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Chapter 13 – I shall punish Bebe

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

––Camilla’s Perspective

The fight began between the Decarabia Knight, Lepes, and the failure (False Kin), Bebe. From their raw fighting spirit, it seems both sides had a history with each other. Lepes’ expression was particularly bloodcurdling. I could tell that he placed his everything on the line, in order to destroy demons. On the other hand, Bebe faced him with a dismissive sneer.

Damned Bebe. You dare to act insolent? Showing such an attitude despite your measly mana? No wonder the humans make light of you.

Lepes roared before attacking Bebe with a slash. Bebe responded by firing magic bullets to keep Lepes in check, while black flames appeared at his fingertips, one after another. Any trees that touched those flames disappeared in an instant, but despite the shield and sword in hand, Lepes avoided the flames with inhuman speed.

“You only know how to run! How insolent.”
“Shut up! I’ll send you lot to the grave!”

Lepes and Bebe continued their battle as they jeered at each other. However, perhaps due to the difference in experience, Lepes became cornered as the fight prolonged. And eventually, Bebe’s darkness magic caught up with him.


The magic destroyed his balance. Unwilling to lose this opening, Bebe began to chant a high level magic.

“Fwo fwo, take this. Fire Shout!

The whole area was enveloped in flame. Even Lepes was forced into the defensive, so he tried to protect himself from the flames.

“W-, T-This is the power of d-demons…? It’s on a totally different level to us!”
“I-, I can’t believe it… T-That man’s power is even higher than Captain Remilia’s.”

The Public Safety Force all commented as they watched the battle.

Haahhhh~ That they have mistaken something of this level to be the power of demons brings me endless vexation. However, going out of my way to correct them would bring needless suspicion, and runs counter to elder sister’s goal.

Now then, what shall I do…

It is not yet time to openly reveal my identity to the humans. But it would not do if I did not punish these failures for their transgressions. Should I separate just this lot from the area? Speaking of which, the human named Lepes had prepared a teleportation spell, had he not.

Fumu. Though the magic equation is not yet complete, it has reached a stage where completing the remainder is simple.

Well then, shall I use you?

I overrode it with my own magic equation and activated it.


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The moment I activated the spell, a magic circle appeared on the spot.

“Wha-!? Who activated the f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g spell!?”
“Fwo fwo, it seems that a third party has intervened.”
“W-What the? What the? This magic circle has suddenly… S-S̲h̲i̲t̲! E-EVERYONE RETREAAAAAAAATTT!”

The teleportation magic activated…

And then we appeared at Bebe’s garrison.

Hmph, bingo. Just by meddling with it a little, the destination was changed from an evacuation spot, to a place with a strong density of souls with mana similar to Bebe’s.

Mm mm, there they are. A gathering of failures! Beneath my eyes were hundreds of small fry, swarming about.

It appears that all of them are Bebe’s kin. I have never seen such sorry things before.

Honestly, that damned Bebe. How dare he pollute the world with all this garbage!

“Tsk, I don’t know who, but somebody messed with the magic equation.”
“W-WHAT THE! What the f̲u̲c̲k̲ is going on! W-We’re right in the middle of enemy territory now…!”

Even needless extras had tagged along. How strange. I only intended to teleport Bebe and whatnot. The teleportation array should have stayed well clear of the evacuees…


I looked at them.

From their expressions… I saw weakness, naturally, but also lowliness and vulgarity of character.

I see.

In other words, they abandoned their duty. The Public Safety Force had been in formation to protect the evacuees. But they simply wished to be the first to escape. So even though the array stayed clear of them, they jumped in of their own accord.

They tried to escape danger, but instead jumped in head-first. Such irony. Some extras have gotten in the way of my spectating, but well, that is fine. They fall within the acceptable margin of error.

“V-Viceroy, w-what on earth is this?”

Bebe’s kin were visibly shocked by the sudden intrusive.

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“Fwo fwo fwo, how lucky for me. You lot are to surround them and prevent their escape.”
“U-, Understood.”

Bebe’s army moved to surround us.

“S̲h̲i̲t̲. Looks like I’m surrounded.”
“S- Ser Lepes, what should we…?”
“What? You guys got wrapped up as well? You’re going to get in the way of our battle, so get the hell out of here.”
“H-, However, we cannot escape while trapped like this.”
“Like I care. You guys are still technically the Public Safety Force, aren’t you. If you’re going to spout such pathetic b̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲, then I’ll cut you down on the spot.”
“N-, No way…”

Abandoned by Lepes, the Public Safety Force members all had looks of despair. Lepes paid these weaklings no heed, and raised his sword. It seemed that he was looking for a way to break past the blockade.

“F-, F̲u̲c̲k̲ it all! Now that it’s come to this, it’s all or nothing. We’re going to look for a weak spot to break through from.”
“Yeah, as if we can deal with a fight between these monsters. We’d better run now.”
“Oi, one brat got mixed up in this. What do we do?”
“Like we have the time for that s̲h̲i̲t̲. We’re all nobles. The life of one brat can’t compare.”
“True. Actually, it’s a lucky break. While they’re busy beating this brat to death, we’ll have some time to escape.”

Saying that, the Public Safety members tried to escape before me.

Hmhm, just perfect.

“How irritating. You shall move!”
“W-, What― GUHAH-!”
“O-Oi, brat! Don’t get in our― GAAACK-!”

After getting in their way and thrusting them back, I stood in front of Bebe.

“Fwo fwo fwo, and who might you be, little human missy? No need to hurry. After I’m done with this one, I’ll have plenty of time to play with you.”
“Hihihi, Viceroy, please let us have your leftovers!”
“Yeah, what he said. This one is quite the beauty. I’m going to eat her up!”
“Hahhh, hahhh, V-Viceroy, I-I c-can’t hold on any more. I have to have her.”

The moment I appeared, Bebe’s army stirred into action. What a vulgar bunch. However little it may be, once I consider that these things have anything to do with me, I start to feel depressed. Unless I immediately clean the world of these failures, I won’t rest at ease.

“Bebe, you have grown quite impudent in these few thousand years. It fills me with nostalgia to recall the days when you would tremble in fear of the enemy.”
“Fwo fwo fwo, what is this all of a sudden…? Human, after saying something like that, don’t think that you will get off easy. I assure you, you will not die at rest!”
“So you do not realize, if I suppress my mana? To forget your own master, even insolence has its limits!”
“Master, you say?”
“Hmph, so you have forgotten this face of mine!?”
“I-I-It can’t be!? That bearing, and that visage… Are you Camilla!?”
“I-, Is that really her?”
“T-, That’s our True Ancestor?”

Bebe’s lot all looked confused. Well, none of them have actually met me, so I suppose that reaction is reasonable. I think they will at least listen to Bebe’s instructions, but…

“Y-, YOU LOOOOOOT! Y-Your heads are too high! Restrain yourselves! This is our esteemed True Ancestor. Our master and lady!”

Bebe’s expression suddenly changed as he screamed, silencing the lot of them into prostration.

“Hmph, so you finally remember your place! Honestly, you sure have grown impudent during the time I was sealed!”
“N-, No way… W-, We merely strove to rule the world as your kin, Lady Camilla…”
“And I am saying that, is being impudent. Ruling the world? The likes of you will? Jokes are supposed to be told, not acted out!”
“H-, However, for your sake, Lady Camilla, and for the sake of your eternal fame, and for the sake of spreading the Malferand name through the world, we―”
“That. That is exactly what I speak of. When did I bestow the likes of you the permission to use my surname! Know your place! You shall apologize with your deaths!”

“What? What is that rebellion in your eyes? You used my surname without permission. As though that was not enough, you then encroached with your muddy shoes upon our territory, the Capital. Bebe, that conduct is unforgivable. All of you will suicide, at once!”
“NUUU! W-, While you spent these millenia sealed away, I have steadily increased my power. I-I am d-different from you!”
“In the short time I have not seen you, it appears that you’ve grown quite an impertinent mouth.”

I approached to hand down punishment, when Bebe suddenly shouted,

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“EEI! There is no way that Lady Camilla would appear in a place like this! T-, THIS THING IS A FAKEE! What an extremely rude thing they are! Kill them! Kill them, I say!”
“Hooh~ A fake, you say. Bebe, is that your answer?”
“B-, But Viceroy, to bare our fangs towards the esteemed True Ancestor is…”
“F-, Fool! Just look at their mana! How could someone so measly possibly be our True Ancestor! TIS A FAKE!”
“T-, That certainly makes sense… Alright. Everybody, this woman dared pretend to be our esteemed True Ancestor. It’s time for a festival of blood!”

Bebe’s army approached me, and began shrinking the encirclement. Counting from the left is seven-thousand mana, four-thousand mana, five thousand… Hmph. Even counting is a waste of time. They are all the very pictures of small fry. I shall clean them up in one go.

They think they can defeat me with this level of power? Are they half-asleep, or are they simply insane?

“Ku ku, my goodness. It appears that once you exceed a certain level of anger, your face begins to smile instead!”

I released my suppressed mana in full. Like an ocean erupting through a dam, the torrents of mana swept through everything in the surroundings.


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