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Chapter 7 – Today’s Me Is Also A Lazy Person

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

“Petting dog”.

This and huffing cats is the peak happiness on earth.

Even though I still haven’t raised a dog in West-Resisting City, this hasn’t influenced my early enjoyment of petting a dog.

While I gradually got used to Felita using all kinds of reasons to make her way into my quilt, I finally thought up a way to solve it once and for all. That is to set aside some time in my day to sit on the floor, place an open book onto the small table before me, and have Felita lay on my lap. As I use one hand to flip the pages, I use the other to stroke her head like I’m helping a house pet smoothen its hair. Felita’s very obediently from beginning until the end during this entire process, occasionally lying on her back and using a very expectant gaze to look at me so that I may stroke her stomach.

Felita’s stomach is a little squishy, soft and elastic to the touch.

There’s no such thing as the perfect figure in this world, but in my opinion, Felita’s figure is quite an excellent one. There’s naturally no need to mention how shapely she is; her height is over 1.75m , her legs intermittently appearing beneath her mage robe, and wide areas of snow-colored and soft skin showing time to time along with her rolling round. But because she doesn’t really do melee fights, she doesn’t really have Aleya’s slim figure. Instead, her body type is one of plumpness. I can’t tell if she’s doing it on purpose or unconsciously, but whenever she’s by my side, she always likes to incessantly rub herself here and there regardless of how messy her clothes become.

That exact thing is happening right now, but now Felita’s hugging a long magic staff.

That’s right, the magic staff that Aleya and I went to Demon Race Territory to collect materials for.

Even though the look of the thing was rather frightening, it was, after all, made from uncommon material【Cursed Skull】, Horned Rabbit’s【Lightshine Horn】, Red-mane Bear’s 【Mane】and other strange materials. How do I say this, hmm. Well, the best way to describe it would be that it looks normal when looking at its body, but when you look up a little, the top resembles one of those punk-style, rock-n-roll skulls. The originally bare skull now had a tuft of red hair embedded into it. Regardless of whoever saw it, they would sincerely comment:

“How disturbing.”

Not towards Felita, but rather that shamate-styled skull. 1

Felita is extremely fond of this thing. From these past few days I’ve returned, I would see this staff either being carried on her back or carried in her arms each and every time I saw her and seemed to never leave her person.

I helped her take care of her long silver hair as she sat by my side, hugged me arm, and unceasingly rubbed her soft cheek against it. I waited until my arm went numb before I said with an unconcerned voice:

“Felita, I’ve been thinking to ask this entire time, is this behavior of yours deliberate? Or is it a kind of instinct?”

Felita froze for a moment, sat her body up, and replied with deadpan earnesty:

“It’s to replenish energy.”

“Replenish energy?? Rubbing restores energy??”

Felita calmly responded:

“If I continuously use magic, I will sink into an exhausted and tense state. The more magic I use, the faster I’ll fall into such a state. In the end, it will be like what master saw before, where I’m unable to tell whether I’m a human or demon and sink into a state of unbounded panic. But as long as I rub myself against master, I’ll be able to slowly restore my usual appearance.”

I couldn’t help but to remark:

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“It’s this magical?”

Felita softly responded:


I stroked Felita’s head and in response, she narrowed her eyes and began actively rubbing herself against my hand.

What made me feel regretful is exactly that magic staff in Felita’s hand, which I will call【Rock-n-Roll Skull】for the time being, since it’s just a blue-grade magic staff in my eyes. It’s still a very long way away from Aleya’s【Roaming Dragon】and this being so has made me have a feeling of being thwarted.

Following this time’s return, I purposefully flipped through books and found some information pertaining to weapons and equipment.

Entry, Handheld, Uncommon, Fortune-losing, Luckily-met, Unseekable.

These six are the true names of the weapon and equipment levels, but I’m usually disinclined to use these titles. There are six ranks in any case, so I correspond them with ‘White’, ‘Green’, ‘Blue’, ‘Purple’, ‘Yellow’, and ‘Red’. It’s both intuitive and can be visualized, so I privately define the grades with these colors.

White-tier gear is basically the crappiest of them all, Entry grade, like the magic staff that Felita once made for herself.

Green-tier is tentatively regarded as Handheld, all it requires is for us to collect some common drops from the Demons to make.

Blue-tier is a bit more rare. Last time Aleya and I went to Demon Race Territory, Aleya killed three Demons at around Level 5, yet the dropped materials could only make a blue-tier weapon. According to the content in the antique book record, a purple-tier gear requires several Level 8 or above Demons’ materials at the very least. As for yellow-tier gear, it will require Level 10 fellows to come and offer their heads. If trying for a red-tier gear, that can only be left up to one’s luck. Level 10 is the human race’s limit, so theoretically, humans can kill Level 10 creatures. Thus, only yellow-tier gear can be made at the very best.

For red-tier gear, it’s just like its true name【Unseekable】. It’s something that can’t be found anywhere and nobody knows how high-level the materials comprising one is made of. There are people who speculate that they exist outside of human race territory. As far as ordinary people are concerned, just having a blue-tier gear in hand is something worth being cheerful for. The purple-tier gear that’s just a rank higher is also similar to its true moniker【Fortune-losing】which easily costs several thousand gold coins, a sum that’s sufficient enough to bankrupt many house’s fortunes.

Felita snuck a look at me. Upon seeing that I wasn’t paying attention to her, she boldly seated herself on my legs and leaned on my chest. I began stroking her hair, so she obediently lied down on the side. It was then that I suddenly asked:

“Felita, how long have you stayed a Level 5 Sorcerer?”

Felita blinked her eyes before responding:

“Dunno. But it’s been at least two years.”

I nodded, then said:

“When you become a Level 6 Sorcerer, I’ll send you a gift.”

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I’ve said before is still applicable; for the current West-Resisting City, Felita’s strategic importance is absolutely greater than all other people. But Aleya, who’s always been following me, has not only broken through to Level 5; she’s also risen to be a Level 5 Swordsman at greater perfection realm. Moreover, the weapon she carries is also the purple-tier weapon【Roaming Dragon】. Every time I compare the two, there will inevitably be a kind of ‘favouring one and discriminating against the other’ feeling.

If there’s a need to acquire more material for gear, especially for a purple-tier gear, it’s impossible to rely on plundering the Demons. However, there are large-scale events like【Southeast Expedition】,【Northern Travel】, and【All Martial Arts Under Heaven Convention】every year. In simple terms, they’re gatherings for a part of Eternal Heaven State’s most capable people to enter instance zones. Whether to clear away dangers at the borders while casually getting rich or having a competition between themselves to determine who’s ‘number one in the country’ and so on, all of it is usual practice. It’s just that it’s about time for this year to enter winter, so the journey from southeast to north isn’t an easy one. All Martial Arts Under Heaven Convention is also an event that occurs on the sixth month of every year, so that will be occurring next year at the earliest.

I reckoned that if I were to be quick, then Felita should be a Level 6 Sorcerer by the time I personally go out to travel, get some materials, and return.

Felita embraced the pitch-black magic staff to the point where part of the staff was hidden between her ample chest.

She was still lying down on my leg when she mumbled:

“Level 6 Sorcerer~……it would be great if I could achieve that tomorrow. In that case, I need to get up now and practice. But it’s very difficult to get a hold of this moment to lie down on master’s lap……haah……the closest place to master……surrounded by master’s scent, all the strength in my body disappears……”

Felita hugged me again.

Today, I’ll also be a lazy person!



  1. Shamate is a Chinese subculture of cringe. Check out this buzzfeed article on it:
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