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Chapter 118: Return Home, Thoughts, and Magic Pouch (Part 1)

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library

After being away for a day, we returned home with Mother asking 「Should I scold you for this occasion?」
In the world I came from, it’s certainly justified to scold a 12-13-year-old child for staying out overnight without permission but I’m not sure about the standards in this world.
And besides, Ciel has been outside without permission on countless occasions up to now.

「Oh, am I going to be scolded? I’ve never really been scolded before, so I’m a bit excited.」
「Well with your reaction, there’s little point in scolding you, is there? After all, it wasn’t intentional, was it?」
「The food at the manor is good, after all. Still, it’s been a long time since I had food like that, I sort of missed it.」
「Oh that’s right, you can cook, correct?」
「Only simple things. I learned from watching Ain.」

Ciel seems to naturally pick up on every movement I do with her body, so with enough concentration, she can learn what I can do. And yes, Ciel quickly figured out how to make soap bubbles froth well.

「I can cook a little too, but it always seems to come out bland.」
「As long as it’s edible, that’s okay.」
「I don’t even need to eat, to begin with. That reminds me, the Amyulute child is coming tomorrow, isn’t she?」
「That’s the plan.」
「In that case, Mohsa, please wait for her at the entrance tomorrow.」

Mohsa agreed, bowing gracefully. If it’s Mohsa, there shouldn’t be a problem. With that, the matter of scolding was set aside, and we proceeded to dinner.


「The manor’s food really is delicious.」
『They’re made by professionals, after all. Besides, they likely use first-class ingredients as well.』

As we arrived at our room, Ciel uttered those words with a joyous look on her face. After all’s said and done, I can’t help but feel that enjoying food occupies a significant part of Ciel’s life. Having something to take pleasure in isn’t bad by any means.

People eat food every day; finding joy in that must be pure bliss.
If we become too accustomed to luxurious food, though, it might make continuing as hunters difficult. Maybe I should modify a magic pouch to stop time and stockpile lots of food inside?

Being mother Fii’s daughter, having something that’s extraordinary in this world shouldn’t pose a problem. At very least, it won’t be seized by someone of high authority, nor will anyone be able to force us to mass-produce it. Maybe.

「Still, I want Ain’s cooking again.」
『The food made here is more delicious. But what I cook won’t differ much from what you prepare yourself.』
「It being Ain’s cooking is what matters!」
『I’ll cook when we get the chance, then.』
「I’m looking forward to it!」

It appears I’ll need to cook again sometime soon.
Since I don’t have to keep myself hidden anymore, maybe I should try some recipes from my old world?
There are relatively fewer seasonings and mostly different ingredients here, though.

I think I can whip up some simple sweets and snacks. Sugar isn’t cheap, but we can likely afford it by the ton at this point.
My memories are a bit hazy, but they’ll probably come to me as I go through the motions.

『That reminds me, what are your thoughts on upper-class people?』
「They’re such a bother.」

We snatched up Sumiaria for Ciel’s studies, so I asked her thoughts, and her response was concise.

「But it’s necessary, right?」
『They deem those actions essential. Or rather, they were brought up to believe so.』

For the house, for the family. Etiquette, groundwork, and other such matters may seem excessively convoluted, but they consider these necessary. Whether it’s about maintaining hierarchy or for other underlying reasons.

「So even though I don’t think it’s important, there are people who stake their lives on it, right?」
『That’s correct. Conversely, there are also individuals who might trivialize what you consider important.』
「There were, indeed.」

People are diverse and varied, and recognizing this fact alone is valuable. Ciel is among those who are to be revered and probably won’t find herself at the other end of this dynamic. Even if we are up against an entire country, all I need to do is protect Ciel. I believe this instance has served as a great study sample.

『After speaking with Sumiaria, what’s your impression of her?』
「She reminds me of Luna and Mohsa… No, maybe more like Carol? I don’t find her company… unpleasant, I suppose?」

That’s reassuring. Though I don’t intend to lower my guard around her, if being with Sumiaria will put stress on Ciel, I will need think about the future with that in mind.

『I wonder what Sumiaria’s status will be? Will it be as though we’ve personally employed her? In that case, she might become our personal maid.』
『Should I ask Luna?』
『Yes, she might know something about it.』

Aside from Mother and me, Ciel rarely initiates conversation with others. Has she grown comfortable with Luna and Mohsa? However, her way of speaking to them remains the same, any further changes will likely be gradual. Maybe my reduced vigilance towards them has also influenced Ciel?

「What is it, Lady Cielmer?」
「What will happen to Sumiaria?」
「I don’t have all the details, but it seems she will serve as our aide.」
「Mn, thank you.」

Luna bowed her head and retreated, her movements so fluid that it’s difficult to find any noticeable flaws.

『In that case, we’ll probably interact with her more frequently.』
「Right. No matter who it is, I’ll be fine as long as Ain is with me, you know?」
『I understand. No matter who we’re up against, I will always be there to protect you.』

Upon hearing my response, Ciel’s face softened, and suddenly, she let out a gentle yawn.

『Shall we sleep now?』
「Yes, let’s do that.」
『Ah, but before that, may I discuss something?』
「What is it?」
『I’d like to use a magic pouch for an experiment. May I tinker with the one we’re using as a wallet?』
「I’m not sure what you’re planning, but sure. In exchange, could you sing for me until I fall asleep?」
『If that’s all you need, I can do it any time.』

Ciel laid down on the bed and closed her eyes.
Motionless and silent, it was as if she was a doll. But as I began to sing, her hand moved as if trying to grasp for something. She likely did this unconsciously.
There is no way for me to touch her. Still, I put my incorporeal hand over hers, hoping that it would give her even the slightest feeling of relief.

Well that was a slightly bittersweet end. Our princess have finally returned and got themselves a good meal! More AinCiel cuteness for this chapter~

I always find Fii thinking about acting like a normal mom funny for some reason. Possibly eldritch nature avatar-spirit-protector, part time mom of two-in-one girls. We also had teacher Ain asking for Ciel’s feedback, I almost forgot that’s why they helped in the first place, lol. Also, considering how they’re already asleep, seems like we’ll be seeing our last interlude protagonist very very soon.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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