Chapter 4 – I was hit by my little sister

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

I turned to Timu and sternly scolded her, but for some reason the atmosphere was a little strange. The members who were about to leave earlier all turned back and began surrounding me.

Their stares are painful. Are they angry? No, it would be better to call it bloodlust. Why?

―Ohh, crap!

Today’s gathering was for the Demon King Revival Event. Everyone had completely changed into their characters for the event. You could say that all the participants were acting as realistically as possible. In particular, that armored man’s speech had enough impact that it wouldn’t be strange even if you called it the real thing.

In this perfectly acted world, I barged in with reality. With this many people attending, there’s bound to be some chuunibyou participants mixed in, but the majority of them might actually be people who normally work seriously, and who participated as their only enjoyment.

And among the participants are dragonoids and birdmen as well. They’re not races that live in this area. They probably traveled from far, far away for this event. In the face of these people, my remark just now was clearly a breach of manners.

What do I do…?

I’ve really wrecked the world they’ve created, haven’t I?

While I was regretting having caused everybody trouble,

“Human. You have done well finding this place. For you to have broken through two layers of barriers is…”

said the armored man to me.

Ohhh! I see!

He’s making it so that my intrusion here is part of the event too, isn’t it?

Good job, armored man!

Geez~ When I first saw this man in armor I was thinking “So much cringe…” but then why is he…

From his attention to detail and his demeanor, it might be that this armored man is actually a wholesale store manager, or the president of a company. Even in an event like this he’s taking his role seriously, so there’s a good chance of it being true.

“Kill them! Kill the human!”
“Kihihi… I’ll make you cry nicely.”
“Hyahhaa, my first human meat in a while!”

In response to the armored man, the people around made an uproar. The event participants had begun acting as the Demon King Army’s soldiers.

Mn, mn. It seems that everybody has understood the situation, huh? Everybody can read the mood. And the acting is amazing. This atmosphere really feels like I’m going to get torn apart. In particular, that beastman drooling with his mouth hanging open looks like he’s going to bite into me at any second.

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I can’t lose to them either. Right now my role is that of the hero who entered the barriers of the Demon King Army. Given that, how should I act from now on…?

While I was considering various lines, Timu walked briskly before me.

“I don’t know how you found this place, but you sure are a fool!”

If I remember correctly, the setting was that she was the Demon General Camilla, right?

Huhu, her realistic acting is so cute. But you know, playtime is over. It’s time to go home now.

“Human, even if only temporarily, you were my elder sister. I will at least give you a painless death.”
“Heh? What do you mea―wh-, wah?”

Timu drew a knifehand strike to my neck at a speed that seemed to leave a flash.

The sound of an impact resounded through the room―

But, the knifehand was stopped soundly by my neck.

“I-, Impossible!? The strike that I put my mana into was…”

Timu panicked as though something impossible had happened.

“Surely you did not show mercy to them?”
“Viceroy, that is an insult to me. I put in enough power to even bisect a dragon!”
“Is that true?”
“I-, Impossible…”
“Camilla of the Flash is pathetic!”

The people around us began to loudly make a fuss.

I could feel something fall straight to the ground inside me.

Timu hit me.

And it hurt quite a bit too. It might have left a bruise on my neck.

With my little sister acting violently towards me for the first time, I was stricken with shock.


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