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Chapter 28 – Then Let’s Just Sleep Together

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After two more days of training, Aleya’s special training came to an end.

While the process was somewhat complicated, in the end, Aleya was able to hit 80% of the rocks that I threw. I’m confident that my hand techniques are pretty good, Or rather, at the very least, there shouldn’t be many people who’ll surpass me when it comes to playing with concealed weapons, so the current Aleya should have an already pretty good ability to listen to sounds. When she fought with Heji again afterwards, she was able to maintain a 25% chance of striking Heji’s sword.

Of course, when it came to protecting me, this chance became much much higher.

I didn’t understand what was going on, but Aleya told me that every time she thought that I might sustain injuries, her body would involuntarily move and it was as if her entire person entered a completely new state. Oddly enough, if I were in a safe area, she wouldn’t feel this sensation no matter what.

I was truly at my wits’ end when it came to this.

But it’s always been like this in any case. In the future, we’ll also most likely always be together, so there’s no need to excessively care about this kind of matter. The only regret I have is that if Aleya was given even more time to train, her strength would’ve gone up a layer and she might have even broken through to Level 6 in the Sword Path. But on a certain day when the training was at its most pleasant stage, I returned to my bedroom and discovered another note by my bedside:

“Tonight. City Lord’s mansion.”

I looked at it and thought to myself ‘this assassin girl is most likely one of those good girls who’ll raise their hands to report that they need to use the restroom, but sadly I don’t have one of those small red flowers to give her as a reward’. 1

I brought the note with me to the conference hall and called over Alea, Felita, Moon, Bai Huang, and Heji. When they were all present, I coughed and asked:

“This is the assassin’s war challenge, an invitation to have a decisive battle tonight, how should we deal with this?”

Everyone’s reaction was very honest.

Bai Huang was filled with righteous indignation as she slammed the table and immediately stated:

“That little ******* still dares to come? This grand aunt will teach her a lesson this time! I’m going to lay an inescapable net in the City Lord’s mansion this time, so that she won’t be able to escape once she comes! Li De, where’s that quilt of yours that you just stitched up? Give it to me quickly. What, you won’t lend it to me? Then how will I be able to arrange the formation. Now is obviously a time when work-related matters outweigh personal matters, why are you still hesitant at this time? Watch me catch her like a turtle going into a jar, trust in chance rather than show initiative, I’ll let her understand what power really is like! Rest assured, I, Yun Hai’s Bai Huang, have been able to move unhindered through all of the country for so many years and have caught many wily thieves; how can someone like her be my opponent!”

Bai Huang, who spoke these words, radiated a martial aura, but she is nothing more than a Level 4 in Fist Arts at best.

Aleya read the note in her hands seriously and told me:

“Young master. Aleya will do all she can to protect your safety. As long as I’m by young master’s side, I feel that I will have a lot of power. Furthermore, I just recently received young master’s special training, so maybe I can defeat her.”

Aleya, who spoke these words, is a Level 5 in the Sword Path at greater perfection realm.

Heji still had a worried expression. He put his fingers into his soft hair out of worry, thought for a while, then said:

“I don’t know how to feel about this. I’ll spare no effort to deal with that assassin, but I still think that our odds of success aren’t that great.”

Heji, who spoke these words, is the current strongest person West-Resisting City has to offer on the surface, a Level 6 in the Sword Path at greater perfection realm.

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I threw a sympathetic gaze at Bai Huang.

Truly, the weaker you are, the more words you’ll say.

Heji’s words didn’t set off too many warning signals in Bai Huang’s mind since Bai Huang still had her self-confident look. After all, the assassin ran away for some inexplicable reason last time and in Bai Huang’s point of view, there were no other possibilities besides her method being the correct one to repel the assassin. Little Huang suddenly seemed like someone with over-bloated courage as she told Heji with a puffed out face:

“Heji, you can’t just grow another person’s spirit and drown out your own might. This time, we’re working as one to swat that buzzing fly to death in this City Lord’s mansion and do without the annoyance behind our backs.”

Heji replied with a wry smile:


Moon, who had been silent through the whole thing, suddenly spoke up:

“I think our top priority is to figure out the assassin’s objective.”

He picked up the note on the table and analyzed:

“The assassin mentions that her site of operation tonight is this City Lord’s mansion. But all of us live in this City Lord’s mansion. Although this note was placed by sir City Lord’s bed, we cannot just judge that the target of the assassin is our City Lord due to this. After all, no matter which one of us is attacked by the assassin, there will be a considerably huge negative impact on West-Resisting City, thus making it difficult for us to expand our influence outwardly for a while.”

If Moon were to be attacked by the assassin, West-Resisting City’s internal affairs would collapse in an instant.

If Aleya or Felita were to be attacked by the assassin, West-Resisting City’s combat power would rapidly decline.

If Bai Huang were to be attacked, the situation would directly spiral out of control. The Overlord of Yun Hai’s most doted on daughter dying in West-Resisting City would create an unimaginably frightening and turbulent pressure from Yun Hai. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

Felita didn’t make a comment because she had already begun dozing off due to being too tired.

It would be more apt to say that among all of us, Felita is the most difficult person to integrate into the group.

Except for showing a strong sense of intimacy when she’s alone with me, she shows an eternally people-repelling, thousands-of-miles-away aloofness when facing other people. She also speaks very rarely and sometimes sticks to me. The symptoms are so bad that she’ll only listen to me, memorize my orders, then do what she should be doing in silence.

Moon’s analysis is a very true one, so everyone sunk themselves in their thoughts thinking about it.

But there was clearly nothing that really came to mind thinking about it. On the contrary, Aleya explicitly expressed:

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“I will stay by young master’s side to protect him.”

Heji followed up and declared:

“As for me, I need to pay attention to sir Bai Huang’s safety.”

Bai Huang shook her head:

“Out of question, if you two split up and fight alone, then you definitely won’t be the assassin’s opponent.”

All of the sudden, Bai Huang clapped her hands and as if she had made a final decision, she stood up and declared:

“Since this is the case, then let’s just sleep together tonight! What’s this called…..shared accomodation? Right right, shared accommodation, Li De’s room is quite big anyway. Each of us can move our respective bed mattresses over to his room floor and put up with it for one night. This way, everyone’s together and Aleya and Heji can simultaneously protect us all at the same time. What about it, isn’t this idea great?”

Felita and Moon expresses their approval in succession:

“O-openly sleeping with sir City Lord……haah, it’s simply a dream come true……”

“Shared accomodation? Actually quite an effective means, I guess we have no other choice but this.”

Only Heji could be considered a normal person since he was eager to say:

“Eldest miss, sharing a room with a man before getting married……”

Bai Huang glared and said:

“What ‘sharing a room’, how is it a taboo when there are so many people sleeping in the same room together. Don’t worry, with Li De’s courage, he wouldn’t dare do anything to this grand aunt. But I’m warning you, you’re not allowed to tattletale about this to my dad or older brother.”

Helplessness was written across Heji’s face:

“I understand.”

Bai Huang added:

“Oh right, you have to keep in mind to be on night watch, don’t let anyone in.”

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This sentence deprived Heji of his right to sleep together in the same room, so I looked at him with sympathy.

Bai Huang propped her cheek up with her hand and looked up at the ceiling in a daze as she spoke with expectation from the bottom of her heart:

“In the past, I heard that sisters with a good relationship will sleep together and gossip about things at night. But my dad would tell me every day that I couldn’t spend the night outside, so I haven’t experienced the joy of ‘shared accommodation’ even once. Quick quick quick, everyone return and get your bedding, prepare yourselves to sleep.”

I tsukkomi’d:

“Without any dinner??”

Bai Huang “oh”-ed and then said:

“First eat, first eat, quick quick!”

I sighed.

An assassin and shared accomodation……why do I get the feeling that I won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep tonight.



  1. Small red flower = reward preschool teacher will give as a reward to good children in China if I recall correctly.
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