Chapter 3 – So It Turns Out The Relationship Between You Two Is Pretty Good

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Sky Star City has no powerhouses.

These are Fang Yuan’s words, but even without him saying so, I knew it very well in my heart. Fang Thirteen is very proficient in army formations and her ability to deploy an army is top notch. If she had someone with Aleya or Felita’s abilities under her command, then West-Resisting City would have been breached long ago. When I was present during that time in West-Resisting City, I watched helplessly as a Level 4 Archer shot an arrow with the power of a Level 6 under the protection of the army formation. If there was a Level 5 or Level 6 person present, then wouldn’t the resulting power be heaven-defying?

“You’ve been strengthened, hurry up!”

Once Fang Thirteen shouts that after providing a buff from the backline, the leading DPS brother will immediately act as if he was injected with adrenaline. Just thinking of such a situation makes me feel that it would be thorny to deal with it.

Yet it is also exactly because of this that Fang Thirteen regards me with such importance.

The lie that I had previously woven made her doubts towards me dissipate, but as for if she believes me, that’s basically impossible. The reason why she’s treating me with such courtesy is only due to two things. The first is the fact that I saved her maid’s life and thus helped her successfully collect herbs; the second is because Sky Star City is in dire need of manpower and she’s aware that even the untrustworthy have their uses.

Therefore, Fang Thirteen’s indirect inquiries have made her appear particularly cautious.

But I wasn’t some uneducated empty-headed youth. Every time she made an inquiry, I thought up a way to cover for my lies and up until now, I still haven’t let even a single thing slip.

When we went together to the city’s gate, Fang Thirteen asked me one final question:

“You previously said that you made your wife and family depart first while you stayed behind to handle matters in West-Resisting City. What was the business? Is it possible for you to speak about it to me?”

I shook my head without hesitation:

“I promised West-Resisting City’s City Lord Li De that I wouldn’t divulge a single word.”

Fang Thirteen inquired without giving up:

“Since you know so many secrets, Li De agreed to let you leave?”

I replied:

“It’s because I know so many secrets that he doesn’t dare to not let me leave. It’s because he knows that I won’t let even a half-word slip that he feels relieved to let me leave. Even though it appears very contradictory, this is precisely the situation. West-Resisting City’s City Lord isn’t some bad person, it’s just that the city he rules is too difficult and is on the verge of collapse that I’m unable to see any hope for the future. We parted without any hard feelings, so I request young lady Fang Thirteen to not make things difficult for this one.”

Fang Thirteen laughed.

She said:

“How could I. I’ll treat you much better than Li De, but if there comes a day that you can’t avoid leaving Sky Star City, then I also hope that you’ll be able to guard your mouth like a closed bottle.”

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“That’s only natural.”

It looks as if I’ve guessed correctly.

In the past, I’ve always believed firmly in one very important point. That point is that a traitor won’t ever have a good end.

For me, a hunter from West-Resisting City, to run over to Zhao Chen Territory in itself is an act of betrayal. If I disclose many secrets pertaining to West-Resisting City, it will inevitably cause Fang Thirteen to place the mark of ‘person who is willing to sell out information for survival’ onto me. Perhaps if I did this, she would place me in a higher position as a reward, but to be honest, it would be impossible for her to discuss anything major with me. Instead, it would even cause her to place her guard up whenever interacting with me, which would be as different as can be from my purpose in coming to Sky Star City.

Fang Thirteen waved at the person atop the city walls and shouted:

“Open the city gate.”

Sky Star City, to be frank, is a bit more impressive than West-Resisting City. At the very minimum, the city walls are higher by a lot and it seems to have the feeling of being a place that attaches importance to military matters. In fact, Sky Star City is indeed more important than West-Resisting City. West-Resisting City is more like an unliked child, a nail stuck in the Demon Race’s border and is on the edge of Yunyang Territory, even on the edge of Eternal Heaven State. But Sky Star City is Zhao Chen’s springboard into Yunyang at their south, so the geological location is relatively more important by a lot.

Moreover, Sky Star City isn’t direct neighbors with the Demons as there are three cities west of it. This is a bit like Li Neng’s territory to my east, not directly receiving the disturbance of fighting, city walls are relatively new, and there are fewer scars.

It could be seen that Tila is Fang Thirteen’s closest maid as she’s the one responsible for pushing Fang Thirteen’s wheelchair. I followed behind due to Fang Thirteen’s kind invitation to walk into the city alongside her. It’s worth noting that there’s a moat outside of Sky Star City, so when the city gate rose and the wooden bridge fell, only then did it count as us officially entering the city.

After entering the city, I immediately looked all over to survey the situation. Such an action was only natural and wouldn’t arouse suspicion because people will always do this when arriving at a new place. The more alert a person is, the more they’ll pay attention to these small details, so it’s best to just brazenly look all over.

But after looking all over, I didn’t discover any favorable information.

From the outfit of the common people on the streets, Sky Star City is richer than West-Resisting City and this is without a doubt. However, I didn’t feel like they were much richer since they were dressed in cotton clothes and cotton shoes as well. They looked at us with curiosity, misgivings, and clear hostility in their gazes, but when their gazes fell onto Fang Thirteen, there was clear softening and respect.

It could be seen that Fang Thirteen’s prestige was very high.

Fang Thirteen very quickly arranged the houses of the people who came this time and made them rest well so that her crew could arrange some work for them tomorrow. Just as I was planning to follow the crowd, I was called over by Fang Thirteen.

Fang Thirteen seemed a bit hesitant as she offered with a smile:

“Is Jade willing to come over and help me handle things?”

I inquired:

“Handle what?”

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Fang Thirteen replied softly:

“Handle some things in the City Lord’s mansion. It might be a little messy at first. After all, all the young men currently have basically all been recruiting into the army, so the City Lord’s mansion is lacking some hands.”

I pretended to ponder over her suggestion while thinking in my heart about whether or not this was a further probe from Fang Thirteen. I then answered:

“Since I’ve come to Sky Star City, everything should be arranged by young lady Thirteen. I’m not a very picky person. I’ve lived in plenty of filthy places and have done many dirty jobs before. Anything’s fine as long as my stomach is filled. Moreover, I believe that with young lady Thirteen present, I won’t be reduced into being used in a place where my talents don’t shine.”

Fang Thirteen nodded and seemingly in a good mood, she began joking:

“You came to Sky Star City in order to seek shelter as well as for the purpose of seeking a better livelihood. If I still insist on concealing such a treasure sword in a box, then it would be inexcusable. But because I haven’t received any news in advance, I don’t know what sort of position I’ll be able to provide you with at the moment. Making you stay together with the other people makes me feel like I’m treating you coldly. After thinking all over, I feel like the only solution is to bring you to the City Lord’s mansion.”

I hastily returned:

“Many thanks for young lady Thirteen’s good intentions. But if there isn’t a suitable position for me, it wouldn’t matter if I stay out here for now.”

Fang Thirteen shook her head and stubbornly responded:

“Come with me. Tila, arrange a housing for Jade once we return.”

Tila nodded in response. The several of us and the bodyguards walked over to the City Lord’s mansion and as soon as the magnificent building’s gate was in sight, I saw a short young man standing by the doorway waiting. Upon seeing Fang Thirteen, he seemed as cheerful and lively as a baby swallow sent into a forest as he pulled on Fang Thirteen’s hand and greeted:

“Big sister, you’re finally back!”

It was that fellow I had seen in front of his troops not so long ago, the Overlord of Zhao Chen’s smallest son, Fang Lita.

The difference was, he didn’t have a single bit of surliness and rebellious aura, instead resembling some other family’s cute and obedient child.

Fine, he was some other family’s child in the first place. But the contrast before me is way too big, when did this era popularize this sort of gap-moe?

Fang Thirteen gently held his hand in return and tenderly said:

“Mm, I’m back.”


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