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Chapter 56 – Because You’re Weak

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

The moment the dagger touched Shiloh’s head, it instantly changed direction.

The sharp dagger point streaked across Shiloh’s skin like a meteor, leaving behind a trail of blood.

The ear-piercing sound of metal colliding seemed as if it wanted to stir its listener’s brains into a chaotic jumble.

Ninth Temple: Monarch of Equality fiercely widened her eyes, causing her purplish eye shadow to appear strange and terrifying in the darkness. With a wave of her other hand, 7 or 8 daggers instantly embedded themselves onto the beam. When she went to look back, there was nothing there. Second Temple: Monarch of Clear River exclaimed:

“Look out, behind you!”

Monarch of Equality turned around again, but the moment she did so, she was met with a sole to the face, causing her considerably beautiful face to be stepped onto the floor.

She heard that person cackle:

“What Ten Temple Hell Kings, they aren’t up to snuff.”

Monarch of Clear River roared and punched out, causing the air to burst out, but that person had already disappeared just as the first winds created from his fist reached him.

A lazy and unhurried voice sounded from above the room’s beams:

“Over here, idiot.”

Monarch of Clear River looked up at the roof of the room and was met with the sight of a young man with both hands behind his head, languidly laying down on the wide beam and using a half-asleep gaze to size him up. Just as he was about to get angry, Monarch of Qin Guang had already indifferently commented:

“Monarch of Equality, Monarch of Clear River, this person practices agile methods and possesses some Martial Path cultivation. Use Assassin Path methods to kill him.”
Monarch of Clear River and Monarch of Equality both snorted and retreated to one of the corners in the room, then instantly hid themselves in the darkness and their auras faded away without a trace left behind. Monarch of Qin Guang’s gaze didn’t leave that youngster’s body for even a second. With a shake of his sleeve, a longsword appeared in his hand, which he held as he stood there arrogantly. While the atmosphere was stuck in a deadlock, Shiloh suddenly lifted her head and questioned with a shout:

“What are you doing here.”

The young man on the room’s beam unhappily replied:

“To bring you back, duh. Otherwise, why else would I possibly go out for a trip? Even if I don’t need to buy tickets, climbing over the city walls nearly exhausted me to death, you know?”

Shiloh bit her lips. After a long while passed by, she cried out:


Monarch of Qin Guang appeared to have understood the duo’s dialogue as he shot a question towards the young man:

“West-Resisting City’s City Lord, Li De?”

The young man replied just as unhappily as he did to Shiloh:

“What’s wrong? How dare you call your daddy by his name? Three wretched adults bullying a little girl is a sight that is really something I haven’t seen before.”

Monarch of Qin Guang narrowed his eyes and began quietly scheming in his mind. Before coming, he didn’t really have much understanding on West-Resisting City’s City Lord; his knowledge went as far as ‘he’s a playboy, incompetent, prodigal, and has dumb luck’ since these were the words in Hidden Guard’s report on him. Even when the Overlord of Lingwu ordered to select some suitable people to monitor this City Lord, Monarch of Qin Guang was actually considerably astonished. In his point of view, such a trash of a person was unworthy of the big fuss the Overlord of Lingwu was raising over him.

But now, he was able to more or less understand his master.

As he was hesitating, Li De laughed and remarked:

“One feeling his way to the roof of the room, one concealed in the darkness in preparation to use poisonous mist, this is the apex of your Assassin Path?”

The pupils of Monarch of Qin Guang’s eyes instantly shrank and some tiles and bricks from the room-top fell down, revealing Monarch of Clear River’s figure. He shot a fist at the young man laying down on the roof beam and shouted:

“Accept your death, brat!”

A strong wind abruptly rose up and there seemed to be virtual images in the surroundings of the palm, as if the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva was slamming downwards with his heavy palm. Monarch of Qin Guang screamed:

“Don’t be fooled!”

Monarch of Clear River ignored Monarch of Qin Guang’s shout. He felt that this move of his would smash Li De’s head into a mushy mess.

But in that instant, he blinked and found that there was already nothing on top of the room’s beam. Then, he caught sight of that pair of ice-cold eyes. There was no mercy and no sympathy in that gaze, only pure murderous intent that made its viewer feel as if they had dropped into an icy cavern.

Li De, who had stood up at some unknown time, had already gone forward and appeared a hand’s distance away from Monarch of Clear River. Monarch of Clear River only felt his wrist being pinched in an instant, then the sounds of bones cracking in the very next second. The virtual images of the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva immediately shattered, following which, a silhouette flipped in the air and heavily slammed onto the floor.

A mouthful of blood pervaded the air like a mist.

Li De fell back onto the roof of the room and just as he had stabilized his body, Monarch of Qin Guang, who was on his left, had already leapt up with his sword in an attempt to kill him. Li De appeared to have already anticipated such a thing happening since he raised up his left hand without delay and pushed on Monarch of Qin Guang’s wrist, thus causing him to lose his grip over the sword. In that split second when the duo’s internal energies collided, Monarch of Qin Guang retreated half a step and coughed, blood seeping out from the corners of his lips.

Li De shook his left wrist and commented with a smile:

“Not bad, it turns out that you really are the boss. Your bones were only shaken up a little, you have quite the real skill.”

Monarch of Qin Guang switched the hand he was holding his sword with and kept silent.

In the next moment, a faint pink mist silently converged behind Li De. It then turned into a silhouette of a long viper with its large ferocious mouth open and bit towards Li De’s neck, but he backhanded it back into a cloud of mist. Soon after, Li De frowned and glanced at the palm of his right hand, which was now already badly mangled with blood bubbling as it flowed out.

Li De cursed:

“Even stronger than sulfuric acid? Who would be able to withstand such a thing?”

As for the poisonous mist that lost its shape, it didn’t disappear completely and instead gathered to form a shadow-like shape.

Li De jumped off the beam with the poisonous mist following him. Monarch of Clear River had made preparations to welcome him and blocked his way. With all his fingers crossed and placed at his chest, his rugged appearance with messy hair and beard, and his feet firmly glued to the floor, the virtual image of Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva appeared behind him once more and formed a complete image this time. The azure bricks on the floor weren’t able to handle such force and burst open inch by inch. Monarch of Clear River’s hands separated, causing the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva’s virtual image to spread open its arms and bare its face that was as terrifying as a temple’s guardian deity, as if he were a great mountain stopping up the path.


The poisonous mist behind Li De caught up.

In a flash, Li De kicked Monarch of Clear River in the stomach and caused him to immediately spit out blood. The virtual image of Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva was also trampled into disintegration. Then, with a lightning-fast hand, Li De grabbed Monarch of Clear River’s robust thigh and swung him like a windmill to disperse the poisonous mist behind him.

When he let go, Monarch of Clear River hit the wall and smashed through its thick defenses, causing the entire house to collapse.

Li De raced over to Shiloh, lifted her up, and rushed to the courtyard outside.

Outside the now-ruins, Li De put Shiloh down and continued looking towards the directions of the trio.

Monarch of Qin Guang stood on top of the wall as if he were a statue. Monarch of Clear River had lacerations that riddled his body and was covered in blood, so much, in fact, that his hair and beard were dripping droplets of blood as he glared at Li De while gnashing his teeth in fury. Monarch of Equality held an empty bottle in her hand with concealed bitter resentment in her beautiful eyes. In contrast, the missions official called Frost was surprisingly calm as she stood there calmly in the distance.

Monarch of Clear River spat out a mouthful of blood and cursed:

“****, I, your father, am a Level 9 in the Assassin Path, how am I unable to beat this child? What sort of monstrosity is this.”

Monarch of Qin Guang indifferently commented:

“It’s very normal. The Assassin Path has always been weaker than any other martial arts. In terms of frontal clashes, you probably wouldn’t be able to beat him even if he were just a middling Level 8. We are ones skilled in assassinations, so it’s not strange for us to suffer defeat since he was able to take the first move this time.”

He narrowed his eyes at Li De and asked:

“However, ascending to Level 10 is inherently improbable; there have been, after all, only a handful of people able to reach the realm of Level 10 in these past years. None of these people have come from Yunyang and you clearly aren’t a Level 10. But I’m at Level 9 at greater perfection on the Assassin Path, so according to logic, I should be able to sense whatever level you are as long as you’re not a Level 10. Yet I am currently unable to see your realm, why is that?”

Li De shook his head and replied:

“Because you’re weak.”


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