Chapter 8 – Sky Scheming Mansion’s First Appointed Deputy General

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

The 127 people from West-Resisting City weren’t as easy to arrange jobs for as originally thought.

From the perspective of Sky Star City, giving West-Resisting City’s people some low-pay jobs or not even arranging any jobs for them would cause them to become discouraged. However, this wasn’t beneficial for Sky Star City if it wanted to expand their recruitment. But if they were given some profitable and easy jobs, it would lead to serious mental imbalance in the minds of Sky Star City’s native residents.

It’s a very difficult thing to control.

But in my hands, this wasn’t at all of any difficulty. I first sorted through the group for those interested in working, temporarily putting aside the elderly and children. The majority of the women wanted to go into the textile industry while the men chose a wide variety of jobs. Based on their abilities, I very quickly compiled a job list and began placing them in various posts within Sky Star City.

The method I used to carry this out was quite simple, all I did was place them in jobs a bit lower than abilities. This way, it ensures that their ability is remarkably greater than their colleagues upon starting out while simultaneously giving them some ideology education in advance. At first, they’ll be afraid and not dare to meet people, knowing full well that this place wasn’t West-Resisting City; at the same time, they wouldn’t be too fearful since they were more outstanding than the people around them and wouldn’t necessarily need to always yield to them.

This aspect naturally has many contradictions. For example, letting West-Resisting City’s people fill in lucrative posts will be met with the protests of the surrounding people, but I can use all sorts of open and secret measures to keep it under control.

In terms of open measures, there are only two. The first is to explain the reasoning so that everyone is clear on the fact that the people I recommend have the ability for those jobs, and that’s the reason why I’m placing them where they are. It’s fine for them to find it unacceptable since if they do, all they need to do is find a candidate and both of us will step down and let them compete on who’s more suitable. If their candidate’s skill is inferior to mine, then they should concede defeat and I’ll ask them to make way.

The second is to use my identity to settle the problem. Fang Thirteen permitted me to handle these matters, so I can assume unwarranted authority based on this pretext. When I see that something is unable to be settled, I can secretly tell the opposing party, ‘brother, this is Fang Thirteen’s meaning, if you don’t accept, then go find her’. An obvious and effective strategy.

As for the secret measures, there’s much more variety and can’t be exposed in plain sight, so I won’t speak about it.

It took approximately a week for me, the overworked me, to finish placing these people in their respective arranged jobs.

After running it through my mind, I counted 28 conflicts and 6 more legal cases during this past week. Apart from eating and sleeping, the rest of my time was basically spent on settling problems.

It would be great if Moon was here since I wouldn’t need to deal with these damn matters myself.

The main thing is that West-Resisting City’s people are relatively hard-working, especially those who came over here. Many of them are a bit talented and that’s enough to convince the masses. Adding the hubbub that the legal case of Luo Chou framing Song Nai onto that, there were many Sky Star City people who curbed themselves, otherwise the situation would have been even more grave.

After West-Resisting City’s immigrants settled down, Fang Thirteen went to look for me.

As always, we met up in the dining hall and this time, there were two extra dishes on the table as well as a pot of eggdrop soup. She sat across from me on her wheelchair, the two of us separated by a table. Apart from this, there wasn’t any other person.

Before we even began partaking in this meal, Fang Thirteen first lowered her head and apologized.

“Sorry. I’ve inconvenienced you with this time’s matter. Originally, it should have been me handling the issue, but some things happened in the north……I had no other choice but to go over and stabilize the situation.”

In conformance with the principle of you don’t say, I don’t ask, I shouldn’t ask about what happened in the north. Since I’ve decided to play the role of a person engrossed in working, I shouldn’t be asking any question in this current stage. Otherwise once the she starts suspecting me of probing into the military situation, all my previous efforts will go down the drain.

Fang Thirteen used her chopsticks and jabbed around the table until she found her bowl and clamped onto something. Then, regardless of what she clamped onto, she picked it up and placed it into her mouth.

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I also ate a mouthful of something and after swallowing, I replied:

“If I were asked if it was exhausting, I would reply that indeed it was exhausting. But I feel that young lady Thirteen has it even harder normally since you need to manage the army as well as the people’s livelihood. Being able to help young lady Thirteen shoulder a bit of the pressure makes my conscience a bit more steady.”

“What is there to feel steady about, it’s clearly you helping me.”

Fang Thirteen retorted with some stubbornness.

“Alright, then just count it as me helping you once. May young lady Thirteen remember this favor, for I may ask for it back in the future.”

Fang Thirteen smiled:

“That’s more like it. Mm, in the future, once after I become the top general of Sky Scheming Mansion, I will confer you as Sky Scheming Mansion’s first deputy general.”

I became somewhat distracted for a moment.

This was the first time that Fang Thirteen talked to me about her dreams.

Sky Scheming Mansion, this is the organization that commands the king’s army. During the period of time when the authority of Eternal Heaven State’s Overlords weren’t so great, Sky Scheming Mansion was the organization that commanded the entire nation’s army and there were no opposing organizations. Afterwards, once the Overlords became rich and powerful, their own respective armies no longer heeded Sky Scheming Mansion’s dispatch. Thus, Sky Scheming Mansion now specializes in commanding the royal family’s army.

Becoming Sky Scheming Mansion’s top general, these words are very boastful.

Because it’s very difficult for me to imagine Fang Thirteen abandoning Fang Lita, running over to the king to submit her resume, and volunteering to become a member of Sky Scheming Mansion. Impossible. In that case, the only possibility left is that she wants to assist her younger brother Fang Lita in conquering the entire Eternal Heaven State. That she wants to support Fang Lita in becoming the king and after unifying the administration, she’s naturally become the top general in Sky Scheming Mansion.

What a big appetite!

Be that as it may, I sincerely admire Fang Thirteen.

Those who succeed without working hard are enviable, those who succeed while working hard are to be yearned for, those who work hard yet fail are ones to be admired, and those who don’t work hard and don’t succeed……****, isn’t that just me?!

As the fourth and final type of person, I still had some admiration for Fang Thirteen, who was in front of me.

The most important thing is that she personally said these words to me.

This was a key point that signified that she was starting to trust me.

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Thus, I answered:

“It seems like this favor will take a long time before it’s returned. But I’m willing to wait. I only hope that young lady Thirteen doesn’t forget from now and into the future, that I’ve been early selected as Sky Scheming Mansion’s deputy general.”

Fang Thirteen nodded, then once again clamped up another thing, placed it into her mouth, and slowly chewed. After swallowing, Fang Thirteen quietly said:

“From a young age, I was defined as a useless person. Among all the people, only A’ta treated me well. I don’t have any other talent, so I can only exert myself as much as possible in what I do best. If A’ta wants to become the Overlord of Zhao Chen, I’ll work hard to make this happen. If A’ta wants to become the king, then I’ll continuously work hard towards this goal. Because in his eyes, I, his older sister, am omnipotent, so I want to live up to his expectations.”

Fang Thirteen let out a sigh of relief.

I glanced her way and found that the smiling expression on her face didn’t seem to be false.

I had a mind to ask whether Fang Lita and her relationship was as poor as the outside world had portrayed it to be, but after thinking about it for a moment, I ultimately decided not to ask this question.

The smile on Fang Thirteen’s face was brimming with happiness. Whenever her younger brother was mentioned, she would become very happy.

That day, Fang Thirteen was very happy and she chatted about many things with me. For example, how the earrings she was wearing was a present from her little brother. Although they were cheap ones, she always wore them. For example, how her little brother would always stay by her bedside when she was younger and help her read aloud all sorts of military strategies as she serenely listened on.

She said that those times were the happiest times in her life.


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