Chapter 6 – By ‘Evil God’, you mean me?

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

It seems like Jiisan is out cold, huh.

-Poke poke-

I try lightly poking him with my foot.


Mn, there’s no response. He’s just like a corpse.1

Now then, since all the obstructions are gone, let’s get to the main point. I turn back towards Timu.

“Timu, do you have anything to say?”
“Human-, no, with that power you cannot be. What on earth are you?”
“Phew~ It seems like you still don’t get it at all, do you?”

Like I thought, it seems that she hasn’t reflected yet. I was thinking that if Timu regretted her actions and apologized then I would forgive her. But, she’s continuing to act as her event character Camilla to avoid the issue.

Well, it’s not as though I don’t understand the feelings of not wanting to apologize. Her feeling of resentment about me leaving her aside and making her feel lonely is probably quite strong. But using chuunibyou to run away from reality will only bring unhappiness to Timu’s life. I suffered because of this in my previous life.

It can’t be helped. This is for Timu’s sake. I closed the distance to swing the whip of love.

“So you plan on finishing me off next!? But I am the one known as Camilla of the Flash; I cannot hesitate.”

Timu began to chant some sort of incantation-sounding chant. And then Timu’s body was enveloped by a magic circle.

“Timu? What are you doi―”
“Hmph, this is my most powerful secret technique. O magic bullet, become countless stars! Star Freya!”
“Wha-!? Magic!”

No way! Timu is using magic. Something like bullets of magic are being created from Timu’s hands. And moreover, in countless numbers.

Amazing. Just when did Timu learn to do something like this?

Certainly, it’s possible to use magic in this world. But by no means can everybody use it. Only chosen people who have foundations in magic can use it.

Timu, you…

You’re actually a genius at magic as well, aren’t you!

Today has been nothing but surprises. Her running speed was amazing, and then there was her ability as an actress, and then I found out that she can even use magic.

There’s a school of magic in the capital. And if she enrolls there and trains hard, she might be able to work for the palace in the future. Timu, even though you have this much talent…

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Timu, I’m begging you. Please take care of yoursel―Huh? Oi oi, isn’t Timu kinda aiming those magical bullets at me?

Isn’t this bad-

“Feel free to become chunks of flesh!”
“Ah-, ow, that hurts-, owowow! H-, Hey, Timu, it hurts I said―”

Just as I expected, the magical bullets were shot from Timu’s hand and hit me. A rapidfire of shots flew from Timu’s hand and hit me without even giving me a chance to breathe.

Uu, each time one hits me my skin stings.

How do I say this? Right now Timu is…

Right, she’s like a kid randomly firing bullet balls from their model gun.

…I see. So this is why Timu’s chuunibyou has progressed beyond my expectations. Being able to use magic is like having a kind of status. It’s easy to think that you’re someone special. In Beruga town where I live, the people who can use magic are basically limited to the former adventurer Guard Captain Bizef after all.

Moreover, there’s probably no mistaking that Timu has been practicing in secret. And she managed to learn how to use this emission type magic. Even though this is probably beginner’s magic, she probably learnt this all by herself without anybody teaching her.

It’s amazing! She probably wanted somebody to praise her. I bet she especially wanted me, her older sister, to see it.

But I was completely preoccupied with my cooking, and didn’t pay her any attention. And it seems likely that while she was lonely and using magic all by herself, that uncle (Nielsen) saw her and said, “What’s with this child? She can use magic! And she’s cute! She is surely the master I sought, Lady Camilla! Lil’ Camilla, lick lick”.

And what happened after that goes without saying. He flattered Timu with cunning words and aggravated her chuunibyou.

Damn it, that damned pervert (Nielsen)! You’re not an uncle anymore. You’re just a pervert. I’m getting angry again. Should I kick him once more to be safe!?

No, but there’s something I should be doing before that. Disciplining Timu.

Right now, Timu is just like a kid who had somebody buy them a model gun. Usually when a parent buys their child a toy gun, they teach them not to shoot it at others. Teaching them the rules is a matter of course. As her older sister, I have to teach her properly.

That you can’t fire magic at people!

“Geez, Timu, enough already!”

I ran through the barrage of bullets and forced Timu’s arms behind her back. And like that, I lifted Timu’s bottom up. Indeed; this is the typical spanking position.

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“Wha-!? What do you intend to do to me? U-, Unhand me! I-, I can’t move!?”
“Timu, naughty children need to be spanked.”

I waved my hand back and forth and showed Timu a spanking motion.

“Hmph, physical attacks will not affect me so easily, you know. This body of mine has a magical barr――Guhah-!”

I spanked Timu’s bottom, whether she agreed or not. Timu let out a cry of suffering. I almost stopped my hand unconsciously, but if I went easy on her here, it would all be for nothing.

“Timu, please reflect on what you’ve done!”
“Hahh, hahh, i-, impossible! To so easily break through my magic barrier― A-, and moreover, to put in such an enormous amount of mana.”

Timu, you’re still going to speak that nonsense? It seems that you haven’t been punished enough, have you?

I spanked her bottom again.

But Timu continued to say things such as “mana” and “the pride of the Demon King Army” and wouldn’t reflect.

It can’t be helped. I spanked her more.

Each time Timu let out words that weren’t reflecting, I spanked her. With the sound of each sharp slap, I could hear Timu’s moan. Her bottom has become red too.

Uuu, this really is tough. I don’t want to see my beloved little sister suffering. But discipline is important. Taking care that it’s not strong enough to hurt her, but still strong enough that she’ll reflect, I continue to spank her as I regulate the power―

“Guha-, gahah-! Haa, haa, I-, I’ll die.”
“Should I give you another hit?”
“Uu-, uuuuu― I-, I was wrong. Please stop it alreadyy!”

Timu finally began to break down in tears. There’s still a little chuunibyou left in her speech, but it seems that she’s finally reflected. Seeing Timu crying hurts my heart.

Timu, I’m sorry.

Even though it was necessary, I still hit my beloved little sister. It was tough for me too. Mn, I’ll stop the scolding here. Timu’s already reflected after all, so I need to comfort her, right?


I spoke to her in the gentlest voice I could muster.

“Uu-, uuu… K-, Kill me! H-, Having received this kind of humiliation, I can never live it down!”

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Timu gave me a frantic and angry glare.

Timu, humiliation, you said?

―I see! I’m sure Timu is embarrassed. Not only did her chuunibyou get really bad, but on top of that she even raised her hand against her older sister. She’s definitely worrying about that. In my past life when my parents gave me a warning and I acted violently, I wanted to die as well. Because my behavior was shameful, I just kept thinking about it. Timu is probably feeling the same way right now.

―Alright. Then right now, I’ll talk to Timu about my past life. I hadn’t planned on telling anyone about the memories of my past life. I’d hate for them to think I was crazy after all. But I have to say it. If I tell her about how in my past life, I had a severe case of chuunibyou and raised my hand against my family, Timu should be able to empathize and understand.

Compared to me, Timu has absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.

And to comfort her, I’ll let her know just how much I care about her.

“Timu, listen up.”
“W-, What…?”

I gazed at Timu with a serious expression.

And then about how I was a reincarnater, about how I was born in a country called Japan in my past life, about how in my past life I suffered from chuunibyou, ah, but since she wouldn’t understand the word ‘chuunibyou,’ I confessed that as the ‘Evil God Dark Matter’ I did some extremely cringeworthy things.

And then, even about how in the end I was run down by a truck, and passed away all too quickly…

…I told her all of it. It ended up being all of my dark history, didn’t it?

Does Timu understand what I’m really trying to say?

“F-, For something like that to have been― W-, What have I done!?”

Mmn, though she seems to be in shock, it looks like she believes me.

“Timu, right now you might be weak. But you’ll definitely become strong. You can definitely become strong! Fate has chosen me to be reincarnated as your older sister after all. I’ll always watch over you.”
“I-, I―”
“Let’s keep getting along, okay?”

To show her that we’d made up, I hugged Timu. In my arms, Timu looked up at me,

“Yes. As the Evil God commands―”

and said that to me with enraptured eyes.

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W-, Why?

It seems that my troubles are going to continue.


  1. “There’s no response. He’s just like a corpse.” is actually a stock system phrase from Dragon Quest.

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