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Chapter 58: Circuits, Song, and a Bath

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

「Viviana, you might have already noticed this yourself, but your circuits are quite short compared to other people. Actually, I’m not sure if short is the proper way to describe it but it’s different from the ordinary.」
「…I thought so. Rather, you can tell?」
「That’s exactly why I want to keep this only between us.」

Hearing my words, Viviana was clearly in low spirits. Having an abnormality in one’s circuits is a considerable handicap for a sorcerer, so in my opinion, that’s just a natural reaction.

「Specifically speaking, it seems that your circuits don’t reach your extremities. One solution around that, I think, would be to simply increase the speed of your circulation flow.」
「There’s still a limit to that, you know.」
「From what I can tell, you’re still absolutely far off from reaching maximum speed, but let’s leave that aside for now. There’s still one more solution for this that I can think of, but I’m not sure if we can do it or not.」
「Let’s try it. Right now.」

Viviana suddenly lunged towards me. I was really surprised to see her face now near me, but I should’ve expected this kind of reaction. After telling Viviana to calm down, I told her to show me her hands.

「My hands? Will this be good enough?」

As she presented both of her hands, I nodded in affirmation before holding them. I haven’t really experienced much of these sorts of physical contact ever since… Well, even before I came to this world, so it makes me somewhat nervous. Compared to Ciel’s barrier-protected hands, her hands were a little rough, typical for a hunter. Even so, they still possess a certain softness to them, making me conscious of her being a woman.

Though just because it made me conscious about it, I don’t really think of her as the opposite sex. Hmm, if I was holding a man’s hand instead, would my heart skip a beat then? I don’t really know.

More importantly, I need to concentrate on sensing Viviana’s magic power. Feel her magic power, seize control… I did it. It feels a million times harder than controlling my own magic power but… it’s not impossible.

「H-hold on for a moment. You, did you just do something to my magic power?」
「I definitely did. Since the preliminary test went smoothly, I was thinking of trying something, but would that be okay with you?」
「Would you… mind telling me what you’re going to do first? Otherwise, I can’t make a proper judgment.」
Oh, right. I got a bit hasty there.」

I managed to seize control of the magic power of someone other than Ciel, so I got a bit too excited. Still, despite that fact, it doesn’t seem like I can use sorcery with her magic power. It might be best to conclude that casting sorcery using another person’s magic power is fundamentally impossible. The only exception for this as of yet seems to be Ciel. Though even with Ciel, this still isn’t practical since it’s considerably inefficient to do so.

「I seized control of your magic power and managed to move it by just a bit. Hence, I was thinking of forcibly pushing your magic power to the places it should have naturally flowed to.」
「If that’s possible, then couldn’t I do that without your assistance?」
「Would you like to try?」
「… Impossible, isn’t it?」

Viviana immediately gave up. People likely don’t even take notice of where and how magic power usually flows through their circuits. In other words, even if you want to do it, it’s not something that simple to do.

『Can Ain do it then?』
『We won’t know until we try. I managed to do it with your hair, so it shouldn’t be impossible. However, unlike how it was in your case, the possibility of this constructing new circuits is likely low.』
『So you think that it’s different for Viviana?』
『In her case, I think that her circuits either became dormant because of lack of use or is clogged up for some unknown reason. If I’m wrong, then there’s nothing I can do about it.』

「Can I ask you to do it?」

Hearing Viviana, I shifted my focus back to her.

「Before that, I’d like to confirm something. If this goes well, it’s possible that the feeling of using sorcery for you might feel different from then on. Despite that, do you still want to continue?」
「Now that you mentioned it, that is true… Still, that doesn’t matter. After all, it’s simply a matter of getting used to it. I’ll take a break from my party in the meantime.」
「In that case, let’s do this then. Viviana, please try to circulate your magic power as slow as you can. Also, follow the flow of magic power as much as possible.」

Receiving her agreement, I try moving her magic power. I start with the hand closest to me. I attempted to direct the magic power pooling in her palm to flow outwards to her fingers, but there’s a sensation of resistance, so this isn’t going very well. I was just directing it that time, so I should be able to manage still. I added a bit more of a push behind it, but then 「Ow!」 Viviana yelped and shook off my hand.

「Are you alright?」
「Y-yes. I was just surprised by the sudden pain.」

Is forcibly prying circuits open painful?

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『Did it also feel that way back then, Ciel?』
『I focused with keeping the berserk magic power down, so I don’t remember at all.』
『That’s right. I forgot about that.』
『Besides, it was only my hair in my case. Even in other times, I didn’t feel any pain, I think. In the first place, I’m strong against pain, you know?』
『The reason for you being strong against pain is a problem, though.』

Even if she did feel pain, I have a hunch that Ciel would just bear it without any complaints. It’s something I’m absolutely not happy about though.

「In that case, I’ll continue a bit more, so please tell me if it gets too painful.」
「I-I can manage.」

Considering how she’s stammering right now, it was likely very painful, huh. Still, I already thought up a solution for this, so it should be fine… I hope. I once again held her hand and, before manipulating her magic power, I sang. It’s a hymn… well, actually it’s not a hymn, but rather a beautiful song that uses religious hymns as a motif. Viviana seems to be surprised, but I take no note of that and continue channeling her magic power.

In short, I mitigated her pain using the Song Princess and continued on as I sang. I then channeled her magic power the same way I did earlier and while Viviana seemed to be feeling ticklish, it doesn’t look like she’s in any pain, so it should be alright for me to proceed.

As I finished the song, I was done with her right hand and I had Viviana check her hand’s condition.

「I only did it with your right hand for now, could you try circulating your magic power by yourself?」

Viviana anxiously stared at her right hand. In actuality, even without having to ask her this, her magic power is already flowing through her now open circuits. I’m glad to see that she isn’t feeling any pain whatsoever. It seems like Viviana quickly noticed this herself, as she let out a surprised 「Ah…」

「It looks like it went well.」
「Right. I can clearly tell that there’s… more magic power gathering in my right hand now.」
「In this case, should I continue on with your whole body? After all, if we end it here unfinished, it might have a negative influence on you.」
「Please do so.」

Since this experiment ended well, I once again took Viviana’s hand and began singing.

By the time I stopped singing, Viviana was, for some reason, gasping for breath.

I-It’s… finally… *over…」
Umm, are you alright?」
SorryJustlet metake a breather.

While her clothes aren’t disheveled, she seems to be sweating all over as her clothes are clinging closely to her body and she’s faintly flushed, making her look really suggestive.

HaaHaa…」 Even her closing her eyes and trying to catch her breath gives off an erotic impression, like it’s a scene from after the fact.

『What happened to her?』
『What happened to her was you, Ain. Look outside the window, would you?』

Ciel answered somewhat delightedly. Following her suggestion, I looked outside the window and saw that the sun had now completely set.

… Right. I see. It seems like I got too engrossed in singing earlier. It’s only natural for her to end up losing her breath like that after feeling a tickling sensation for several hours non-stop.

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『Was I unresponsive the whole time?』
『That’s right. I called out to Ain two or three times, but you didn’t respond at all. As for me, I’m really satisfied to see Ain having fun, but it’s a bit regrettable that I couldn’t dance along.』
『Do you know how much time has passed since sunset?』
『It just set some time ago, I think.』

In these sorts of situations, I seriously miss having a watch. While I can instinctively figure out the time when the sun is still up, when the sun is down, I can’t tell what time it is at all. I also don’t know how to measure time using the constellations after all, and more importantly, the night sky here is different from that of earth’s.

「So, is it safe to call this done now?」
「Yes. I’m sorry for taking too much time.」
「It’s fine. I’m the one that asked for this after all. Besides, now I know just how short my circuits were.」

She forgave me, but then 「Achoo!」 Viviana sneezed, perhaps because her sweat was growing chilly. It’ll be bad if she catches a cold at this rate.

「If you’d like, would you prefer to take a bath here?」
「If you don’t mind.」
「In that case, I’ll heat up the water.」

After excusing myself, I headed to the bathroom. I considered using the magic item they have to fill it up, but it’s somewhat time consuming, so I decided to just use sorcery to quickly fill the tub. Making bathwater of about 40 degrees celsius is surprisingly difficult. After all, there aren’t any useful tools like thermometers here. I’d have to guess the temperature with my own senses.

Still, as long as I can do that, it doesn’t even take a minute to heat up the water.

Magic power is the only thing I have a lot of, so it’s really helpful in these types of situations. Well, actually, it’s thanks to this large amount of magic power that I can keep my barrier up constantly, so it is always helpful.

「The bath is ready now. I’ll be waiting over here until you finish, alright?」
Oh no you aren’t.」

Viviana would use the bath first… is what I thought, but she grabbed me for some reason. She held me by the wrist and took me along to the bathroom that I was just inside of a moment ago. While I was weirdly lost in thought; Oh, so even if we’re enveloped with a barrier, it’s this easy to get dragged away when grabbed by the wrist, huh; Viviana began taking off her clothes.

Giving up, I began taking off my clothes as well. As a former male, this might be the time to get shocked and go 「Why are you taking your clothes off!?」 but after having been educated as a girl, I don’t really find this to be something worth making a fuss about. Otherwise, maybe it’s because Ciel is still 12 years old and I’m being influenced by that.

It’s really mysterious. As I was pondering about it, Viviana had finished taking all of her clothes off. Her limbs are long, slender, and healthy. Her waist is tight, and her shapely breasts are larger than Ciel’s. Should I be sorry for Ciel for feeling like I’ve somehow lost?

Since there’s no use in observing her any more than this, I took our clothes off and looked at Ciel’s body. Her skin has a sense of translucence as though it has never been under the sun. While her limbs are thin, they have a touch of softness to them, and her chest should be about normal for a 12-year-old. Yup, really girl-like. Still, saying these wouldn’t really result in anything. These sorts of discussions are generally unproductive after all.

While I was pondering about this, Viviana had already entered the bathroom. Since it’s not very spacious, her washing up and soaking in the bathtub first actually helps, so I don’t really mind it. In that case, I suppose there’s no reason to go in immediately, huh. With that in mind, I waited for the best moment before entering the bathroom.

Heya~! After the long delay because of the sudden ambush, our poor sorceress finally got to hear our princesses opinion on the matter! And even got a solution!

First of all, ample amounts of AinCiel interaction, noice. Ain getting carried away when singing as usual, lol. To put things into perspective, they started *after lunch* and ended *sometime after sunset*. Like, 5 to 6 hours? Let’s go with that, 5 to 6 hours of tickling and singing, lol. Also, Ciel being too resistant against pain to help here was a bit sad but funny.

Anyway, it was pretty nice to see Ain use the Song Princess, since they barely use it out of battle or their super dash. And to be honest, it has really great synergy with the church if not for the discrimination, which is also suspected to be started by the church, but I digress. Imagine how the voice of a Song Princess can echo in a church, combined with musical instruments, it’ll literally sound divine.

Still, it was funny how Ain immediately went “Wait, this looks exactly like something after the fXcX” upon seeing Viviana flushed and gasping for her breath. Poor Viviana.

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Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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