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Chapter 24 – Criminals need to be punished (Finale)

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

“Elder sister, just what is this fuss about?”

I told Timu an outline of what happened. The longer she listened, the higher her eyebrows went. It looks like she’s also angry about attacking a girl. Timu started to glare with an enraged expression.

Ooh, she’s my little sister, but I’m finding her a little scary. She’s like a real demon now.

Seeing her angry expression, Orty quickly paled and immediately began to make excuses.

“Y-, You are wrong, Lady Camilla. I do not know what the Evil God said, but we―”
“EVIL GODDD!? Ortissio, what do you mean by dropping your honorifics!”

Timu roared without lenience. Orty’s group began to tremble.

“M-, My sincere apologies. U-, Umm, Lady Tilea was taking the side of the humans… T-, That’s right. She called out intimately to this human named Jessica. Lady Tilea was being friendly with the likes of a human, and betrayed demonkind.”
“Jessica… Why, is that not the name of elder sister’s present to me! Ortissio, you dare to break elder sister’s present without permission!?”
“H-Hii, I-I-I had no idea.”

My, my Orty. Pouring oil onto the fire. If Timu found out that you tried to attack her good friend Jessica, of course she would get mad. Seeing Timu’s angry expression, that Orty’s trembling reached a pitiful level, as he entreated Timu.

“Enough, Ortissio!”
“Yes, milady. M-, My deepest apologies. I will never again do such a thing.”
“You shall die.”
“Turning your blade towards elder sister deserves absolute death. No matter what you try to tell me, I have no intention of listening. Listen well. No matter what happens, elder sister is always correct.”
“L- Lady Camilla, w-, why? Why do you swear allegiance to the Evil God so? You, who is even exalted as the founder of the magic system…”
“Eei! Just having you in the Household Guard brings my loyalty to elder sister into question.”

“Lady Camilla, the others may be pathetically bending their knees to the Evil God, but the Ortissio Unit is different. We do not fear the Evil God. If you should revolt, we are prepared at any time to―”
“YOUU! Of all things, you would incite me to rebel against elder sister!? Unforgivable, absolutely unforgivable!”

Idiot. Seriously, what an idiot.

Did he seriously think that she wouldn’t get mad after inviting her to attack me together? As expected, Timu’s anger grew further and further.

With an enraged expression, Timu kicked Orty flying, before firing magic bullets at him. All of them splendidly hit him dead-on. Sent flying away, he was barely holding onto his consciousness.

“Hahh, hahh, p-, please forgive me.”
“Do not speak!”

The very moment that he opened his mouth, Timu hit him with a magic bullet. The impact had sent him staggering.

“Do not move!”

Orty who was already tottering from the injuries was hit by a magic bullet again.

Like that, each time he spoke or moved, Timu would fire her elementary magic at him.

Hm~mm, he’s getting what he deserves, but if I don’t stop her soon this’ll turn bad. Even if it’s elementary magic, after a few hits, the feeble Orty’s already quite injured.

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As expected, Orty couldn’t handle her magic, and eventually started to bleed.

Oh crap. Timu’s going to turn into a murderer. I placed a hand on her shoulder, and stopped her from firing.

“Timu, if you don’t stop soon, he’ll die.”
“Ah, that is true. In my anger, I put too much strength in. As you say, we cannot allow him to die so easily. Well then, I shall restrain myself a little, and resume the punishment.”

Like that, Timu turned to fire another magic bullet.

Whoa, whoa, that’s not what I mean, Timu. He’s criminal scum, yes, but if you murder him then you’ll be the criminal.

Only, it looked like the blood had gone to her head, and it was possible she would lynch him at any moment.

Well, I understand her feelings, certainly. If Orty tried to attack Timu, I’d probably be doing the same thing. I’d definitely beat the crap out of him. I’m happy that Timu cares for me like this, but I can’t sit by while she becomes a criminal either.

“Timu, stop. Leave this to me.”

Orty was in tatters from her magic. He was bleeding everywhere, pitifully. Even if he’s criminal scum, I wonder if this isn’t overdoing it a little.

“Orty, have you reflected? Timu might have gone a little overboard, but that’s just how unforgivable what you were trying to do was.”
“Hahh, hahh, Evil God, w-, what ‘Timu’! Hahh, hahh, do not refer to our respected and beloved Lady Camilla by such a name!”

Even after all this time, he’s still not willing to back down…?

Orty, you really are a hardcore Timu fan, huh. I guess it’s like that rule with idols where you have to use their stage names, and not their real names.

“To speak to Lady Tilea with such an unbelievable tone! Unforgivable!”
“Elder sister, it looks like he has not reflected at all. I shall bestow upon him the greatest suffering imaginable!”

Timu and all the Household Guard were enraged at Orty. Orty had stopped using honorific speech with me, and was now looking at me with open hostility. He probably thinks it’s my fault that Timu hates him.

But man, this damned Orty. Even though Timu did all that to him, he’s still imploring her. The way he’s treating Timu is completely different to the way he’s treating me. Not even a little hostility is in his eyes. Just pure respect. Orty might be criminal scum, but it looks like his feelings for Timu are the real thing, at least.

And certainly, had it not been for this massive demon invasion disaster, even Orty might not have done something so serious. Maybe he lost his reason because of the panic. Perhaps I can take the circumstances into consideration just a little.

In my old life, I was an otaku too. That’s why I know full well how much it hurts for your beloved idol to hate and curse you. To Orty, there’s nothing more painful than having Timu hate and attack him. Even now, Timu was still cursing him mercilessly. Although I stopped her from violence, her verbal attacks were continuing. It looks like they didn’t know how to stop criticizing him.

Orty was desperately explaining himself. He was bleeding from his wounds, and although he seemed to be enduring the pain, he kept begging Timu for forgiveness. It’s pitiful. Just too pitiful.

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Huu, can’t be helped. I guess I’ll give him one last chance. If he still doesn’t repent, then I’ll give him to the guards without mercy. But first I’ll make sure that he doesn’t hold any grudges against Timu. It would be too terrible if his intense love turned into intense hatred.

“W-, What?”
“Timu― Camilla. Do you hate her now?”
“Hahh, hahh, hahh. S-, Stupidity! Lady Camilla is more important to me than my life! I would not even consider it!”
“Even though she did all this to you?”
“Of course! Hahh, hahh, no matter what she may do to me… My loyalty… will never waver!”

Orty screamed resolutely. The way I see it, he wasn’t lying. As long as they aren’t going to harm Timu, then she might need the fans. From now on, she’s going to be living in the Capital, so the more allies, the better. She’s already got the position of ‘Magic Academy Student from the countryside’. I bet lots of people would be jealous. Orty might be a hopeless guy, but at least he really seems to treasure Timu.

“Elder sister, may we begin? Considering the rude way he is addressing you, I am about to go mad.”
“L-, Lady Camilla…”
“Aahh, that’s enough, Timu.”
“Elder sister, whatever do you mean?”
“I’m not going to punish Orty any further. If any of you know healing magic, please heal him.”

Both Timu and the Household Guard were stunned by my words. Looks like they thought his punishment was a given. Although I asked them to heal him, nobody moved. Everyone, I know you’re angry at Orty, but please endure it.

…Or rather, if we don’t heal him, won’t he die soon? He’s still bleeding.

This is bad! Really bad!

This is an emergency now. Aahh, anybody is fine, so please heal him.

Mn? Speaking of which, do we even have somebody who can heal?

“Elder sister, do you truly wish to heal this damned Ortissio?”
“Yes, that’s right. Anybody? If you don’t heal him soon… Aahh, a potion would be fine too, but…”
“Elder sister, healing magic is the area we demons are weakest in. Almost nobody can use Heal. Well, it is a different matter when it comes to I, the master of all elements, however.”
“Oohh, Timu, you can use Heal? Then please, hurry!”
“I-, I understand. Although I am unwilling, if it is the order of my elder sister, then…”

While muttering complaints, Timu used Heal on him. The wounds on his body closed up in a flash.

Amazing. She’s like a healing slime. It only took an instant. Fully healed, too. Timu keeps acting tough and insisting that darkness magic is her forte, but I guess it was actually holy magic. She’s a chuunibyou, so of course she likes darkness, but I hope she’ll choose her school classes to properly match her talent.

After he was healed, Orty looked at me. Perhaps because I had him healed, his hostility was weaker than before.

“Are you… forgiving me…?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Even though I was so rude to you…”
“Heh. Orty, if Timu and I fell into a crisis at the same time, who would you save?”
“Lady Camilla, of course. Even if I have to sacrifice everything, I will work for her sake.”
“Youu… So you are still saying those things. I shall tear that mouth of yours off!”

Timu leaned forward, menacingly.

“Timu, stop it. Orty, well said. I’m forgiving you because you feel this way towards Timu.”
“Lady Tilea, this cannot be allowed. If you do not discipline Ortissio, it will affect discipline.”

Pervert (Nielsen) also took a step forward, and opposed me.

“It’s fine, I said. To begin with, everybody was Timu’s Praetorian Guard. As long as you all treasure Timu, that much is plenty disciplined.”
“Elder sister… I have said it earlier too, but the Household Guard is not mine. Myself included, we all belong to you, elder sister.”
“Timu, I’m really happy that you feel that way about me. But you know, that doesn’t mean that it’s alright to force everybody’s feelings to change.”
“L-, Lady Tilea, there is no such thing. We truly believe in, and revere you.”

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Pervert (Nielsen) and the others started to disagree together.

“Niel, I get it. I know very well that you guys believe in me. But that’s exactly why I want you all to support Timu instead. This is an order.”
“H-, However…”
“It’s an order! Timu is more important to me than anything. That’s why I want you guys to treasure her the most as well.”
“Milady. I am deeply touched by your feelings for Lady Camilla. Please leave Lady Camilla to me.”

Pervert (Nielsen) replied in an even more motivated voice than usual. All the other members were nodding with earnest expressions. It looks like everybody in the Praetorian Guard has accepted it.

“Uuu, elder sister. I-, I am so happy!”

Tears were running down Timu’s face. It looks like she was moved. Silly. We’re sisters, so this is natural.

All that’s left is Orty’s attitude, but…

“Orty. What you did was unforgivable. But circumstances are circumstances, and I should have been more considerate of your feelings. I’m sorry.”
“Lady Tilea… To lower your head to somebody like me… F-, For the numerous acts of insolence, please forgive me.”

Orty lowered his head deeply and apologized. Yeah. It looks like he’s reflected. In that case, I guess I’ll forget that he tried to attack me. And in light of his feelings for Timu, once, just this once, I’ll overlook everything and forgive him.

As they say, “rain hardens the earth” I guess. Looks like I somehow put things in order. Timu and Pervert (Nielsen) still seem to have bad blood with Orty, but I’ve managed to calm them down for now. Orty’s friends still looked nervous, but after Orty and I made-up, they seemed relieved.

Now then, what’s left?

I’m worried about Jessica, so should I head to Headquarters? It was one of my acquaintances who did something stupid, so I need to follow it up. Just as I was thinking that,

“Lady Tilea, good news. It appears that Remilia has not yet escaped from her capture.”

Orty’s friend told me something outrageous. And then, I looked at what they were carrying in.

There, laying down was…

Of all things, a beautiful elf, bound up in rope.


S-, Speaking of which, Orty did mention something about capturing Remilia, didn’t he. I’ll bet that Remilia was injured in a fight with demons, and after he found her collapsed, he took advantage of it to tie her up. This is exactly why chuunibyou are impossible to handle.

Ababababa, are these guys ultimate idiots?

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It’s just one thing after another. To abduct a VIP of the Capital, don’t you guys even understand just what a crazy thing you’ve done!?


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