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Chapter 36 – I am the Viceroy of the Evil God Army, Camilla.

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad


It was in a room in the bandit stronghold. Jacoh screamed in irritation, and sent a nearby chair flying with a kick, and it crashed against the wall noisily.

As he stroked his swollen face, Jacoh recalled yesterday’s irritating events. His bandits had been beaten up by an elf who suddenly invaded, and were handed over to the guards. Thankfully he was released thanks to some hush money, but to Jacoh it was an infuriating humiliation.

“B-, Boss?”

Jacoh’s subordinate cowered at his boss’ angry bellow. After all, Jacoh was both moody and extremely wild. It was a matter of course to be beaten and kicked for upsetting him, and at worst, there were even people beaten half to death.

“OI, B̲A̲S̲T̲A̲R̲D̲S̲! That elf monster Remilia isn’t in town anymore, right?”
“Yes. She was in Beruga to conduct some kind of investigation, but she’s already left.”
“I see. That elf is unforgivable, but that town girl Tilea is even more unforgivable!”

She even brought that elf to default on the debt. Being slighted by that town girl had already pushed his irritation to the limit.

“Boss, what do we do about that town girl?”
“I’ll really make her regret making light of me. Even if she cries or screams I won’t forgive her!”
“A-, As expected of Boss. No mercy even to women. I admire that part of you.”
“Hmph. Enough with the flattery. More importantly, are my subordinates gathered?”
“Yes. By your order, all three hundred have gathered.”
“Good. The humiliation I suffered from the town girl will be repaid to those villagers. We’re attacking, ya b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲!”

Jacoh handed down the order to assault the town. Showing up in his real job as leader of the bandits, his eyes were filled with ferocity now. All three hundred ran at full speed across the Beruga Plains.

“Boss~ I’m really thankful for your real job. I’m sick of all the paperwork.”
“Idiot! Normal money lending is great camouflage for the real stuff.”
“I understand. It’s just that pillaging is such a fun job, that I can’t help but be gloomy about that tediousness…”

Jacoh’s subordinates all agreed. To begin with they were a gathering of people who enjoyed things like stealing and arson. To these people who lived based on instinct, it couldn’t be helped that they were getting frustrated by doing detailed things like paperwork.

“Tsk. Honestly, you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ never run outta things to say. Oi, Beruga is a poor town, so there’s no real guards. We’re attacking them all at once.”
“Kill the men in town, and capture the women alive. As usual, we’ll set the town on fire at the end and disappear. Take everything valuable.”

As they ran, the bandit group began to discuss how they would divide the women and money. Occasionally there would be vulgar laughter during their discussion of who would own the women.

“Honestly. For the other women it’s first come first served, but that town girl is mine, aight!?”

Jacoh made sure to warn his subordinates so that his prey wouldn’t be stolen. She was a cocky and irritating woman, but her body was enticing.

I’ll ‘eat’ up that voluptuous flesh first. Once I’m bored, I’ll hand it down to them.

Hehehe, laughed Jacoh as his dark passions burned, when suddenly,

“Nielsen. I seem to have heard some unforgivable and displeasing noise!”
“Yes Milady. Honestly, what a truly grave bunch.”

Hearing the sudden voices, the bandit group stilled their legs. The voices had been close. In other words, that was simply how far they had closed the distance. Although they were off guard, the owners of those voices had still gotten close without any of these battle-hardened veterans noticing. Tension ran through the group.

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“Who is it! Where the f̲u̲c̲k̲ are you!”

Jacoh swung his head to scan the area. There were plenty of rocks and trees for somebody to hide behind. It was a perfect place for a surprise attack.

An ambush…?

Jacoh immediately drew his sword and prepared for an enemy attack. His subordinates also got into a formation with practised movements, as their eyes began to shine with vigilance against the surroundings.


Silence enveloped the area for a moment, before suddenly, a shrill cry rang out through the surroundings. And then, something huge appeared before the bandit group.

“W-. What is that?”
“A-, A wyvern! N- No, that’s wrong. I’ve never seen a wyvern that huge before!”
“Ha ha. Confusing a dragon with an overgrown lizard? Gyangu, gnaw these fools to pieces!”

An officer of the Praetorian Guard, Muram, ordered Gyangu to kill the bandits. Gyangu was a dragon personally raised by Demon General Garm. It boasted the hardness of orichalchum, as well as speed unmatched with its large frame. The bandits were being rapidly caught one after another, and eaten after being torn by its sharp claws.

“Hiii! W-, Why is a monster like this-!”

The bandits frantically tried to run from Gyangu’s roar, aiming to escape when one of the other members was being eaten. There was no cooperation of any sort; simply thoughts of protecting nothing but themselves.

“Hii! W-, Wait. There’s a f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g monster here too!”

But even when they desperately ran, there was another overwhelming being blocking their way. That being was yet another dragon. Although its color differed, it was as hard as Gyangu, and its brutality dropped the bandits into the pits of terror.

“UWAHH! T-, This way is no good either! R-, RUN!”
“I-, Idiots! Calm down! Don’t break the formation!”

Unrest spread through the bandits. Though Jacoh rebuked his subordinates and tried to calm them down, the panicked and confused bandits wouldn’t settle down.

Furthermore, twenty or thirty of his subordinates suddenly collapsed. They hadn’t been attacked. Neither had they fainted from being shot by arrows or magic. In all of Jacoh’s life, never had he seen or heard of such a strange occurrence and he felt like he was going to go crazy from the confusion.

“W-, What is this? What’s happening? WHAT THE F̲U̲C̲K̲ DID YOU DOOO!?

As a cold sweat was running down Jacoh’s skin, the girl on the dragon suddenly raised her hand. And then with a swing of that hand―

Jacoh’s subordinates were torn in two. These battle-hardened subordinates were veterans who had even fought many times with guards and other bandits. They were powerful soldiers who had overcome these trials every time. So Jacoh thought, but…

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With that girl’s angry look, his prided subordinates were easily cut in two. With each swing of her hand, the shrieks of his men echoed through the air.

“W-, What is that…?”

Jacoh trembled. They had blended perfectly into the surroundings without any sign, and then suddenly appeared to massacre his subordinates. They were like grim reapers, and brought to mind the tales of demons from ancient times. In particular, the bloodlust from that girl on the wyvern was abnormal.

That girl? Wasn’t she that town girl, Timu!?

Why could a town girl kill this easily? Even though she was a small girl, he could feel an unimaginable bloodlust from her.

S-, She’s a genuine monster.

For the first time in his life, Jacoh tasted fear. This girl was bad news. There was no way he could make an enemy of her.

“T-, Timu, was it? Forgive me. I won’t do bad things anymore.”
“Nielsen, this human’s crimes have increased again. The mouth of a mere human spoke the divine name that connects elder sister and I.”
“A truly unforgivable deed. Even capital punishment would not be enough.”

W-, What the f̲u̲c̲k̲ is she saying? I was sure I was pretending to reflect, but it isn’t getting through at all. And what ‘divine name’! Aren’t you just a town girl!

Through some incomprehensible means, his veteran subordinates were being quietly, and easily slaughtered. Of the original three hundred men, barely twenty remained. Jacoh’s mind couldn’t process what was unfolding before him. All that was clear to him was that what awaited him was a reality more terrifying than death. He had no choice but to use it. That trump card he saved for a crisis.

“You lot, at this rate we’ll just be killed by the monster. It’s all or nothing. We charge together!”
“B-, But a monster like this…”
“F̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g idiot! Even if you stay there, you’ll still die. Everyone, prepare yourself!”
“U-, Understood.”
“Alright. NOW!”

At Jacoh’s signal, the ten-odd bandits charged Camilla. There was nowhere left to go, and it was a reckless last stand.

Heh, idiots!

He activated the Explosion spell he had set on his subordinates. The moment that they made contact with Camilla, they blew up one by one.

“Haha, c’yaa, damned monsters!”

Jacoh had set an Explosion in every member of his subordinates in case the time ever came to use it. Ordinarily, Explosion was a spell that required a magic circle with lots of effort put into it. However, Jacoh habitually experimented on his men under the guise of special training. Little by little, so that nobody would notice, he embedded the Explosion chant into his men.

Even one Explosion was powerful. And this time they had activated in succession, and a dense cloud of dust was rising from the area. While this was happening, Jacoh retreated.

He he, in the very end I was saved by capable subordinates. All I need to do is gather some more. If I lose my life, it’s all over.

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With a smile, Jacoh cast reinforcement magic on himself, and ran at full speed.

■ ◇ ■ ◇

—Camilla’s Perspective

Ordered by elder sister to remain at the store, I carried out my guard duties with the others. And while I was doing so, I received word from Belnandes that a group of roughly three hundred were running our way. And of all people, the leader was the fellow who disrespected elder sister yesterday! I could wish for nothing more. As we were continuing with the strategy yesterday, I endured my anger towards him. However, given that he was the one who attacked this time, there was no reason not to strike him back. I immediately brought the Household Guard to subjugate them.

Straddling Gargan, I headed to the place in Belnandes’ report and… there he was! The pinnacle of disrespect from yesterday was marching across Beruga Plains with riff-raff in tow.

Hmph, I shall exterminate you! Having arrived here before the bandits, I ordered the Household Guard to conceal themselves in all directions. I will not allow them to escape. All who are rude to elder sister shall be slaughtered!

I had Nielsen on standby nearby and waited for them to fall into the trap when of all things I heard that leader voice extreme disrespect towards elder sister!

“Nielsen. I seem to have heard some unforgivable and displeasing noise!”
“Yes Milady. Honestly, what a truly grave bunch.”

Hearing my words, the bandits finally noticed our close presence. Feel free to discover just how foolish a crime you have committed.

I gave commands to the hidden guards. They jumped out from all directions and began to tear the fools apart, one after another. What’s more, in that crowd of bandits, Gyangu began to rampage with his claws and maw.

Hmph, how fragile. The fools were so weak that they died without any real resistance. Even so, for these weak fools to have insulted elder sister. Even absurdity should have its limits. I was so furious that it felt like my guts were writhing and burning.

“Lady Camilla, please hold back your pressure. This lot are liable to die from the shock. Dozens of them have already fainted from your pressure.”
“Goodness! Unable to bear with even this level!? How brittle humans are.”

I thought I was holding it back, but apparently my anger caused my mana to leak. It seems that dozens of them had died from the pressure of my overflowing mana. How terribly fragile. At this rate, my subordinates will end them without me doing anything.

This is bad. I need to quickly join as well!

While riding Gargan, I glared over the bandits. And then I waved my arm from up to bottom. Each time, dozens of the bandits were cut right down the middle. Blood spurted from their two halves.

“Hiii! I-, In an instant… c-, cut in t-, two…”
“Fragile. Much too fragile! To die so simply… is this not simply kindness!? What do I do with my anger at elder sister’s humiliation! WHERE DO I TURN THIS ARNGERRRR!”

Driven by my anger, I smoothly cut through the bandits with my mana beam. It was a sea of blood around me. My mana beam turned them into corpses one after another. While I was cleaning up the bandits like this, that leader spoke to me with a stiff expression.

“T-, Timu, was it? Forgive me. I won’t do bad things anymore.”
“Nielsen, this human’s crimes have increased again. The mouth of a mere human spoke the divine name that connects elder sister and I.”
“A truly unforgivable deed. Even capital punishment would not be enough.”

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How far must this man anger me before he is satisfied? My fury reached its peak. How shall I kill him? How shall I torment him? While I was thinking about the execution method, all of the bandits ran towards me at once.

Hmph, a last stand after having no way out, huh? …How uninspired.

The moment that they tried to attack me, they exploded one by one. I watched the bandits pop in succession. It was suicide bombing through Explosion. Although it would have been a strong blow to a human, to a demon it was nothing but lacking. Simply useless struggle. Only, because of the dust cloud, my visibility has decreased. Were they trying something with this opening…?

“Haha, c’yaa, damned monsters!”

But the plan was simply to escape. How foolish. How very foolish!

“Hmph, what petty tricks!”
“Lady Camilla, it appears that he is increasing his speed through body reinforcement magic, doesn’t it.”

Through the use of body reinforcement magic, the leader was getting further and further away. Although the effectiveness of this magic depended on the person, most of them were simply increasing power from ‘two’ to ‘three’. The leader had specialized it for his legs and was running with the speed of a wild beast.

“Honestly, does he believe that he can escape?”

Reaching the limit of my patience, I held my hand in the escaping man’s direction. I concentrated mana in my hand to create magic bullets. Dark, ominous masses of darkness magic. Having created magic bullets with many dozens the power of normal magic bullets, I set my sights on the leader.


I fired. The man was a few kilometers away, and looked no larger than a grain of rice. However, the magic bullets accurately found him.

“GUBOAHHH! A-, At this distance? D-, DAMNED MONSTERRRRR!”

Bombarded by magic bullets and having his flesh twisted to pieces, the leader’s shrill scream resounded through the area.


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