused on my interest instead of choosing the boring but more marketable profession…

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a nice day~!

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