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Chapter 8 – My little sister picked up a stray dog

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

Pheww, why did it turn out like this? It seems that Timu has reflected. But far from curing her chuunibyou, on the contrary it’s gotten worse.

“Evil God, is something the matter?”

Timu asked me, with round upturned eyes.

Kuu~ So cute. My little sister is cute!

But, why, why has she been saying ‘Evil God, ‘Evil God for a while now?

And why is she suddenly using honorific speech? She’s become distant?

No, it’s not the rebellious attitude she had from earlier.

Why? Why? Why won’t she call me ‘sis’ like usual?


―I see!

It’s because I went too far with the spanking earlier. Certainly, the spanking was necessary. Timu was starting to become a delinquent. On top of hanging around outside at night, she even used violence against her older sister. She had to be punished in some way.

But didn’t Timu cry!?

The word ‘abuse’ comes to mind. I’ve heard that a child who’s been abused will use honorific speech with their family. That’s why she’s been using honorific speech for a while now.

She doesn’t know whether she can use a familiar word like ‘sis’, right? Poor Timu.

But you know, Timu… I don’t think that means you should use “Evil God” you know.

Well, can’t be helped. Timu still hasn’t recovered from chuunibyou.

Ah~ But still, I’ve really failed. I didn’t know how harsh I was supposed to make it. I’d just intended to spank her butt a little, but since it was the first time someone had used violence on her, Timu was probably quite shocked.

Can’t be helped. There’s no choice but to slowly build up her confidence in me again. Even if I tell her to stop using honorific speech, it’ll just have the opposite effect. I have no choice but to wait for Timu herself to come to trust me.

But let’s have her stop with the “Evil God” already. Each time I get called “Evil God”, it feels like my life is being shaved away after all.

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“Timu, you can call me sis you know?”
“I-, I would not dare to.”

It seems that she really has shrunk away. But I really wish she would just avoid that name at least. My dark history is seriously coming back to me after all.

“Please! It’s your big sister’s wish!”

I decided to try desperately pleading. On just this issue alone I hope that she’ll just somehow listen to what I say.

“I see. Then if it is your esteemed wish, I cannot refuse… Well then, would ‘elder sister’ be alright?”

BAKYUUUN! Eh!? What!? WHAT?!

‘Elder sister’? Hey, Timu!

“Mn, that’s fine for now I guess…”

I decided to say that for now, but―

I’m scared of myself because it feels like I’m awakening to something.

“And regarding Nielsen, I was thinking, if it pleases you, could he work under you, elder sister?”
“Yes, he’s quite a prodigious guy. I am sure he will be of use to you, elder sister.”

Who’s that again?

I search my memories…

Ah~ the pervert (Nielsen) that hit me had that name. Speaking of which, he was the reason Timu caught chuunibyou to begin with, wasn’t he? A pervert, and jobless chuunibyou. There’s no helping that guy.

“No! No! That guy isn’t good for anything.”
“Compared to you, elder sister, I’m sure that is true, but…”

Hahh, I knew it. Timu really has been brainwashed by that guy.

Damn it, Nielsen, you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲. What kind of nonsense did you teach her while I wasn’t around? Even though there are plenty of people more talented than that Nielsen (pervert)…

“Timu, it’s not just me. There are plenty of people more talented than a guy like that, you know.”
“It can’t be! Talents more exceptional than Nielsen shouldn’t be so easily found, but―”

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Huu~ Nielsen (the pervert)’s brainwashing of Timu is quite strong, huh. Given this situation, I need to wake Timu up somehow.

Alright, in that case…

“Mum and Dad are a given, and even uncle Thomas is more excellent than that guy after all.”
“That can’t be!”

Hu hu, Timu seems shocked too, doesn’t she? She probably thought that he should’ve been better than that hopeless case of an uncle Thomas…

Uncle Thomas is a doll craftsman who makes the dolls that Beruga Town is famous for, but he’s an old guy who’s lazy, a drunkard, and hopeless in every way. And I went and said that Nielsen (the pervert) was even lower than uncle Thomas. Nielsen (the pervert) doesn’t have any skills or anything else after all.

And in fact, even thinking about it from an outside perspective, uncle Thomas really is better than an old guy who’s jobless, a pervert, and what’s more a chuunibyou. Uncle Thomas still has a proper job after all.

“It’s true. Now then, let’s leave a guy like that alone, and go home.”
“Hahhh― Is it truly no good?”

My insistence was to no avail, and Timu’s faith in Nielsen (the pervert) hadn’t shaken. Timu appealed to me with begging eyes.

T-, This is―

It’s almost like that!

It’s like those scenes where a child picks up a stray dog and begs their parents, “But he’s so pitiful. Let’s keep him.”.

For a while now, Timu has been begging me, “Let’s keep him~ This uncle is so pitiful~” with moist eyes.

Kuh~ Stop it~ Don’t look at me with eyes like thatt~

A few dozen seconds passed as I gazed back at Timu…

Hahh~ Guess it can’t be helped.

When I look at this Nielsen (pervert), it’s like I’m seeing the old me, so it makes me sad. But, no matter what motive he may have had, it’s true that the pervert (Nielsen) played with Timu when she was lonely. If you asked me whether or not I owed him, I guess I do huh.

“Alright. I’ll look after him as well.”
“Elder sister, thank you very much!”

When I gave my consent, Timu smiled happily.

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Afterwards, should I convince Dad? But with so little strength, will that Nielsen (pervert) be alright? Our family owns a restaurant, so the work is quite physical, but…


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