Chapter 12 – This dog is a hardcore NEET

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

It’s been a week since I hired Pervert (Nielson). Even now, I haven’t seen Pervert (Nielson) work seriously. Or rather, he can’t even bring himself to stay in the shop during opening hours.

Belnandes, was it…?

Probably one of Pervert (Nielson)’s unemployed buddies. Anyway, he frequently comes to the shop to bring Pervert (Nielson) away.

Pervert (Nielson) then spouts stuff like “Lady Tilea. It seems that the scouts of the Demon King Army are lurking nearby. Hmph, please pay it no heed. I shall immediately tidy them up.” before leaving.

Each time, I have no choice but to clean up after him. I bow to dad, and do the work set out for Pervert (Nielson) in his stead. As Pervert (Nielson)’s boss, being unable to properly guide him is something I take responsibility for.

I thought about scolding him harshly.

And obviously! Who on earth would just ignore an employee who randomly ditches work!?

But this is the first time that Pervert (Nielson) has worked in his life. There’s no doubt that his willpower is soft like tofu. If I scold him, there’s basically a 100% chance that he’ll give up. I mean, after all, having never worked in his almost 60 years of life, Pervert (Nielson) is a hardcore NEET. Looking at this in the long term, I have to bring up Pervert (Nielson) properly. I shouldn’t be scolding him, and instead praising him and raising his ability. This is something I resolved myself upon when I hired him.

―Alright. Let’s have a talk with him. First off I’ll look for Pervert (Nielson)’s few good points, and praise him to bring out his will to work!

“Niel, there’s something I need to talk―”
“Mu!? It seems that scouts have appeared again. Well then, I shall head off to clean them up.”

Pervert (Nielson) flew out of the shop again.

Huhuhu, this is the first time― the first time that I’ve met a dummy that’s made a fool of me to this extent…

After that, when Pervert (Nielson) returned, I properly gave him a harsh scolding.

A few days later, while racking my brains about Pervert (Nielson) who hadn’t shown any growth, I could hear a voice calling for me. The source of the voice was the source of my recent worries, Pervert (Nielson).

“Lady Tilea! Lady Tilea!”
“What is it this~ time? Did the Demon King revive or something?”
“No, things are still all right on that front.”
“Then what?”
“Milady. The offensives of the Kira Unit have been intensifying as of late, and before long I will need to take command on the front lines. Please forgive my absence from headquarters for a while.”

Huu~ In other words, you want to take a break, huh? Even though you’ve been ditching work that much, working is still painful? I guess even if I tell him no at this point, he’ll just lose motivation and it’ll have the opposite effect.

―Can’t be helped. For now I’ll just let him do things at his own pace, and ask him how often he can work.

“Then, how often can you come to work?”
“Milady. It depends on the development of the battle, but I believe that I will be able to return to headquarters once a week.”

Yep, there it is. A working week with a 6 day weekend; you’re making light of working, aren’t you!? In what universe is there a company that allows people to rest 6 days a week!?

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And what’s more, saying that you’re fighting the Demon King Army…

That’s like saying you’re not going to work because you’re going off the play!

Huu~ Huu~ Calm down. CALM DOWN, TILEA!

I squeezed out all of the maternal instinct that I had. If I can feel like a mother watching over her child, I’ll be able to calm down.




―Okay, I’m calm. Right. It isn’t time to rampage yet. Although it’s only once a week, Pervert (Nielson) still intends on working after all. I can just instill the common sense of a worker into Pervert (Nielson) from here on.

But wow, that event is still going on…?

It seems that Mr. Armored Man, I mean, Mr. Hidler is still going at it. I’ve heard this from Pervert (Nielson), but apparently Mr. Armored Man’s name is actually ‘Hidler’. It sounds totally like the name of some Demon King.

But still, the offensives of the Kira Unit?

It’s not the Demon King Resurrection Event anymore.

“What’s Kira?”

“Milady. With Lady Camilla’s cessation from the Demon King Army, the cautious Hidler may be a different matter, but as for the belligerent of the Six Demon Generals, we had predicted that they would begin to move. Amongst them is Kira. To begin with, he did not think well of Lady Camilla, and had been looking for an excuse to quarrel with her.”

…Oi you. Do you really think that anyone would know what you’ve been talking about?

Only I can understand your chuunibyou, you know. It’s really lucky that I was somebody reincarnated, huh?

In other words, what Pervert (Nielson) wants to say is this!

『Hey, hey. Mr. Hidler. Is Camilla really quitting?』
『It’s true. Her older sister came to bring her home.』
『Ehhhh? Serious? Then won’t the Six Demon Generals just be the Five Demon Generals? It loses its ring.』
『Honestly, for the sake of this event I had to slave away at work without holiday, you know!』
『Yeah, yeah! We can’t just change our members at this point!』
『Calm down now, everybody. We can’t trouble her family.』
『You’re too soft, Mr. Hidler! Just as we were thinking about how she suddenly barged in, now she’s suddenly quitting? I’m going to go complain a little!』

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is probably how the conversation went.

Thinking that Kira was coming to complain a little to Timu about suddenly quitting, I guess Nielsen isn’t just thinking about playing either. He’s going to convince Kira after all.

“Got it, Niel. I’ll leave this matter to you, alright?”
“Understood-! I shall risk my life to serve.”
“Elder sister. From a long time ago, that guy and I have had our fates crossed. I would like to ask for permission to head to the battlefront as well.”

Oohh! Timu, you were listening too, huh? Timu suddenly joined the conversation I was having with Pervert (Nielson). Well, there’s no reason that the chuunibyou Timu wouldn’t get onboard with Pervert (Nielson)’s chuunibyou.

But I wonder if it’ll be okay for Timu to go. Will the chuunibyou Timu be able to apologize properly? If things go wrong, it might get more complicated…

No, doing nothing but pampering isn’t real love. This matter is something that Timu should apologize for herself. Timu caused them problems while she was playing with them after all. You have to properly apologize to the people that you trouble, after all.

“You’re right. Timu, you should go too. Make sure to properly take responsibility for this,”
“Of course, elder sister.”

Yupyup. Timu has also gotten stronger before I knew it.


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