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Chapter 42 – It’s Tilea’s magic lessons! (Opening)

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

“Enough of this. I suppose you think it’s great fun to mock people like this!”

A young woman stormed out of the shop. From her brisk footsteps, you could tell that she was mad.

Fuu~ This again? …How many people has it been already.

Starting last week, we’ve been calling home tutors from the capital to help Timu with her magic. Everybody that came was a leading expert, even in the big capital. But not one of them stayed longer than a day.

A while ago, Timu declared “I shall reform the magic system from the bottom up!” and passionately began studying magic. That’s why I wanted to help her somehow, so I decided to hire a home tutor.

Incidentally, they were organized via Loser (Bizef)’s connections. He paid for them as well.

Last week I heard that he had finally recovered from shutting himself in, so I decided to head to his house to give him a piece of my mind.

I’ll leave out the details of what happened, but I was on the verge of seriously hitting him, you know? But well, I had him help me out with Timu’s matter, so I somehow managed to stop myself.

Because there was also the incident with the shop debt, Loser (Bizef) readily agreed. Only, from beginning to end, he kept unhappily complaining “Even though I could just teach her…”

Hah! Why the hell should I subject my precious sister to the teachings of a Loser (Bizef). If she learns from a person like him, it’s obvious that her skills will degrade instead.

And so, using Loser (Bizef)’s connection, we had famous teachers come from the capital to teach magic.

But the result was that Timu drove away every single person that came… At this rate, there probably won’t be a single person left soon.

Hahh~ What do I do?

While I was at my wit’s end, Timu’s carefree face appeared in the shop.

“Elder sister. That human possessed only worthless information, and so as usual, I drove them out.”

And the girl in question was always like this.

Geez. I mean, I get it, okay? I get it. I really get how she feels. In my old life, my grades definitely weren’t great either. I was always thinking, ‘to hell with studying’.

But to be unable to stand a single day… Don’t you think she has tolerance issues?

Would it be best if I scolded her here?

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Mm~mm… But well~ she’d definitely rebel, right? Well, I suppose there’s no meaning if I scold her without hearing her out. First we’ll chat. It’s important that we understand each other.

“Timu, so it really was too hard to bear?”
“Uuu, I do not wish to complain to you, elder sister, but their theories are just so childish and out-of-date that just listening to them talk feels like I’ll lose my mind.”

The way Timu’s talking, it’s like she’s a university professor listening to a class in kindergarten. In other words, the lessons were too hard, and she’s trying to cover that up. This stubbornness is also because she doesn’t want to admit that she doesn’t understand, huh.

Timu, there’s no reason you need to be embarrassed about being unable to follow. You were self-taught. You never had any proper lessons, so of course this would be the result. Honestly, you’re just like my old self. So stubborn.

“Timu, I know that it’s tough. You taught yourself magic, so of course their theories didn’t make any sense to you, right?”
“It is exactly as you say, elder sister. I cannot understand them. Even though I had carefully created my system of magic, for some reason they went out of their way to make it childish and inefficient. Even though they had millennia to experiment on their own, why did my system deteriorate to this extent! Not even three tenths of my magic theory was passed down!”

So shouted Timu indignantly.

I see… So in the end, she’s just going to stick with the Demon Camilla part, and refuse to acknowledge her own ignorance, huh. It’s true that if the demon Camilla was here, she’d probably be saying more or less the same thing, I guess.

These lessons are the first time Timu has ever experienced discouragement. Up until now, she’s been teaching herself magic, and playing Demon King Army with a bunch of grown-ups. I’m sure she overestimated herself, and considered herself as a full-fledged magician already. But with the real experts in front of her now, she’s trying to escape from reality.

This won’t do. At this rate, Timu’s growth will be stopped. When it comes to self-teaching, you’ll always meet a limit someday. It’s important to learn from your predecessors.

Timu has talent. Even if you take out my bias as her sister, I still think that she can become an expert mage someday. But it won’t happen unless she puts in the effort now. I need to get her pumped up somehow.

“Timu. Don’t I always tell you? If you continue to deny everything like this, you won’t grow, you know.”
“H-, However, elder sister… Their magic system is just too horrid. Even though magic has obviously declined, they continue to boast complacently about their backwards knowledge with self-satisfied looks. So many times I thought to tear our their brains!”
“Timu, that’s enough. No matter what you say, I’m going to continue having you attend lessons.”

“I-, It can’t beee… I understand that you wish to gather intelligence on humans. But I do not think we will get anything further from them. Up until now, many people have come from the capital, and they were all said to be famous magicians, but every one of them was incompetent and amateur.”
“Amateur…!? So I suppose that makes you an expert then! Stop being so stubborn and listen to your teachers!”
“I-, I must once again listen to the ramblings of those primitives? Elder sister, I beg of you. Any more and I will go mad. Let us simply eliminate the lot of them already!”

Ohh, she’s lost it. She’s leaning forward towards me with a crazed expression on her face.

Fumu. Although this is for her sake, it might be too cruel to act like an Asian Parent like this. But still, ‘go mad’ she says…? I guess the magic from the capital really is too hard for her. It’s all lessons from experts who are famous even in the capital after all. I see. So it was too hard. In my past life, I experienced this a number of times too. It wouldn’t do to force her too much.

“Okay. If you hate it that much, then we’ll stop with the home tutor. But what about your magic training then? Do you plan to keep teaching yourself?”
“About the sky cutting magic that you mentioned, as you would expect, the reality is that learning it on my own is too difficult. I wish for you to teach me magic, elder sister.”
“Uhh, Timu, you know, to begin with I can’t use―”

H-, Hang on. I’ve had a vague feeling for a while now, could it be that getting into magic is easier than I thought? I mean, everyone I’ve met so far could use magic. Could it be that anybody can use elementary magic as long as they try?

Speaking of which, I had heard that you could only learn magic after you built a solid foundation, but the one who told me that was Loser (Bizef). If it’s that guy, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if he exaggerated things to make himself look better. I bet a girl from the sticks like me was the perfect sucker for his stories.

Considering that, if I then told Timu that I couldn’t use magic…

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‘Ehhh!? Big sis, you don’t know how to use magic? Only twelve year olds don’t know how to use magic. Kyahahaa!’

she might say, like some typical scornful middle school girl.

Uuu, I’d hate that.

Timu is a chuunibyou, but she looks up to me. I need to show her my dignity as an older sister. I can’t tell her the truth.

“W-, Well, I could teach you, but… Ah, look, I mean, I only know the magic from my old world back when I was an Evil God, so it’s different from the system in this world, you know.”

Oooh, I think that was a pretty good excuse!

“I would by all means like to hear about the magic system used in ‘Jyapan’. Lately, all I have been listening to are the theories of children, so I have become just about fed up with it. Please guide me with your refined knowledge, elder sister.”

S-, She’s really into it. Yeah… Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to go faking things while pushing her into studying.

Alright, then in that case, I’ll just wing it!

Only, even if she asks me to teach her, to begin with, how on earth do you use magic? I don’t even know the basics of the basics.

…C-, Can’t be helped.

I’ll just skilfully guide her into teaching me that.


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