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Chapter 121: The Battle Sumiaria Saw ※Sumiaria’s Perspective (Part 2)

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library

On close inspection, there are people who are attacked and people who aren’t.
Upon further observation, it seems that those who don’t attack and remain still are the ones not being targeted.
Perhaps due to this, Triadol remains unscathed as he’s stuck in a daze.

To discern whom to attack while dancing, just how skillful must one need to be?

After this, I simply watched Lady Cielmer dancing with great enthusiasm.


The cage of thorns began to collapse into itself.
As this happened, the look of dissatisfaction on Lady Cielmer’s face was quite memorable to me.

With the battle ended, only Lady Cielmer remained standing.
It doesn’t mean that everyone else died; those who were still alive lost consciousness as the cage collapsed.
It’s unlikely many died during that process.

However, roughly 30% of the rebels didn’t seem to be breathing, and countless tried to escape even before the final collapse.
But the briars would simply grow back when cut and couldn’t be burned, so no one escaped in the end.

The battle was one-sided. No, that’s not right. In reality, it was far from a battle.
Lady Cielmer simply danced. Nothing more, nothing less.

Through a certain lens, some might perceive it as a dance of death, claiming countless lives.
However, I viewed it differently.
Perhaps it was because I was not in a position to claim that killing people is unconditionally wrong.

In reality, when leading others, sacrifices may be demanded for the sake of the greater good.
Although I’ve fortunately never been faced with such heavy choice, I’ve always been mentally prepared for such moments.
Besides, the situation wasn’t just about making necessary sacrifices; it was about eliminating a palpable threat. My perception of the entire event was shaped by these factors.

Regardless, Lady Cielmer’s dance captured my heart.
I’m sure from an outsider’s perspective, my eyes were embarrassingly focused on her with great fervor.
And I must have been watching with a heartened expression

After all, Lady Cielmer seemed more spirited than usual, her dance brimming joy.
Anyone familiar with even a fraction of her history should know how precious her smile was.

「I suppose I should thank Triadol for giving us the opportunity to witness Lady Cielmer’s dance.
No matter how many times I see it, it never gets old. I could watch it forever.」
「Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. Still, while it is inevitable, it’s quite a shame.」

While Miss Luna’s voice was slightly pitched with elation, Miss Mohsa’s voice had a hint of resignation. Puzzled by her somber tone, I unknowingly spoke out loud, 「A shame?」, wedging myself into their conversation.
Miss Mohsa responded「I see, you don’t know.」without seeming particularly annoyed.

「As you can see, dancing is Lady Cielmer’s forte.」
「Absoultely, it’s a mesmerizing sight.」
「Lady Cielmer’s dancing is truly top-class. While I speak with confidence, I’m sure you surely a finer sense for the arts than I do, Sumiaria. And while Lady Cielmer is an expert in dancing, Lady Ainsel excels in singing.
Her voice possesses a purity that can cleanse one’s soul. It’s said that Lady Ainsel knows countless songs.」
「Then, Miss Mohsa, you wished to hear Lady Ainsel sing?」
「In part, yes. But it’s not exactly in the way you might be thinking.」

Then in what way?, I pondered silently. From what I hear, it’s safe to assume that Lady Ainsel’s singing prowess can equal Lady Cielmer’s dancing grace.
While I cannot objectively choose between the two, it wouldn’t surprise me if Miss Mohsa favors the melodies of her beloved Lady Ainsel more.
As I continued to contemplate, Miss Luna shared their past experience.

「There was a time, while it is no longer possible now, when Lady Cielmer and Lady Ainsel could exist simultaneously in this world. During that period, we were graced with the sight of Lady Cielmer dancing to Lady Ainsel’s melodies.」
「Yes, I just can’t help but remember that day. If only I could witness such a sight once again.」

That’s quite… how should I describe it? An enviable thing, to say the least.
I have yet to hear of Lady Ainsel’s songs, but if they truly do match the grace of Lady Cielmer’s dances, they’re undoubtedly worth experiencing. More so, I’d love to see Lady Cielmer and Lady Ainsel together. The affection they share with each other is evident, so I’m certain I’d witness smiles I’ve yet to see.

「Could it be that Lady Cielmer can hear Lady Ainsel sing at this very moment?」
「Perhaps so. After all, the two can communicate even if the other isn’t visible to the naked eye. Thinking of it that way, I feel a bit envious of Lady Cielmer.」

Hearing Miss Mohsa’s chuckle, a thought suddenly struck me. Lady Cielmer has great dance prowess, to which Lady Ainsel’s vocal talent seem to be on par with. So then their Jobs are…
If my hunch is right, it could explain the secret behind Lady Cielmer’s power.

However, this would mean that despite their great expertise in sorcery, neither of them has a sorcery-aligned Job.
Why… I pondered briefly but immediately pushed the thought away.

「Now then, it’s time for the cleanup. Luna, please look after Lady Cielmer.」
「Of course. Sumiaria, come with me.」

I closely followed Miss Luna as she headed off to accomplish her task.

And so ends the battle, brought to you by the eyes of Sumiaria! Let us give a round of applause to the princesses and a resounding *oof* to poor lad Triadol.

The maids exchanging their opinions after the fight though, lol. Ciel seems a bit pouty, I guess Triadol didn’t last a whole song. And as for Sumiaria, it’s nice that she’s smart enough to put the pieces together with what little information she has. Literally had to stop herself from asking too many questions. Something an act that could’ve helped Triadol avoid his fate, lol.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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