Chapter 16 – The Fiend’s True Colors! Wow, I’m feeling so worn out.

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad


I ran through the streets shouting my beloved sister’s name.

The Fiend was coming! I sprinted with all my might to save Timu from being a meat slave. I was heading straight for the Academy. My surroundings turned into a blur as I ran.

Yaaah! I’ll break Mach 1 if I have to!

I arrived at the Academy in no time. It felt incredibly fast even for myself. Did I just teleport? I think I might have broken a record. I could probably make nationals.

Now that I was here, I had a look around. The other students seemed to be on the way home. I found myself in the midst of cheerful students.

But where was Timu?

I continued searching the academy grounds but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Could she already have gone home? Did I pass her on the way here…?

I decided to ask somebody about it.

“U-Um, excuse me?” I called out to a sweet-looking girl in a ponytail.
“Is something the matter?”
“I’m looking for my sister. Do you know a girl called Timu?”
“Hmmm. I wish I could help you but with just a name… There are thousands of other students…”
“Ah, then I’ll describe her. She’s a cute girl about this tall, with red eyes and silver hair―”
“Hiie! S-Silver hair!? D-Don’t tell me, L-Lady Camilla…?”

Hu-, Huuuh? How did silver hair turn into “Camilla”?

Wai-! D-, Don’t tell me!

“S-Saaay, is that silver-haired girl forcing people to call her Camilla?”
“Y-, Yes. By now everybody at school knows. At first people thought she was an oddball for trying to use the name of that legendary demon. But gradually the students, and even the teachers began to acknowledge Lady Camilla…”
“O-, Oh my god…”
“Ah!? P-Please don’t misunderstand! I-I’m not trying to talk bad about L-Lady Camilla at all! F-Forgive meeeeee!” screamed the girl as she dashed off.
“Ah-, wai-, hey-, aah geez…”

Well, I already pretty much knew what was going on.

Timu, you…

You’ve really done it now…

Timu was going around introducing herself as Demon Camilla. She’s a chuunibyou so of course she was. Normally nobody with a lick of common sense would let that pass.

But right now Timu’s homeroom teacher was Edim’s kin (Jayjay). I can see it now. Their hierarchy is basically like: Timu ⇒ Edim ⇒ Jayjay.

Ah, god, that idiot! At this rate your graduation certificate is going to say Camilla as well, you know!

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You might be happy with that now but you’ll regret it in the future! You’ll regret it so badly that you can’t help but squirm on your bed, okay!

Oh goodness, another thing to worry about. But I could deal with that later. Right now I had to deal with the Fiend first.

I continued searching the campus for a while but there was still no sign of Timu. Her bag wasn’t in her classroom either, so I was starting to think she wasn’t here.

Did we really pass each other by?

I decided to try searching the way home, this time taking shortcuts and detours into account as well…

Before long I spotted two girls walking down a narrow lane. One of them had glittering silver hair! Timu!

T-Thank goodness. I made it in time before she bumped into the Fiend.

I approached the pair with a smile on my face.

Timu seemed to be getting along with the brown-haired girl next to her. Looking carefully, the brown-haired girl was Edim, and she was carrying Timu’s bag― wai-, Timu! You’re making your friend carry your stuff?

Speaking of which, it feels like Edim is always carrying her bag. Ah, geez. Edim is a nice girl so I don’t think she cares but if you stay so overbearing you’ll lose all your friends, Timu. I’d better have a long talk about this as well.

But first…

“Why if it isn’t elder sister!” she said with a bright smile.

My sister really is adorable. I can’t let the Fiend hurt this smile.

“Timu, it’s a bit sudden but you can’t go home. The Fiend might attack you.”
“Elder sister, what might this fiend be…?”
“It’s Orty. He’s been playing the nice guy all while planning to trap us!”
“Wha-!? Damned Ortissio again!?”

Timu seemed shocked. Yeah. I was shocked too. Ortissio, the scion of a major noble family. A bourgeois just like the Fiend. A wolf in lamb’s skin just waiting to turn us sisters into meat slaves.

“It’s hard to believe, right?”
“Unforgivable! Damned Ortissio! Give him an inch and he takes a mile!” shouted Timu.
“S-Sir Ortissio was planning a rebellion…?”

Edim seemed to have trouble believing it as well. Yeah. If Mum hadn’t told me I’d have never noticed either. Oh no! Mum! I left her with the Fiend! Oh no. I told her not to talk to him but what if in her worry for us she tries to do it anyway. I have to get back!

“That’s how it is, so you need to find somewhere to hide, Timu. I’ll head back now and―”
“No, dealing with my failure of a kin is my responsibility. Damned Ortissio’s head is mine.”
“You can’t, Timu. What if he attacks you!”
“E-Elder sister, that is too much! Are you saying I would lose to the likes of Ortissio?”
“No, no, I mean―”

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He’s a Fiend, right? He’s a noble just like the Fiend!

Just because he can’t do push-ups doesn’t mean…

And just because he comes sobbing to me when everyone picks on him doesn’t mean…

And just because he’s calcium deficient and he tearfully drinks the milk I force on him every day doesn’t mean…




Huh? Why the hell was I so scared of Ortissio again? Ortissio as the Fiend? Whoawhoawhoa, hold your horses!

The actual Fiend that Mum talked about might be a terrifying guy but that has nothing to do with Orty, right? The Fiend wasn’t just some noble. He was also a terrifying magician and he used that to terrorise others as well. The only thing he has in common with Orty is being a noble. Wow, I’ve been a massive idiot.

Hiding from Orty? Being afraid of Orty?

Wow, what the hell. I could take Orty down with one punch. Plus, I’ve even got Edim and Myuu if it comes down to a fight. Plus, Edim has her happy(?) group of kin as well. They could probably even hold off a whole army for five minutes.

Wow. Thanks to Mum I got a bit too panicked there.

“Elder sister, let us immediately bring down the iron hammer of justice upon that traitor!”

Uh oh. Timu looks really serious. Orty already has a prior history of rebellion. Timu might really murder Orty with her Magical Bullets at this rate. Now that she’s improved her skills at the Academy I can really see it happening.

“Ah~ Calm down, Timu. If you use all your power you might really kill Orty.”
“Elder sister, even three tenths of my power would be enough to slay the likes of Ortissio.”
“R-, Right… With how powerful you are these days, I’ll bet you could even kill him with a tenth of your power.”
“A tenth… Hmmm, that might be difficult even for me. Even with all his flaws Ortissio is still my kin. If you wish for me to kill him with a tenth of my power then I must formulate a strategy.”
“U-, Ummm, Timu, that’s not what I―”
“Huhu, please leave it to me. Since you asked, elder sister, I shall not disappoint. I shall show you how I slay Ortissio with just one tenth of my power.”

Oh boy. Why are chuunibyou so hard to talk to? She’s really going to fire magical bullets at Orty now. Oh geez, I might not be worried for her safety now but I’ve got a possible murder to deal with instead.

“Timu! Listen to me!”
“You know, your sis just kind of made a mistake. Looks like Orty wasn’t actually planning anything too bad.”
“In other words, Ortissio has done no wrong?”
“Right, right! Exactly. So let’s not do anything violent, okay?”
“You are mistaken, elder sister.”
“Eh!? How come?”

“Even if Ortissio was truly not planning anything, the moment you suspected him of treachery was enough to show how shallow his loyalty was. He must be punished.”
“Um, isn’t that a little too strict on him?”
“Huhu, elder sister, that cur already has a previous conviction. Even if you forgive him, I cannot accept any mongrels that defy my beloved sister.”

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Whoa, Timu seems really angry. I might have made a mess of things. Let’s try and reverse the positions. Somebody tried to attack Timu. Since Timu forgave him, I somehow held back my anger. Then Timu told me that the b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ was thinking of trying something again. Yep. I’d kill him too. Actually, I’d have killed him on his first try.

Well, I can understand where she’s coming from now. Still, I can’t just let her be a criminal. Also I’m feeling really sorry for Orty again. Even though he always follows her around, going “Lady Camilla, Lady Camilla”…

Although recently there’s been a lot of “Lady Tilea, Lady Tilea” as well…

It’d be too pitiful to let Timu beat him up. What the!? Could this be my maternal instincts surfacing!? Anyway, maybe I’ll try getting Edim to help.

“Orty hasn’t even done anything and we’re going to punish him. Edim, don’t you think it’s a bit much as well?”
“I shall abide by Lady Camilla.”
“I know that you like Timu but please abide by me this time.”
“Eh-!? B-But, but I…”
“Edim, you can’t always just follow Timu. What do you think this time?” I continued.

“Edim, elder sister has given an order. I will allow it. Speak your mind,” added Timu.
“I-, I understand. Let me see. I have not personally seen any signs of Sir Ortissio plotting rebellion. However, it is a fact that Lady Tilea has suspected him of it. I believe that he must be punished, but perhaps the death sentence is going too far.”
“Edim, are you saying you want to forgive that Ortissio!”
“H-Hiie! M-My deepest apologies. I-I was simply…”
“Simply what! It’s unthinkable that you would feel that way if you had any loyalty towards elder sister!”

“That’s enough, Timu. Edim was just speaking her mind.”
“H-, However, elder sister…”
“Anyway, just leave Ortissio to me. This is an executive order.”
“An executive order!? I-, I understand. If that is the case then I have nothing left to say. However, when you execute him, please allow me to be the executioner.”

Haha, wow, this ‘executive order’ thing is convenient as always. Why are chuunibyou so weak to words like this? It’s not like I use it all the time but it’s stopped a few of Timu’s rampages before. Anyway, I’ve forced Timu to accept. All that’s left is to solve the misunderstanding with Mum.

Along the way Edim headed off to her dorm, so it was just Timu and I when we arrived at the store.

“Mum, we really need to have a talk―”
“Yup, it’s me, Tilea. What’s wrong, Mum? Is everything okay?”
“Don’t come inside!”

Heh!? How come? I entered the restaurant to find chaos. W-What the heck is going on!? Mum was trying to stab Orty.


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