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Chapter 21 – Jessica and Remilia’s Crisis

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

––Jessica’s Perspective

Hahh, hahh, hahh. My breathing is rough.

With Lyris over my shoulder, I’m fleeing towards towards the Headquarters. At first I was going to talk Ms. Tilea into defeating the enemy. But then Lyris was heavily injured, and the situation suddenly took a turn for the worse. Her injury turned into a race against time.

Using a gap in the enemy’s vigilance, or rather, using Ms. Tilea as a decoy, I hurriedly ran away with Lyris.

As I was running, I felt the enemy pursue, so I screamed out “Ms. Tilea, I’ll leave the rest to you,” and drew attention to her instead. The dumbfounded expression she made was tragic, the very face of somebody abandoned.

When I saw that, I felt a little guilty, but the enemy turned his focus on her, just as planned.

“You hear that? Jessica, come baaaaaaaaack! Apparently even running is pointless, you know, so let’s fight together. At this rate, he’ll pick us off one by one, you know.”

Yes, I hear you just fine.

Along the way, I heard Ms. Tilea call for help, but I ignored it.

Ms. Tilea, I’m sorry. I need to get Lyris treated even a moment sooner. Please do something about him on your own. It’ll be an easy victory, since it’s you.

I pretended not to hear as I hurried to Headquarters.

“Hahh, hahh. J-, Jessica, I-, I’m fine… S-, Save your friend!”
“What are you saying! If we don’t heal your injuries soon, you might even die! And it’ll be fine, since it’s Ms. Tilea.”
“Hahh? W-, What the hell are you saying! Hahh, hahh, with a Malferand as the enemy, a normal person c-… can’t do a… hahh, hahh, t-, that woman’s gonna die.”
“It’s fine, it’s fine. More importantly than something like that, you need to worry about yourself.”
“S-, ‘Something like that’? …Jessica, were you always this kinda person?”
“Haha… Anyway, it’ll be fine, I say.”
“G-, Geez… What the f̲u̲c̲k̲…”

This is bad. Lyris’ voice was faint. I think she’s getting a lot weaker. Her pulse isn’t regular, and if things get any worse…

Kuh-! I have to hurry!

I chanted a speed spell, and rushed forth. Almost there. We’re almost there.


While I was rushing to my destination, I heard Ms. Tilea’s voice again.

What a loud voice. Even though we’re quite a distance away, to think that I’d still be able to hear her…

I bet that she just screamed without magic but… when it comes to Ms. Tilea, pretty much anything feels possible now. I wonder if that guy’s eardrums haven’t burst.

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Or rather, Ms. Tilea, are you still not fighting? Even though just a single hit with a laminariales or a cross or pretty much anything would do the job…

If Ms. Tilea still hasn’t busted out her specialty yet, it probably means that the enemy still hasn’t really attacked yet.

“Hahh, hahh… T-, That’s bad. Just now, that woman called for help. H-, Hurry.”
“It’s fine, it’s fine.”
“O-Oi. Hahh, hahh, s-, she even used magic to amplify her voice, yanno. T-, That’ll just call more enemies to her. She’s in danger.”

There’s nothing more I could hope for. I’ll have Ms. Tilea beat them all. I ignored Lyris’ cry of worry, and made haste.

Just as we approached the neighbourhood block that the Headquarters was in, I felt mana all around us.

“Hahh, hahh, hahh, t-, they’re coming, from a-, ahead…”
“Yeah. I know, Lyris. I’ll keep watch.”

After gently laying Lyris to the ground, I hid in the shadow of the building and carefully observed. I could hear the clang of metal weapons, and the sounds of magic bullets exchanged.

They seem to be in battle. One side seems to be the Public Safety Force, led by Captain Remilia. She was personally wielding her sword, and cutting at the enemy. And apparently the enemy were demons. The enemy parried her strikes, and accurately cut down the Safety Force members.


Every one of them was without a doubt in a different league to Alcyune and the others. Even though the Safety Force members were trying their best too, one after another, they were mown down. The demons had sustained quite a few wounds from Captain Remilia, but all of them were standing.

And then…

Eventually, every Public Safety Force member was defeated, save for Captain Remilia.

“KUHAAHAAHAHAHA! It’s finally just you, Remilia Hassen!”

The demon who seemed to be the captain sneered loudly at Captain Remilia. She glared at him hatefully.

“Kuh-! You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲d̲d̲! I’ll kill you and avenge my men!”
“Hmph. You guys sure gave me a heap of trouble. But you’re the last one. I’ll definitely get my revenge!”
“That’s my line. In order to lure us outside the capital, you acted like a decoy, so how can you be talking about revenge!”
“DEECOYYY? Don’t tell me that you think this uproar is our doing?”
“So barefaced. Your plan was to lure us out, so that your main force could attack the capital!”

“…Are you lumping our elite unit, WITH THOSE GARBAGE FAAKEEESS!?”
“Silence! All you demons are the same. All of you who rebel against the Royal Family are unforgivable!”
“Honestly… To irritate me to this extent is… Because of you lot, my unit suffered enormous shame before our master, you know.”
“Captain Ortissio, let us repay our humiliation with death to all people of this nation.”
“Stupid. For such a stupid reason, do you really think I’ll let you kill our citizens!”
“STUPID YOU SAYY!? Re~mi~li~a. I will absolutely tear you limb from limb!”

Both of them were giving off incredible bloodlust―

The two of them pounced at each other at the same time. Captain Remilia, Ortissio, and the other demons all began to fight again.

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Swords clash with swords, and magic bullets after magical bullets flew through the air.

But, she was outnumbered. Captain Remilia’s outlook worsened over time. Trying to make a comeback, Captain Remilia used her secret technique, but she wasn’t able to kill them…

Eventually, Ortissio and the others captured Captain Remilia.

“KYAAHAHHAHAH! Hahh, hahh, that f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g took a while. Remilia, don’t think you’ll have a simple death. I’m de~finitely going to show you hell.”

Ortissio’s crazed voice resounded through the area. This is bad. At this rate, Captain Remilia will be in danger.

“Lyris, please hide here, okay?”
“Hahh, hahh, o-, oi, don’t do the… u-, unreasonable.”

I moved out to save Captain Remilia.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ 

––Tilea’s Perspective

“UEHH, Timu, a bit of his juice went into my mouth. Hey, do you think I’ll be okay even if I get demon in my mouth? Do you think I’ll get the runs? Peh! Peh! I feel so grosss.”
“Aaaah, my poor elder sister! Please have some water. Please rinse your mouth with the water I created.”
“Oohh, magic really is convenient, huh. Thanks! Gargle, gargle. Peh! Peh!”
“Elder sister, how do you feel?”
“Fuii. A-, a bit better…”

“My deepest apologies. That blot of scum was the worst amongst all my creations.”
“Hm? Yeah, he certainly was the worst. Timu, look carefully. This tragedy around us was all his doing.”
“To eat so messily like this, even vulgarity should have its limits. I can understand why you punished him.”
“Right? Honestly, what a horrible guy. Young, old, men, women, he really just killed them all. Aahh, I feel sick.”
“Absolutely preposterous that he laid a hand on your belongings without permission. Honestly, I should have been the one to punish him.”
“…Y-, Yeah.”


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