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Chapter 123: Takeover, Assassins, and Reason (Part 2)

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library

If I recall correctly, I didn’t have enough magic power back then, so I would immediately lose consciousness after shielding Ciel.
I couldn’t maintain detection magic constantly either, so letting down my guard wasn’t an option.
While I have no intention of lowering my caution even now, my capabilities have improved since then.
Either way, memories of the Rispelgia mansion aren’t fond ones to remember.

Perhaps perceiving my momentary recollection, Ciel abruptly stopped.
Seizing the opportunity, the assailants threw knives at her again.
The three knives, precisely aimed at Ciel’s head, heart, and throat, halted right before touching her and bounced away.

Despite having flown sharp knives her way, Ciel showed no sign of distress. Instead, she caught the deflected knives mid-air and flung them back towards their origin.
Her aim, even with the aid of the Dance Princess Job, was only marginally accurate, yet surprisingly, all three hidden assailants immediately dropped to the ground in agony.

Were the knives coated with poison?

Anyway, that accounts for five of them. Only the one near Shusii remains, so I ceased my singing.

『Only the last person inside is left.』
『That’s good to hear, but what was that earlier, Ain?』
『Being ambushed from the shadows just reminded me of our past at Respelgia’s mansion for a moment.』
『I see…』
『No need to worry about me. It wasn’t a pleasant memory, but I’m not terribly bothered by it, alright?』
『… Understood!』

I made Ciel worry.
I decided to leave self-reflection for later and shift the conversation to change the mood.

『For the last one inside, if possible, can you try capturing him alive?』
『If you want, I’ll try. But why is that, Ain?』
『To hold the assailant accountable for his actions… I suppose? I was thinking of having Shusii, who was unluckily caught in the crossfire, decide his fate.』
『True, this was pretty unlucky of her.』
『Also, to extract information from him. Why are they after us and who is the one behind this? I want to have these answered.』

While the people who came to attack are at fault, I genuinely feel bad for Shusii. She was not only attacked without warning, but her store was also defiled.
I actually used a barrier to prevent blood from splattering everywhere, but the pools of blood will likely need heavy cleaning.
Maybe it would be better to change her floors at this point?

With people having died within it, this place would be treated as a stigmatized property in my old world, but I doubt the same would happen in this world.

『In that case, how about using regular sorcery for this?』
『That might be easier.』

Dance Princess isn’t well-suited for capturing people.
I can enclose and trap people with barriers, but since I’m already tasked with protecting Shusii, I’ll leave the capture to Ciel.
With everything decided, Ciel advances further inside with her usual composure and opens the backroom door.

The man inside made a loud noise of shock before quickly closing his distance with Shusii.

「I-I can see why Fiiyanamia chose to take you in.」
「Who are you? Why are you doing this?」
「Why, you ask? … For revenge. Revenge for killing my son.」

While initially flustered—whether from surprise or fear—upon hearing Ciel’s questions, the man’s demeanor shifted to anger, as if a switch had been flipped within him.
I anticipated him to be connected to the people from yesterday, but a blood relative, huh.
Mother Fii ordered them exiled, but did that only apply to the direct participants?
Or did she perhaps intentionally overlook this man?

It seems likely she overlooked him to provide Ciel and me with some experience.
While I don’t believe his resentment to be justified, this is how some people may react…

「I see… So?」

Disinterested, Ciel started to approach, and the man yelled in response.

「Stay back! Don’t you care what happens to this woman?」
「Try if you can.」

Ciel drew even closer, prompting the man to point his knife at Shusii’s throat… which then met the barrier.
Did he not notice it? Was he just too distraught?
Regardless, it doesn’t change anything.

Even if there was nothing securing Shusii’s safety, Ciel probably would not back down.
While she does make an effort to help others, she prioritizes herself, and I would rather things stay that way.

While I was musing to myself, the man seemed to hit a breaking point, cursing「Damn it!」 before thrusting the knife towards Shusii.
However, the knife was repelled by the barrier and knocked away from his hand. I then told Ciel to kick the knife away.

Witnessing this, the man’s eyes bulged in disbelief.

「Who knows? Sphilamorte Kuiarche Captis (Oh briars, entwine and seize.)」

Arbitrarily replying to the man’s dumbfounded murmur, Ciel faced her palm towards him and recited an incantation.
Immediately after, briars sprouted from the floor, swiftly entwining the man and restricting his movements.
With his limbs and mouth bound, he slumped to the floor. While being ensnared by thorns must be painful, it’s unlikely to be lethal.

For now, we should probably wake Shusii up. Just then, I caught the restrained man grinning.
His eyes weren’t fixed on Ciel but on something past the doorway.
Following his line of sight for caution’s sake, I saw the butler, who had spoken to Ciel earlier, quickly approaching behind her, aiming for her neck.

And that ends this chapter! Cliffhanger assassin incoming!

I’ll keep it short this time. Ain having a flashback mid-fight, poor Ain. On the other hand, Ciel was quick to notice something wrong and was also affected. It’s always nice seeing their interactions. Let’s see how the butler guy fares in the next chapter.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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