Interlude: Brass, Face-off, and Parting ※Perla POV

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

My name is Perla. I’m a Lesser Water Sorcerer currently working as a Hunter and I’ve formed a party with two of my close friends back at home, Teren-kun and Ilda-chan. We previously had one more member but because of his excessive oppression, the three of us left and formed a brand new party.
In the past, while he was pretty mischievous, he still apologized when he did something bad; but after being granted a high-ranked Job, he gradually changed.

Changing the topic, I have a teacher.
My teacher is a girl that formed a party with us for one time so that we can experience a D-rank request, since we will be allowed to become D-rank Hunters soon. Her name is Cielmer-san.
Just from first glance, she looks younger than 10 years old and has white hair and blue, slightly upturned eyes. I hear that she’s actually 10 years old, but she’s quite thin when considering that.
Her skin doesn’t have a single blemish, it would probably feel smooth to the touch. Her white hair isn’t the dry type too, it’s really smooth, or rather really flowy. She’s a pretty and adorable doll-like girl.

Teacher almost seems like a noble, but I didn’t ask much about her story. After all, she’s a hunter at just 10 years old, so I imagine that there must be a good reason for that.
Everything about my teacher is already odd, but her capabilities with sorcery is exceptional as well. I’m probably nowhere near her.
In the first place, it’s thanks to my teacher that I now have a role in our party.

When speaking of sorcery, it’s common to think about high-power sorcery that clean up monsters from the backline, but since I can only use low-ranked water sorcery, I can’t use powerful spells like that.
Because of that, I was thinking of myself as a burden; but after Teacher told me to focus on supporting the party and after seeing her do it in practice, I was able to have enough confidence to think that even I can be helpful to the party.

Before I noticed it, half a month has already been passed since we partied with Teacher.
We stopped by the Hunter’s Guild to accept a request, as we usually do, when our former party member Brass-kun appeared before us.
While the three of us were cautious, wondering what reason he had to meet us after everything that happened, Brass-kun began speaking with the same casualness that he always had.

「You don’t have enough firepower, do you? I’ll be your ace again. 」

Teren-kun only returns a short reply, and both Ilda-chan and I think the same way.
Probably not expecting a refusal, Brass-kun was left wide-eyed, but he immediately lost his temper.

「You don’t have any right to decline. Anyway, party up with me.」
「You don’t get it? I’m only saying this out of concern.」
「If you’re so concerned, you want to try fighting?」
「Okay, okay. If we’re doing this, I can take on all of you, you know? You’re all just E-ranked hunters anyway.
But if I win, half of the request reward goes to me. If you’re fine with that, I’ll fight you.」
「Fine then.」

While we were having an argument inside the guild, where we couldn’t avoid the eyes of other people, it was decided that we’ll be having a mock battle.
We requested staff personnel and borrowed the training grounds. It’s my first time having a face-off, but borrowing space in the training grounds and requesting for people sometimes costs money. In the case which it does, I hear that the loser pays for it.
In case the loser bets everything that they owned, it seems like the money would be deducted from their future earnings.

「And I, who kept on finishing high difficulty E-rank requests even while pulling some dead weight, was even going to party with you guys just barely surviving E-rank. Aren’t you all stupid?
From parting from you all, I got true strength. I’m going to be a high-ranking hunter in no time, you’ll see.」

Right now, what did Brass-kun just say? Did he just say “some dead weight”?
As far as I know, the only people Brass-kun has partied with other than us, is Teacher.
If Teacher is really “some dead weight”, then Brass-kun should be able to successfully complete D-rank requests solo by now. Taken aback, Teren-kun and Ilda-chan scoffed at what Brass-kun said but my blood is absolutely boiling right now.
However, since Teren-kun and Ilda-chan were more obvious, Brass-kun reacted to them.

「What’s with you? Are you mocking me?」
「If you’re really that strong, then why don’t you join other parties instead?」

Teren-kun replied in retaliation, but probably knowing that it’s going to take forever at this rate,「We will be confirming the details.」the staff person cut in between the conversation.
Teren-kun answered「Yes.」and backed down, but having lost the chance to rebuke Teren-kun, Brass-kun angrily glared at the staff person.

「If Brass-kun wins, on top of joining the party, he will earn the right to half of the request reward the party will receive upon its completion. This will continue until the dissolution of the party and if ever the party is dissolved, it will be forbidden for the four of you present here to form another party with each other.」

The exact details has been slightly changed, but it was probably unavoidable.
If after forming a party, we immediately break up and form another party without Brass-kun again, this fight would then become meaningless after all.
The guild staff looked at Teren-kun and then asked「And what would happen if your party wins?」next. Come to think of it, we still haven’t decided on that. Still, there’s not a single thing I would want, or we could get from Brass-kun.
As Teren-kun was looking at me, I only shook my head in reply.

「Please don’t let him come in contact with us from tomorrow on.」
「Brass-kun, will this be alright?」
「This face-off will start on my signal and will end when the opposing party has been completely incapacitated, surrendered, or in the occasion that I stop the battle. Murder is unacceptable.」

As the explanation ended, we faced Brass-kun and he faced us back.
Upon hearing the「Start!」signal, Teren-kun and Brass-kun broke into a run.
If it was the past Teren-kun, he would wait for Brass-kun to attack but now, he assertively charges in himself.

Although the two of them rushed in at the same time, Brass-kun swung his sword faster.
He made a really large swing, but as expected of someone with a high-ranked Job, though his swing was large, there were no wasted movements in his heavy blow.
Teren-kun gave up on avoiding and attempted to block with his shield but he ended up being knocked off the ground. To follow it up, Brass-kun was about to take a step forward.

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However, with it being so easy to read, even I can easily respond to his actions.
Using the spell I prepared, I decided to make a small puddle on the ground under Brass-kun’s feet. With the ground being suddenly muddy and the force behind his step, Brass-kun tripped himself.

Knocked to the ground, he immediately stood up and glared at me.
His quick recovery is definitely incomparable to the monsters’ outside.
Still, is it really fine for him to keep staring at me like that? I think that if Ilda-chan or Teren-kun attacked him right now, it might end the fight.

Yup. I’ve noticed it before, but Brass-kun isn’t really strong.
He’s physically powerful and could probably knock us in the backline unconscious with a single hit.
However, what he’s planning to do is obvious just from the look on his face. It’s clear from the way he moves. He’s not even thinking of trying to deceive us at all.
If Teren-kun calmly dealt with that first blow, he would’ve probably avoided it without any issues. Rather, it was something I should have dealt with.

This time, we’ve received a signal from Teren-kun. It was pretty simple.「With this enemy, practice teamwork.」
It hasn’t been that long since we followed Teacher’s advice and changed our fighting style after all.
That time we fought a Goblin Leader really helped.

As Brass-kun was about to run my way, I tripped him again, and signaled back to Teren-kun in acknowledgement.


Brass-kun cursed and threw his sword to the ground.
After tripping on water multiple times, Brass-kun is all muddy and probably has small scratches all over his body.
I ended up overdoing it since he made fun of Teacher, but it was an awfully great practice for me.
While it was difficult to figure out the timing since he moves quickly, it was easy to support the others since his movements were monotonous.

「End of the battle.」

The guild staff thought that Brass-kun accepted his defeat, probably because he threw his sword, and announced the end of the fight.
Brass-kun had no objections too. Although he’s clearly displeased, he didn’t argue with the staff person.
Instead, he said「You cold-hearted traitors!」and berated us.

「What traitors?」
「You all don’t care even though my little sister is sick, do you? Even though we came from the same village, reaching this far together.
Why do I have to lose to guys like you.」
「Why? Because you almost killed us, that’s why.」
「You don’t need to understand.
Come to think of it, I had a gold coin on me when I left.」
「Hand it over.」
「That was the plan. Since I saved up one gold coin on me, that means you should’ve saved enough for two gold coins too.
With that, you would’ve had three gold coins and would’ve been able to buy the medicine. But instead, you didn’t.」
「What’s wrong with me sending letters to keep them from worrying.」

To tell the truth, once everybody saved up enough for one gold coin each, the three of us planned on chipping in and giving Brass-kun one gold coin. While we were discussing it, we learned that Brass-kun has been sending letters by himself.
Just sending letters within a town or a village would have been a different story, but beyond that, it would cost a lot.
When that happens, it would need to be requested to a D-rank hunter. After all, only D-rank hunters and above can move freely between towns.
If the letter is to be sent to towns where hunters usually gather, there are times when they’d accept the request for copper coins just to earn spare change. However, our village is a different story. It should need about two to three silver coins for the delivery.

「There’s nothing wrong with sending letters and as long as you use your own money for that, it’s not an issue.
But it’s different in this case, isn’t it? You were just being a show-off. If you really wanted to cure her illness, shouldn’t you have saved the money you used for sending letters to buy her medicine as early as possible?」
「Since our families would get worried if we didn’t contact them at all, we promised to all chip in and send letters together once every year, didn’t we?
So, why did you keep quiet about regularly sending letters then?」

Ilda-chan and I questioned Brass-kun as well, but he only clicked his tongue in reply.
Moreover, I guess he couldn’t endure this situation anymore as he smacked the ground while muttering「Ahhh, geez!」and left the place.
From now on, we’re not related to Brass-kun anymore. It didn’t make me feel any better, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference no matter how long we tolerated him.
Still, I haven’t forgiven him for insulting Teacher. Maybe I should’ve tripped him up a bit more.

Heya~! Our hero Brass, the Greater Swordsman capable of pulling dead weight as he rushes against the strong boss monsters, has given us the honor of seeing his visage once more! Also, he got messed up, the fool. Serves him right.

Btw, for the calculation of the gold coin, remember that there’s a share for *both* Brass and his sister. The party divided the share into 5, including a share for the little sister. In short, by the time they all have one gold coin saved up, Brass should have twice the amount. Just a reminder since I forgot, lol.

Anyway, today was a bit different from the usual, an interlude! It was nice to a different point of view. As usual. Still, you can see how desperate Brass was and yet it still didn’t fix his attitude. The party of three, on the other hand, is really doing well for themselves, and only treated the battle as a practice, lol.

Speaking of battle, I’ve decided to change the terms a bit. I translated it as “Mock Battle” before, which is not wrong, but from the nuance it’s much closer to a duel. However, duels are one-on-one battles, so I was reluctant to use the term duel. However, again, I’ve asked other people for similar terms and managed to get: Face-off, Formal battle, Formal match. I’ve used face-off for now but I’d like to get input on which one is better to read. Please feel free to vote here .

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Speaking of translations, do you know that Sanowa might be referring to a place in France called Sannois, as Sanowa is how it’s referred to in Japanese? Geez, I need to do better with this translation thing. So yeah, as for this I’ve decided to use Sannois instead.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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