Chapter 1 – My little sister became a chuunibyou!

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva

Right now it’s been over ten years since I was reincarnated. I was reincarnated as a female. My name is Tilea. This year I’ll turn 17. Because I have memories of being a man, there were a lot of inconveniences, but I’m already used to it. As for my appearance, you could say that with the silky hair that runs down to my waist, my big double lidded eyes, and a somewhat dignified atmosphere, I’m a pretty girl.

And my family runs a restaurant. The name of the shop is ‘Berum’. The name comes from playing around with the name of the town I was born in, Beruga. Restaurant ‘Berum’ is the only restaurant in town, and everybody in town says that it’s delicious. That reputation is all thanks to Dad. Dad’s skill in cooking is exceptional. I want to hurry up and be able to cook food that people admire as well, so each day I exert myself in my cooking training.

In my old life I was a super useless guy that didn’t even do his housework properly, but right now a few dishes in the restaurant are being left to me. It’s because of Dad’s strict but warm guidance. Dad is a respectable person who’s not only reliable, but has good cooking skills. And Mum is somebody you can respect as well. She supports her inflexible cook of a husband, and is a gentle person who is considerate of others.

And, I have a younger sister who’s three years younger than me. Her name is Timu, and I’m not sure if it was a sudden mutation, but unlike my parents and I, she has silver hair.

Anyway, her silver hair is beautiful. Sometimes it catches the light of the sun and sparkles, and I unconsciously end up looking at it in a daze. I’ve been taking care of Timu since she was young. Timu goes “Sis, sis,” at every chance, and anyway, she’s just cute! I’m not sure if it’s the recoil effect from being an only child in my previous life, but I’m particularly affectionate with Timu.

I love my family right now, and I want to master cooking. That’s why even though this is a parallel fantasy universe, I don’t think about going on adventures or anything at all. There’s no meaning to that.

And moreover, there’s no demon king in this world. It seems that there was one in the distant past. He was called Demon King Zorg, and he was ripped into pieces and was destroyed by humans, beastmen, dragonoids and the other people who lived there. It’s a completely standard story, and is what you’d call a fairy tale. I guess even in parallel worlds, you get things like this.

In my old world as well there were stories about ogre and kappa after all; things you’d call myths and folklore. The people of this world seem to believe in the demon king, proportional to the amount of scientific advancement they’re missing, but because I have the knowledge of science from my old world, it doesn’t really fit with me. It’s probable that a powerful elf or beastmen was called the demon king.

That’s why there’s no fantasy-esque setting of the hero defeating the demon king. Adventurers don’t go dungeon raiding either, and their main job is hunting wild animals called magic beasts. It might be more on the mark to call them hunters, rather than adventurers. No matter how much magic we can use, there’s not much romance or dreams in this world.

But well, had I suffered an outbreak of chuunibyou like I had in my previous life, I’d have probably gleefully become an adventurer and travelled the world, huh? Right now my dream is to be a normal cook who loves her family, to continually refine my cooking, and to help Restaurant ‘Berum’ prosper.

And I was living a fulfilling everyday life and heading towards that dream, but…

Lately something’s been troubling me.

Actually, it’s about my cute little sister, Timu. Even though she used to go “Sis, sis,” so much, these last few days she’s been oddly distant.

I do think that I went a little overboard with the skinship as well, yesterday, but anyway, when I was rubbing her cheeks and saying “Timu, you’re so cute and healthy today as well!” she wordlessly brushed me away.

Is this what they call the rebellious phase?

Kuh~! This is too sad!

What do I do if Timu ignores me today as well? The more I think about it, the worse my anxiety gets. Would it be better if I gave her some room for a while? No, at times like these, you have to act normally, right?

I made up my mind, and decided to call out to Timu.

“Ti~mu, is this where you were? It’s time to help out at the shop, you know?”
“Human, choose your words wisely! I am one of the Six Demon Generals under Demon King Zorg, Camilla!”

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H-, How could this be…

My little sister suffered a chuunibyou outbreak.


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