Chapter 7 – Wear More Clothes In Cold Weather

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

In the end, I didn’t need to thoroughly investigate this legal case.

After his unreliable teammate Northern Mountain was exposed, Luo Chou frankly admitted that it was a scam without the slightest hesitation.

He was the mastermind behind attempting to scam money out of the newly arrived West-Resisting City outsiders. Northern Mountain was an accomplice who was instigated to join him. Since the whole truth was revealed, Song Nai was cleared of suspicions and this helped rectify the reputation of the people who migrated here from West-Resisting City. Sky Star City’s people felt guilty and no longer made things difficult for the people of West-Resisting City. Both sides shook hands and exchanged words, thus putting the fraud case to rest.

Naturally, I didn’t believe that this was the end.

That line “Moreover, if all outsiders have morality and conduct like this, then we Sky Star City people don’t want these outsiders” clearly showed that this was a premeditated plan to provoke contradictions between the people of West-Resisting City and the people of Sky Star City. But the same line applies here, without any evidence, anything brought up is baseless. Now that matters have arrived at this step, it’s already considered to everybody’s delight and satisfaction. I also wasn’t the type of young detective who’s obsessed with finding the truth. Since I had accomplished things up to this step, it was now time for me to return and report my completion of the task.

When I returned, it had just come time to eat lunch. This time, Fang Lita was also present and was eating while sitting across from Fang Thirteen. With the City Lord present, Tila wasn’t as easy going as before and very properly brought me to stand by the entrance, waiting for the two to finish eating before bringing me in to report completion.

After hearing the entire course of events, Fang Thirteen gently smiled and remarked:

“You’re very clever to think up such a method.”

I was extremely self-deprecating and low-profile in my answer:

“Even a blind cat will run into a dead mouse once in a while, it’s nothing more than just luck.”

Fang Thirteen maintained her smile:

“Luck is also a part of one’s strength.”

Fang Lita also asked me several things. For example, if by chance both people had matching stories, what would I do, or how did I think up such a method and so on. After I explained my thought process to him one by one, Fang Lita departed in silence. Tila pushed Fang Thirteen’s wheelchair and I followed behind them. The three of us left the dining hall together and returned to Fang Thirteen’s office.

Fang Thirteen waved and made Tila wait outside. Soon after, the corners of her mouth curled upwards and she said to me:

“Jade, no wonder West-Resisting City’s City Lord is unwilling to let you leave, the way you handle matters really makes one feel at ease.”

I replied:

“What are you referring to? The way I settled this time’s dispute or how I didn’t continue investigating?”

Fang Thirteen was stumped for words.

I moved over a chair and brought it close to where Fang Thirteen was, sat down, and said:

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“When I first started this case, I was with the belief that you had set up this case. As long as I cut through the waters and caught the fish, Luo Chou would self-detonate. Afterwards, my reputation would develop according to the situation, West-Resisting City’s people would be cleansed of suspicions, and Sky Star City’s people would no longer complain about anything. It would be a situation where everybody would be happy and satisfied. Even though I later on ran into some difficulties, I was thinking that this was perhaps your way of testing me and purposefully placed some troubles into this case. That was my way of thinking until Luo Chou fanned the flames and incited contradictions. Only then did I realize that things were off. If I hadn’t grasped a hold on the situation quickly at the time, the situation would have turned unmanageable. This isn’t something that you, who’s known for being steady externally, would do.”

Fang Thirteen’s soft lips opened and closed, but no words came out.

I sighed:

“Each family has its own problems. It seems that this Sky Star City isn’t as peaceful as thought to be, you need to be more careful.”

Fang Thirteen smiled gently and responded:

“I understand. Thank you.”

I knew that she didn’t want to continue chatting on this subject matter. Any further discussion would instead draw out negative reactions. Thus, I moved the chair back to its original position, waved at her, and said:

“It’s gotten later, I should go back. In any case, the place I live in isn’t far away, so if there are any matters, you can just call me.”

Fang Thirteen responded with a smile.

As a result, I lost some sleep tonight. There are many reasons for losing sleep, such as not having meat and fish to eat during meals, no cotton blanket, no Aleya on my bed, and so on. But the thing that bothered me the most was what happened in the daytime today since the more I think about it, the more unclear it becomes.

When I was in West-Resisting City, I personally saw the conflict that broke out between Fang Thirteen and Fang Lita. At that time, Fang Lita was a model example of a little devil. He would sometimes listen to Fang Thirteen’s words while other times, he would show clear rebellion. But when I arrived at Sky Star City, I actually discovered that he had turned into an obedient, well-behaved darling, 100% obedient to Fang Thirteen. Furthermore, he was full of respect and love towards this older sister and Fang Thirteen didn’t seem to look out of the sorts, as if this was only to be expected.

In that case, what was it that I saw back then, a facade? Or is Fang Lita suffering from some strange mental disorder that sometimes flares up, but he’s normal for the majority of the time?

What’s more, in the legal case today, though it might not appear too big, there are clearly some people who wish to seize the opportunity to create trouble and splash dirty water on West-Resisting City’s people.

As for me, the one who curbed this from happening, I may or may not become the next target of their attack.

The more I thought in this direction, the more I felt sleep eluding my grasp, so I decided to get up and walk around outside.

I quietly tiptoed out of my room and surveyed the hallway. After being certain that there weren’t any people tailing me, I walked over to the courtyard.

When I turned the corner into the courtyard, I suddenly sensed that there was someone in the courtyard.

Hidden in the shadow of a corner, I carefully poked out my head to look around.

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What met my probing gaze was Fang Thirteen’s side profile.

She was sitting on the wheelchair, Tila not present by her side. It appeared as if she was the one who had wheelchaired herself over here. Today was one approaching the full moon; the gentle sheen of the moon shined itself on the courtyard and made it seem as if her body was covered by a layer of pale silver light. Fang Thirteen’s head was raised upwards, obviously unable to see, but still gazing towards the moon in the sky.

I unconsciously watched her for half an hour and she remained as motionless as before. Only then did I realize that Fang Thirteen seemed to have fallen asleep. However, seeing that the clothes she was wearing wasn’t at all thick, I thought for a moment before I returned to my room and brought out all the coats in my room. Then, I softly and quietly placed them onto her one by one.

Fang Thirteen seemed to be within a nightmare.

I stretched out my hand and lightly tapped the space between her eyebrows, casting a calming magic.

Fang Thirteen’s breathing evened out a little.

I returned to my room and slept. The next day, I got up early as usual and reapplied the makeup when a knocking sound came from the door. I thought it was Tila by the door, but when I opened the door, I found that it was actually Fang Thirteen. Fang Thirteen pushed the coats out towards me and said with some embarrassment:

“When I fell asleep outside yesterday, it was you who helped warm me up right. Thank you.”

I grinned:

“No problem. If you want to sense the comfort of man and nature unity in the future, remember to wear a bit more clothes.”

I didn’t ask her why she was outside by herself last night since she probably wouldn’t respond even if I did.

A favorable impression isn’t cultivated through forceful communication, talking intimately while being basically strangers is the most taboo behavior.

After returning the clothes back to me, Fang Thirteen said a bit sheepishly:

“That, West-Resisting City’s immigrants, I plan on continuously assigning them work. If it’s possible, I hope that you can help out.”

I agreed to this.

Upon hearing my unhesitant response, a trace of sorrow flashed past Fang Thirteen’s face before she quietly said:

“If……forget it. I’m really sorry, I’m afraid I’ll be inconveniencing you during this entire time. I’ll be needing to go take a tour around the army later, so I won’t be able to attend to doing other things during that time. Here……I’ll leave it to you.”


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